– In fact, more than 85% of people, Chris, believe it or not, cannot
take these three coins and split them so they
have 11 cents in one hand and 25 cents in the other. More than 85% or people can’t do that. (electronic music) Alright, just got Spidey’s house. I need to pick something up
because I’m going to New York in a couple days and he’s got a trick that I want, that I need. Let’s go see what he’s up to. (apartment buzzer) – It’s in the middle of my tutorial. – [Ramsay] Really? Did I screw it up? – No, it’s fine. – [Ramsay] Oh, what’s goin on here? – Filmin’ a tutorial. – [Ramsay] What’s happening?
You filming? What’s…oh! You’ve got the setup, you’ve got billets. And you’ve got playing cards. This definitely looks
like a Spidey tutorial. – [Spidey] Do you want to see the thing? – [Ramsay] Can we? Can we
show it on the channel? – Yeah and then they can go on my channel to learn it if they want. – [Ramsay] Alright, give me a sec. – It’s more of like a game. It’s done with four pieces of
paper, borrowed paper… – [Ramsay] Alright – and a pencil. You want to play? – [Ramsay] Yeah! – Okay. So I’m gonna
write down number one… – [Ramsay] Okay. – number two, number
three, and number four. So four pieces of paper, and
I’m gonna do it like this. Can you see it on the table? – [Ramsay] Mhmm. – So it’s just a series
of questions and I bet that you’re gonna get
at least one of these very simple questions completely wrong. If I were to tell you that
this over here, if I were to tell you that that’s number one, what number is on that piece of paper? – [Ramsay] Obviously number two. – [Spidey] Obviously number two…correct! Let’s do this now, what is the
total of the face-up numbers? – [Ramsay] Five! – [Spidey] Five…correct!
Three plus two is five. What is the total of
the face-down numbers? – [Ramsay] Five! – [Spidey] And that is
the one you got wrong. – [Ramsay] There’s nothing on that one. – [Spidey] I know. – [Ramsay] You cheated! – [Spidey] I didn’t cheat! That’s it! – [Ramsay] Where’s the one? – [Spidey] That’s what I’m saying. – [Ramsay] But where’s the one? – This is a bar bet that you’ll
always win…get free shots – [Ramsay] So what’s
the bet, what’s the bet, like if you can add up these two… – Yeah, so you ask them
the three questions and you say they’re gonna
get at least one wrong then they will always
get that last one wrong because they will never know that that is a blank piece of paper. – [Ramsay] What was that
other question game? Oh, here it is, okay I remember it. Alright, I got a bet for you. If you answer these correctly, you lose. – Oh, so I have to give the wrong answers – [Ramsay] You have to
give the wrong answers. – [Ramsay] How old are you? – 86. – [Ramsay] Where were you born? – Germany. – [Ramsay] Ah, so you’ve
played this before? – I have. – [Ramsay] Oh, you’re good. (Ramsay / Spidey laughter) It’s a good one, though. – It is great, yeah, because “Oh, you know this one”, they go. – [Ramsay] So you’re supposed to say “No, I haven’t played this.” – No, I haven’t played,
I swear I haven’t played. – [Ramsay] Ah! But you haven’t played it. – Uh, that’s why I said I have. – [Ramsay] But have you? – Are we still playing? (Ramsay / Spidey laughter) – [Ramsay] Spidey’s tutorial
interrupting, uh, go man! Go, explain it, how do you do it? – Wait, I’m explaining
this on your channel? – [Ramsay] No, uh, maybe? (Ramsay / Spidey laughter) I’m just gonna steal your tutorial. – You’re so much faster at editing, so it’s gonna be up on
yours before I even have a chance to put it up on mine. – [Ramsay] It’ll be up in nine minutes. (Ramsay / Spidey laughter) – I’m gonna go get a
snack, I’m gonna come back and there’s a new video with like hundreds and thousands of views. – Thumbnail’s already done, you’re like “I didn’t take that picture.” (Spidey laughter) Uh, if you want to check
out Spidey’s video, head on over to his channel. He has the explanation for
this. Hopefully it’s up. This video will probably be
up way before his tutorial but just saying. – Mine comes out on Monday. – Monday, the…? Oh the Monday coming up? Oh, that’s pretty soon. – December. – Whatever. Go check out his
video. Link below. Spidey? – Yeah, buddy? – [Ramsay] Since I’m here
watching your tutorial… – Uh huh. – [Ramsay] watching you
teach something to your fans What about my fans, bro? – Your fans get to learn another bar bet. – [Ramsay] Heeeyyyyyy! – Because I know the
holidays are coming up and you know, you guys
might find yourselves at a Christmas party
and this is a great one to get yourselves like a
ton of free shots all night. – Alright guys. So apparently,
I crashed Spidey’s tutorial obviously he’s gonna end up teaching, so I came here and stole
content, is what I’m saying. I hijacked his tutorial
and I’m stealing content. I forcefully told him to
teach something, so he’s got actually a really cool bar bet. It’s not a magic trick, this is a bar bet. You want to win free drinks,
you want to get a phone number, you want to sleep with
your best friend’s mom, extort your ex-boss, any
of these answers above. This trick is for you!
