KKK grand wizard admits to shooting gun at black protester

  1. 2:59 I'm a brown because I'm an Asian wtf he said my common sense wtf
    Is not about a black and then it's a about white and black with wtffff

  2. evil and fyi Trump doesn't want any part of the kkk !!!! and these pigs will burn in hell with lucifer ,and Trump doesn't like the kkk !!!- GOD isn't a part of this hate ,GOD is not evil!!!!!!!

  3. This is what Donald Duck Trump is Neo-Nazi in a suit and these are the good people that he talks about they're coming out of cracks like roaches.

  4. LOL listen fools!!! lol YOU cant, and you wont ever EVER!!!!! get the klan back to the way it was you dumb ass!.
    there's to many laws protecting other minorities for one!
    and for 2 that way of thinking is long gone man!!.
    let it go give it up. AND YES im a white guy who's sayin this.
    its almost 2020 man, not 1958 are u kidding me right now
    and here's somthin to take heed of pal!
    these black people aint playin around!! go in the wrong place talkin that crazy shit…
    you will find your ass DEAD and every one thats with you too.
    so be smart.
    while you still have your freedom of speech. better watch where u burn your crosses.
    them ak-47's hurt buddy. and all the black people i know hav'em. and they will shoot u dead.

  5. man to be honest i dont know what the fuck goin g on in this country we gonna see if all my black people wanna just go to Africa

  6. Whiteman yellow man Redman….. ah yes let's talk red man. So kkk is about immigrants and protection of the land or red white and blue country. But this was the Redmans land so if they wanted all the immigrants to leave would he go back to Europe??? Or does he believe only white immigration is ok? Funny how some people don't like immigration but yet are ancestors of them.

  7. And if he's a wizard why doesn't he stand at the boarder with his staff and say to the immigrants "YOOOOU SHALL NOT PASSSS". That's how Gandalf the grey does it

  8. To be honest the black guy had a fucking flame thrower I’m not a racist but blacks are way more racist on average than whites nowadays anyone who disagrees is a fucking duck or retard

  9. Idk this mans inner heart but from listening to this he seems not what the media wants to portray they are run by the Zionists after all

  10. If you're going to protest something no matter what it is or whos side your on head over to Ebay and order yourself a Riot Shield ,Helmet with Visor , and a Vest with Bulletproof Plates it could save you especially if someone pulls a gun.

  11. CNN doing it again spinning the story the black guy was waving a fucking blowtorch around half a foot away from him he had the right to shoot the bastard FUCK CNN

  12. he has black friends? they better unfriend him like now! sooner or later he could turn on them. he full of hatred and evil. he is a racist.

  13. i fired my gun coz he is not dark enough. LOL. Them hillbillies have always been Democrats…now both of them on the same team. LOL

  14. first of all:there is huge difference between black people and niggers.
    secondly:slave owner isn't necessarily racist(for example gen.lee commander of the south has free all his slaves long before civil war an gen.ulysses grant,commander of the north kept his slaves even after the civil war)
    third:slavery use exist much longer in northern states tahn in the south(delavare,kentucky,missouri,maryland)
    fourth:all so called"historical knowledge"regarding civil war is based on lie
    fifth:enough for now.:-)

  15. Wait…Really? What about the continuest shootings going on in Chicago that are done by Blacks? Do you blame Trump for those too? Why do you only blame Trump for the White people doing the shooting? You people on CNN are so stupid. How do you even remember how to breath?

  16. Everything has been nice for a while !!! No racist marching by kkk or black lives rule or terrorist attacks active shooter ETC wtf its like all the chaos comes in waves then everyone takes a break ! Weird ! almost like is from a script ! Sometimes I get a strange felling about reality like mankind is controlled by some unseen force !

  17. The guy is a role model. He's just tryin to slow the process of our country turning into third world. Its already happening in Baltimore, Chicago, Memphis, Oakland, Atlanta etc. Wherever the blks inhabit..they destroy. Facts

  18. I Conceal Carry and would've shot him to but that's the last thing I would do I would waved the gun a couple times telling the person to put the Flame Thrower away and I WON'T shoot (4 loud times) then I would holster the gun KNOWING I have a gun if the person's Flame TOUCHES SOMEONE then and ONLY then I would shoot , but I would never be at one of these things this is just what he should have done not blindly shooting risking other LIVES because of someone with a Flame Thrower.

  19. Lady: Do you hate black people?
    Guy: No, I have black friends
    Also guy a few minutes ago: Proceeds to shout N-word and shoot at a black person for no reason

  20. "KKK grand wizard admits to shooting gun at black protester"

    what the fuck is that title? its like we're living in a medieval fantasy world but with real world problems

  21. One thing's for sure, if that black guy had fired a gun at the white guy… he'd be in jail right now. Why is this white man not in jail for unlawfully discharging a firearm in public and attempted assault with a deadly weapon?

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