all right today we are going to take a
look at 3d optical illusion lights from LE3D these 3d optical illusion lights are
operated by a USB plug these LED lamps are great for kids rooms but they’re
also great for adults they are a great conversation piece these are just three
of the many designs that are available you also have the eiffel tower a globe
and lots and lots of characters that kids love like Jasmine Batman Batman
Pikachu Iron Man and lots of others right now I have the lights down to show
you what these look like in the dark but I’ll turn the lights back on to show you
the device in real light but these devices have touch control to allow you
to alternate between colors you can go from red to green blue yellow cyan pink
and white the 8th press is a color-changing mode and the next is off
as you can see it is cycling through the colors and it’s really pretty and quite
the attraction just gonna put all of these on the
color-changing low right now so the first one we have here is the train the
train would be great for children that are getting into the automobiles and
little cars that they have warrants is great for adults too I know some college
age friends that still love trains as much as they did when they were little
here we have the Lotus in the middle the Lotus is my favorite piece because it
looks the most 3d and this has great lines and makes it truly truly look like
a holographic figure and the third one we have here is Buzz Lightyear from Toy
Story now he is one of my favorite characters from Toy Story and this would
be great for those who love the Disney Pixar movies and for any age as well all
right so I would actually think that these would be great gifts say for
Mother’s Day Father’s Day Christmas maybe a birthday these would be great to
match with someone’s personality or interests or hobbies or maybe if they
just want a nice nightlight all right so we’re gonna turn the lights
back on to show you what they look like in the regular daytime all right so I
turn the lights up and as you can see these lights are still really really
pretty in regular light now here’s the box that they come in and there’s an LED
le 3d 3d illusion nightlight and so when you first pull the light out of the box
make sure you do peel off the film on either side or else it will not be a 3d
effect I’m going to show you a close-up of the features of this device so here
we have a close-up and take this out to show you face here
on the top we have the power button where you turn it on and cycle through
the different colors and if you long pause it or long hold it
it will turn off now on the back this is where you have your power input which
all it is is the USB charging cord and you plug it into the back simple there
you go there you have the time to flip and change colors now when you have your
piece of choice all you have to do is insert it in and there you go it is all
lit up let me show you what it looks like off as you could tell it is transparent and
very sleek even went off alright so now we’re going to take a closer look at buz
he still has the same base as everyone else he is slightly taller than everyone
else though because he used of standing up figure he’s not horizontally long these would look great on a nightstand
shelf a bookshelf a side table anywhere where you have a convenient outlet these
would be a great addition to any type of room style or household and provide a
functional light experience as I said before there are plenty of different
options you can get with this le 3d optical illusion light alright guys so
that was the 3d optical illusion light from le 3d please to check the
description section below for more information
thanks for watching you

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