It’s not about fooling or not fooling, it’s about
winning or not winning and that’s the premise of a bar bet. This isn’t about close magic connection. So Spidey’s gonna go ahead and
perform this little bar bet. – The bet is, you can
either borrow some change or you could say “Look
I’ve got some change and we’re gonna do this.” I’ve got a quarter. This
is a Canadian quarter, but this works as well with any currency. I’ve got a dime as well. I’m gonna put that on top. – [Ramsay] Got it. – [Spidey] And I’ve got a penny, as well. That’s a Canadian penny, but again, any currency works. Like that. You see the quarter? – [Ramsay] I do. – A dime and a penny, yeah? Most people, in fact, more
than 85% of people, Chris, believe it or not, cannot
take these three coins and split them so that they
have 11 cents in one hand and 25 cents in the other. More than 85% of people can’t do that. – [Ramsay] Well 85% of people are stupid! – Do you think that you
could split these coins into your two hands in such
a way that you’re holding 11 cents in one hand and
25 cents in the other? – [Ramsay] 100%. – How would you do that?
11 cents in one hand… Here take them. – [Ramsay] Yep, okay.
Okay. So you put 11 cents in one hand and 25 in the other? Uh, one. Oh. Oh, you son of a bitch. (Spidey laughter) – [Spidey] Can’t do it, can you? And now I win a free shot! – [Ramsay] You just glued
the dime to the quarter so that I can’t take it apart! – [Spidey] But you lost the bet. – [Ramsay] I did lost the bet. – [Spidey] Because you
can’t do it. So now I get the free bottle of bubbly that we bet on. – [Ramsay] That’s smart. – [Spidey] Cool, right? Shall we learn it? – [Ramsay] Let’s do it. – [Spidey] So this is a
really fun piece you can do, like I said, at a bar or wherever. – [Ramsay] First you
glue a dime to a quarter. – That’s what you do, that’s
the first thing you do. So you’re gonna glue,
you’re gonna take your dime and a quarter or whatever
currency works for you, whatever country you’re in. You’re gonna take a small
coin and crazy Krazy Glue it to a bigger coin… – [Ramsay] Got it. – [Spidey] so it’s stuck. There’s no…and put a lot,
that way nobody can ever be able to split it. You’re gonna put that in
your pocket along with a duplicate of that coin that’s stuck on top and then another, let’s
say a penny, in this case, but it could be anything. That all goes in your pocket. So you come up with the quarter
and you show it this way. Evidently, the dime is stuck under here. – [Ramsay] Ooo, so you
turn it upside down. – [Spidey] Now you come out
with the dime, it’s here. And now you’re gonna
go, it’s gonna look like you’re putting it on, but
what happens is, you make that noise, that clicking
noise, but actually turn the coin over. – [Ramsay] Ditch it back in your pocket. – [Spidey] And yeah, this
just stays in your hand, it’s not a fancy magic thing at all. Remember, they’re not
expect…they’re playing a game. In their heads, there’s no magic, so… – [Ramsay] “I’m a magician,
let me show you a bar trick.” – No, let me show you a bar trick. (Ramsay laughter) – Add this and then turn
it over and there it is. It just looks like you… Now you’re gonna go back to
your pocket with the dime and you’re gonna come out with the penny and you’re gonna place that here, so in their heads, they
saw three separate coins and now you simply tell
them “85% of people cannot take these three coins”
or “More than 85% cannot take these three coins and
split them so they have 11 cents in one hand and 25 in the other.” Now in their heads, they
go “Well that’s stupid. Of course you can do that. All you would have to do is
take the ten cents and the one cent in one hand and the
quarter in the other one.” What they don’t know
is that can’t be done. So you go, “Let’s bet a shot over it. If you can do it, I’ll buy you a shot” – [Ramsay] For sure they’re
gonna give you a shot… – Right, so they’ll be like “Yeah.” – [Ramsay] Cause you went
through all the trouble of gluing quarters together, they’re like “You know what, you deserve that shot.” (Spidey laughter) That’s 100% what they’re gonna say. They’re gonna be like, “You
know what, you took the time to glue, just for me, I’ll
buy you a beer, buddy.” – Okay, sure, I thought it was more cause they lost the bet, but whatever. – [Ramsay] No, no. They’re
appreciative of the effort and of the glue. You know what’s even
funnier, if you give that to like a cashier and say “Just, can I have the change back please?” (Spidey laughter) And just watch them struggle
mentally for a second. “Yeah, here’s…that’ll
be 32 cents alright.” “Here you go… – “Here’s 35…” – [Ramsay] can I have that
three cents back please?” There’s like, “Well…we
can’t accept this here. Sir…call security!” – And then insist that
it wasn’t in that state when you handed it to them. – [Ramsay] “Yeah why’d you glue
it together, cashier clerk?” “I’ll bet you a drink…that – Or your phone number if they’re cute. – [Ramsay] you can’t unstick
them. I just called the cops.” – [Spidey] I wonder I if I can split this. – [Ramsay] That’s a glittery shirt. – [Spidey] Thank you, buddy. – [Ramsay] I’m not gonna lie.
