Language Teachers Guide to KLOO Games for School

What do you learn when playing KLOO? Let’s
take a look. In most games of KLOO, you are dealt seven
cards. To score points, you need to make a sentence. The longer the sentence, the more
you score. But it’s really easy. To start your sentence, you play a red card.
With red cards, we get to play with pronouns and verbs. To build your sentence, you just need to follow
the colored arrows. So we are learning grammar too. So we play a blue card next. That’s a noun
with its article in agreement. We can play yellow or green card next. We’re going to play yellow. That’s an adjective. Now, a greed card. Green cards are connected
to make our sentence longer. We can now play another blue card now, and
another yellow. There’s more gender agreement here. We can also play a purple card here. So we
learn great expressions too. We also get clues to translate words we don’t
know. In this way, we use discovery learning to build vocabulary as we play. You would
score a lot of points for this sentence, and learned a lot of language too. And this is
just one hand. How much language do you need in order to
start playing KLOO? None. You can play and learn as an absolute beginner, or even if
you’re more advanced. Just be ready for how fast you learn. What about vocabulary? What sort of words
will you learn? Each deck covers particular language themes such as people, places, clothes,
everyday objects and eating and drinking. And with every deck, you can make three million
sentences. That’s a lot of language and a lot of fun. KLOO, the multi-award winning game that packs
a lot of language.

  1. There is no mention of pronunciation of the Spanish word. How will you know you're saying the word correctly??

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