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(mystifying music) – I just got back to New York and I received one of the two decks that will be released on
Thursday, October 10th. This is the FEAR deck. This is the Halloween charity deck. If you know, every Halloween
or Halloween season for my birthday, we do a big event and every year, we donate proceeds from the charity deck to the charity. This year’s charity is the
Alzheimer’s Association. So when you pick up a few
of these decks on Thursday, you will be helping in the
fight to end Alzheimer’s, a cause which is very
near and dear to my heart. With that said, I have to go ahead and take photos of this deck, so they’re done in time for the release. As you can see, it’s not very fall-y here in New York, so we went
out and bought a few props. Now, we’re gonna go do a quick photo shoot and then get into a quick tutorial. Photo shoots are one of
my favorite things to do when releasing a deck of cards. I get to be creative with it, so here’s a little bit of creativity. Not so much creativity, but we have green leaves here in New York since it’s not very, it
hasn’t really turn to. I don’t even think that
fall exists anymore here in New York, so I got props. I got these from the 99 cent store, and also came with some
mini pumpkins, and acorns, and all of that stuff. So we’re gonna use this stuff to create the atmosphere for the FEAR deck and then we’re gonna do some photos. So let’s see how this turns out. Okay, so I think what we’re gonna do is just pop these into the ground. Maybe one over there. Maybe one in front. I always like to put something in front to get that sort of blurry effect. Let’s move these things out of the way. All right, maybe one over here. Now we get that little
nice little triangle and then this could go, we’ll scatter the pumpkins around here, so now we’ve created
our own little harvest, and we could plop this
baby in right there, and take some photos. Now this little section here, it doesn’t look like much as it is. It really looks pretty sad, but we’re gonna use, I’m
using 85-millimeter lens. A lot of people ask me what kind of equipment I
use and stuff like that. Canon 85 millimeter gets some nice tight
close-ups of this deck, and let’s see how it turns out. (bass thumping beat) (camera shutter clicking) So let’s take a look at the FEAR deck, what comes in the box, and teach you something cool with a gaff found inside of the deck. Now on the tuck itself, it says, “The only thing we have
to fear is fear itself.” A nice motto to live by. And on the back, it says, “And spiders” ’cause let’s be honest, who
is not afraid of spiders? We only made a thousand of these, and they are numbered and sealed on this nice little orange
seal with an owl on it, so numbered one to a thousand. I stole a few from the
warehouse for photos, so there’ll be 1,000 minus a few 998 for the lucky ones to go ahead and grab, and support a good cause. Let’s crack these babies open
and see what we get inside. So first thing is on the flap, it has the date of 10.31.19. This year is a Halloween date. On the flaps, we have little spiders. I don’t know if you could see them there. Now the cards themselves,
I really, really like. I love this design. It’s a very fun design. By the way, a fun fact is
I designed this myself. So I taught myself Illustrator. Slowly, but surely I am learning, and this was the first design that I made for a deck of cards. Now, the logo has Halloween
written right here, and a bunch of little Halloween designs, and surprises on the back design. Jokers are two owls. Pretty cute. Normal faces for the cards. It does come with a double backer, which you can do a bunch
of stuff with that. And one of my favorite gaff cards to date is the bloody five of hearts. Now the bloody five of hearts, you can do something with it with the regular five of hearts. So grab these two cards, and come back and let’s learn
just a quick little trick. There are plenty of
effects that you can do using the gaff card with the blood on it and the regular five of hearts. I’m not gonna teach
you one particular one. I’m gonna go through
many different versions of the same trick. Basically, giving you a lot of information that you could go ahead and take and put into your own sort of routine. So basically with this
routine, what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna force the
five of hearts, all right. So for every trick you’re going
to force the five of hearts using your favorite method. I like to do a, for this one I like to do just a classic force. The reason for this is that we do not need to go straight into this effect with here. So this could be just
waiting and ready to go. If you miss the force,
then do something else. If you don’t wanna take a chance, then of course, cut the
deck, hold the break, riffle down, and they say stop. I don’t like this force,
but you can of course do it. That’s the riffle force. So you’re forcing the five of hearts. That is step number one. Now step number two is to have this on top of the deck ready to either switch it in for this or control this in such a way that you can get into a switch position. So what I mean by that is as follows. Let’s take a look at one example, now where they pick the
