Learn How To Play Pick 3

ANNCR: Today let’s check out what’s known
as a numbers game. We have two here in Iowa: Pick 3 and Pick
4. Let’s go with Pick 3. It’s a little different than a traditional
lotto game because what you can win depends on the type of play you make and how much
you spend on each play. There are two main ways to play Pick 3. The first is to let the lottery terminal pick
the numbers for you. All you have to do is ask the clerk for a
Pick 3 “easy pick” ticket and your numbers will be assigned at random with the Straight/Box
play style, which will be a $1 play. You can also choose your own numbers and play
type, and for that you’ll need a play slip. Look for the one that says “Pick 3” on it. For this first part, you’ll pick a set of
three numbers, each from zero to nine. Next, you’ll need to select the play type. Your options are Straight, Box, Straight/Box,
Front Pair and Back Pair. Let’s break down what each of those play
styles means. If you make a straight play, you’ll win
a prize only if the numbers you’ve played—for example, 1-2-3 are selected in that exact
order in the drawing. If you make a box play, you’ll win a prize
if the numbers you choose come up in any order. So, if you choose 1-2-3 and the winning numbers
are 2-3-1, you’d still win. You also can make a straight/box play, which
means you’ll win a prize if the numbers on your ticket come up in the exact order
or any order drawn. It’s statistically harder to match the winning
numbers in the exact order they come up, so the prizes you can win on a straight play
are bigger. There are two other play options as well,
and their names are pretty self-explanatory. They’re called front pair and back pair. With front pair, you’ll win a prize if you
match the first two numbers in the drawing in the exact order selected. And it’s just the opposite for back pair—
you’ll win a prize if you match the last two numbers in the exact order they’re drawn. Plays in Pick 3 range in price from 50 cents
to $5, while the prizes you can win run from $30 all the way up to $3,000. It’s true that prizes in Pick 3 are smaller
than those in big-jackpot games, but the odds of winning are significantly better. Pick 3 drawings are held twice daily, seven
days a week. Midday drawings are held at 12:20 p.m. and
evening drawings are at 10 p.m. Central Time. As an extra bit of convenience, you can play
for more than one drawing by marking the “Multi-draw” section on the play slip. You can play up to 8 consecutive plays for
either midday or evening, or up to 16 consecutive plays for both midday and evening drawings. Now that the play slip is ready, just hand
it to the clerk to get your Pick 3 ticket. You can also create an e-playslip using the Iowa Lottery’s LotteryPlus Apple or Android app. You can check for the winning numbers online
or by calling the Winning Numbers hot line at 515-323-4633. The clerk at any lottery terminal can also
print out the winning numbers for you. Visit our website at ialottery.com to see
all the ways you can win and the various prizes you can win based on the numbers chosen, play
style, and amount you choose to play. Pick 3 prizes must be claimed within 90 days
of the drawing for which they were eligible. Once you have your ticket, sign the back so
everyone knows it’s yours. Keep it in a safe place because you’ll need
it to claim your prize—no exceptions. And now that you know how to play Pick 3,
good luck!

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