Learn Magic Tricks: Traveling Coin Magic (REVEALED)

(upbeat jazz music) – Now it’s time for a fun coin trick that every single one of you can do to fool your friends and family. It’s pretty simple, but
you have to practice to get it just right. Watch closely. Four coins. I’m going to make all four
of these coins come together. You’ll see what I mean. All I do is cover, shake my hands, and one coin travels up to this corner. Watch, we’ll make this one go up here. All I do is cover, wiggle my fingers, and now there are three
coins up in the right corner. One more time, this one
needs to go across to here. All I do is cover, shake
my hand, and there you go. All four coins in the top corner. Now it’s time for the
secret of the coin trick. Not that difficult at all. The secret is that you have an extra coin. I have five. Five coins, but the audience only thinks that you have four. You’ll hide this one in your hand. I was holding it there the entire time I was talking about this trick. And what you need is a smooth surface. You’ll see why in just a minute. It’s not that difficult. I have one coin here. We’re going to use a
principle in magic called the one ahead principle. That means I’m one step ahead
of what’s going to happen. I’ll show you. Four coins, one, two, three, four. When I say that I’m going to
make this one come up here, I simply take the one hiding
in my hand and lay it down up in the top corner. I cover up the bottom
one, wiggle my fingers. That is just to create
a little bit of magic. And I slide this bottom coin away in the bottom of my hand, as I lift up the right one. So I lift up and slide
the extra coin away. You see? Let me do it again. Four coins. I’m going to make them all
travel up to this corner. I drop that coin, cover,
wiggle my fingers, lift, and slide. Now I have one in this hand. From here, I just push my left hand up, cover the other coin, wiggle, slide the extra coin away, dropping
the third coin at the top. I’ll do it again. So I’m here, I cover,
wiggle, slide this coin away. Now it’s the same thing. I’m going to make this
coin go over to here. I cover, wiggle, slide away. Now, at this point, you
can just hide that coin in your left hand. You can push it onto the floor. Or, if you’re sitting down,
drop it into your lap. So one time, really quick, now that you know what’s happening. Ladies and gentlemen, I
will make all four coins go to this corner. Pay attention. All I do is cover, wiggle my fingers, one coin goes up here. I cover, wiggle my fingers,
three coins in the corner. That one needs to come
across to these three. Wiggle, there you go. All four coins to the top corner. Now, you have to practice this. And you can also use poker chips for this. You can use any type of coin. I’m just using 50 cent
pieces so you can see it. And you can also use little
round crackers, toys, anything that you have five of. Just remember, do not tell your friends that you have five of them. They will think you only have four. I hope you enjoyed this magic trick, and I hope you continue to
practice and share magic with your friends and family.

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