Hi! I am Brandon Nowasky and on behalf of
Expert Village.com I am going to show you more on card tricks. We are going to do a
few more flourishes at this time. We are going to do the card dribble and the card spring.
The card dribble is actually pretty easy, it’s kind of just like riffling the cards,
but you are going to be doing it from one hand to the other. What you want to do is
you want to hold the cards, pinky on one corner, thumb on one corner, middle and ring finger
on the top and then first finger on the very top of the deck. All you are going to do is
bend the cards and then spring them one at a time, just riffle off the thumb and they
will drop down, just like that and this is very easy, pretty effect to do. Springing
the cards on the other hand, it’s a little more difficult, it is going to take more practice.
You might want to sit on the floor while you’re doing it because the cards are going to fly
everywhere, the first few hours that you practice. Put the thumb on one end, these three fingers
on the other end, the pinky really does not play a role at all. What you are going to
do is you can start by pushing in with your other hand if you want. You are going to bend
them pretty hard and eventually you are going to spring off these fingers right here, just
like that. The more you practice the smoother it will get and that is pretty much all it
takes is practice – doing over and over again. It will get smoother and smoother and you
will be able to do it further and further away.

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