five of hearts, okay. So let’s say this is on top. This is in the middle. And they say stop and they go ahead, and they grab the five of hearts. As they take a look at the five of hearts, you are now gonna control
it, second from the top. Now there’s a few controls that
gets a second from the top. One control to control
the second from the top is a bluff pass. So as they do this, you
just lift up one card and it looks like you’re
lifting up half the deck. They place it here and then you make pretend that
it goes back in the middle. So that’s a bluff pass right there. Another one you can do is using a tilt. So this, I also taught on my channel. Tilt, which puts it directly
second from the top. In any case, let’s say you
get it second from the top. So you force a card. You control a second from the top with this on top like that. Now you’re going to do
a standard double lift. So, you show the double
lift and you’re gonna say, “Look, we’re gonna try
to summon the spirits. “Go ahead, hold out your
two fingers like that.” They do so, you turn this over, and then you just come back down like that on their two fingers, and then they have marked the
blood on the five of hearts. Now this is just basically, not an effect. You can get that as a visual moment and as they react to that, you could just come back down
here and do a top change, and then show this to be clean again. So it has a Halloween-y
spooky kind of vibe to it where they saw blood on
the card for a second and then you could give it out
for this card to be examined. Another similar effect is as follows. You’re going to force the
five of hearts once again. So go ahead, “Oh, please touch a card. “What a coincidence. “Is it the five of hearts?” You don’t say that of course, but you forced the five of hearts again, and then the bloody one will
be in the middle of the deck. So the bloody one in the
middle of the deck, okay, just waiting there. You’re gonna control the
five up to the top, okay. So say, “Put your card
back into the middle” and control it up using
your favorite method. So now, we have the five of
hearts, their selection on top, and the bloody ones
somewhere in the middle. Now since you’re using the Halloween deck, you can make up any spooky
story that you want. And you’re gonna say, “Look,
we summon the spirits” and blah, blah, blah. You actually marked the
card without knowing. You’re gonna turn over
the deck, start spreading, and you’re gonna go slowly
one by one through the deck until you get to their card. So one card will reveal itself to us. One card and one card only, and boom, you get the
the blood-stained one. It’s funny ’cause at this point, you see the spectators go like this and check their their fingers for blood, which I think is quite funny. And at this point, while
you’re showing it to them, I’m going to get a break
underneath the top card, which is the real five
of hearts, all right. So I’m just gonna either
pull down, or buckle it, and get my pinky in there. This will come back around and go second from the bottom all right. So you’re putting it second
from the bottom just like that, and that’ll keep a break
like this, all right. As you turn it over,
you can keep the break, or you don’t have to keep
the break to be honest, but I like to do it just so I
can get that break once again, and it’s easy when I turn
the deck over 180 degrees to show that bloody card, but now you’re in position
for a double lift, okay. So, that’s a little bit of
a more advanced technique, but I’m sure you guys will get it. Now from here, you’re
going to take the card, turn it over as one, and now you’re ready to just change that
bloody card back to it. So it’s the same exact
effect as the one before, but we’re just doing it
in a different manner. And I’m sure that you guys will come up with many, many different
ways to do this exact effect. Now the last version
that I wanna talk about is a more sort of visual version where they select the five of hearts, the same exact procedure, and I’ll have to go through it again, but what’s gonna happen now is
a more visual type of version where you are going to take the card and make it bloody like that. I like to do it slowly like this and then kind of check my fingers. If you want, you can
incorporate fake blood somehow. I haven’t really thought
that through just yet. Or if this is face up, you can actually place this
on top, this on the bottom. Palm this card off and then show it. So now you really do, to get a nice visual of the change happening. So that’s the structure. Force the five of hearts. Then switch it in for this
either in a visual way or a non-visual way,
and then change it back to the original five of hearts, and you have yourself a
nice little bloody effect. All right guys, there you have it. That was the video. Thank you so much for
sticking around and watching. If you do like the deck,
it is for a good cause, so if you wanna pick some up, they will be available on
Thursday, October 10th, only on houseofplayingcards.com, along with one more deck
plus my birthday celebration. So if you did like this video and if you like what I’m
doing here on this channel, hit the like button, subscribe
if you haven’t already, and we will see you very soon. Peace. (mystifying music)

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