No, that wasn’t a compliment. – [Spidey] Why? – [Ramsay] It’s just a statement. Snake. You put Christmas decorations?
Ha! The poor snake, the shit you put him through, Spidey. Like, he’s just trying
to live his best life and you’re like impeding
on his wilderness. – Last year, all of a sudden, at night, I saw him like, his whole
body was going upwards and his head was just
resting on the ornament. – [Ramsay] That’s probably a sign. He was probably telling you like… – Take this shit out of here? – [Ramsay] Yeah, I’m gonna eat
this in a second if you don’t Is he still alive? – [Spidey] Yeah! – [Ramsay] Oh, good for you! Good for you! (Christmas music) You got a Christmas
tree! Spidey! Oh, and you got a little Christmas sock! Spideeey, you’re so lonely. That’s a nice tree. – [Spidey] Thanks, buddy. – [Ramsay] Is it a real tree? – [Spidey] Yeah look, no. There’s Yoda. – [Ramsay] It’s synthetic? – [Spidey] Do you see Yoda? Like why isn’t he just sitting there? Ironman’s facing the wrong way. – [Ramsay] Ooh, Ironman. – [Spidey] And then Spiderman up there… – [Ramsay] Near the top, Spiderman. – [Spidey] there just chillin’. – [Ramsay] Kinda barren under there – [Spidey] Gotta put some gifts. Here. – [Ramsay] Oh, Spidey, for me? Thank you! Thanks, man. I got what I came for. Food’s here! (bossa nova music) – Do you believe, cause
I have a certain theory, when it comes to like mentalism if you’re gonna do mentalism in a show you should exclude magic. If you bring magic in,
then it puts the mentalism into question when…mentalism
is a bit of a gray area with a lot of people they don’t know if it’s true or not and I think that’s part of the allure. – It really depends, in my
opinion, on what you’re trying to sell the mentalism as. If you’re trying to sell it
as a real thing like you’re a real psychic or you have
the real ability to read minds and stuff, then yeah, keep
magic as far away as possible. It’s kinda like gamblers, right,
when gamblers are gonna sit at a table and either do
cheating demonstrations or actually cheat, they
wanna look like they are masters with a deck of cards, so you don’t flourish and
then do gambling things. You want it to look like
as natural as possible. One of the biggest pet peeves
I have, and this is important, beginner magicians who
print out a business card and it says “Close up magic,
mentalist, kids’ birthdays…”, like what are you, what? You’re gonna go do color
changing bunnies… – Juggling, mime, balloon animals – You’re gonna go do balloon
animals and color changing bunnies during the day and
then at night you’re gonna go read minds? I want to brand myself as like,
it’s a unique, prestigious experience. You get to
come see me in this theater and you won’t see me at your
kids’ birthday, you won’t see me at your grandparents’
60th wedding anniversary. – You will see me there… – Book him, book him. – In a long trenchcoat.
One word answers only: magic or mentalism? – Mentalism – What’s your favorite
thing about mentalism? – Mind-f—ing. – That’s two words. Favorite go-to effect. – There is no way in hell I can… – One word! – Situational. – Mmm, okay. What do you think about Criss Angel? – Influencer (music pause) – I’m an influencer. (bossa nova music) If you had to change your
name, your real name, what would be your name? – Damien – Who’s a magician you
hated working with the most? (music pause) – I was paired up with this
dickwad on wizard wars… – I know where this is going. (bossa nova music) – If you could bring someone
back from the dead… – Theodore Annemann – I knew you were gonna say Annemann – Did you really? People say… – You don’t think that like
he would be bothered by that? – No, I think he’d love that. – Seems kinda rude. – Annemann is more comprehensive,
there’s more routines in there that you go “Oh,
okay, I can go do this.” – Of the other ones,
thirteen says more about the principles and they don’t
give you clear, concise ideas. – Yeah, and there’s a
lot of things in there that are outdated or you’re
like “This doesn’t work today.” – That concludes this section
of a Judge on Food with Spidey – Mental with Mentalisms – Mentalists and Junk Food Alright guys, that about
wraps up this vlog. Hope you enjoyed that little conversation, that little bar bet. Be sure to use that wisely. Do not use that for any
monetary gains unless you count me in and don’t
forget to give this guy a follow on his page and a sub. I’ll leave the link below. Thanks for watching, hope
you enjoyed it and uh, peace. (hip hop music)

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