Kid Magician Aidan McCann Is Incredible

So nice to meet you. I saw your video. You’re really, really good. Thank you. Yeah. And you’re from Ireland. And this is your
first time in L.A.? Yes. Yeah how do you like it? I love it though it was
an 11th hour flight. Yeah. Our hotel is huge though,
like it has 24 floors. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is that like the biggest
hotel you’ve ever seen? Yep. And yesterday we
went to the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign. Oh wow. So you’re having fun here? Yeah. That’s wonderful OK. So I’m glad you’re here and
you do magic and I love magic. And you’re 9. How long have you
been doing this? I’ve been doing magic
for 4 years now. I’ve started off with like
magic kits like sets of magic. And then I started
doing card magic. But the one annoying
thing is sometimes there’s like just some
really easy techniques that I can’t do because
I have small hands. Well not for long. All right, so what
are you doing today? I’m going to be doing
a card trick OK. OK, sure. So right here I have
a deck of cards yeah. Yep. All the cards are
different yeah? Yep. Great. So I’m just going to get you to
tell me when to stop Ellen, OK? OK. Thank you. Stop. All right, great. Now this card right here is
going to be your card, OK? OK. But nobody’s going to look
at it until later on OK. Sure. So we’ll just put
that right there OK? OK. Great. Now over here we have a blank
DVD yes, or a blank DVD case. And inside we have
a blank DVD, OK? Yep I see it. So can you please just sign
the shiny side for me, Ellen. I sure can. Thank you. There you go. Thank you. That’ll be worth a lot of money. Oh yeah, well. [LAUGHTER] Tricky. Thank you. So we’ll just put
that in its case here. OK. Close it up and just
pop it right there OK? OK. Now in my pocket here we have
some of my favorite movies, OK. Yes. Like we have Toy
Story, Star Wars, we have Jurassic Park,
Titanic, Finding Dory. Oh yeah, I like that one. It’s probably one
of your favorites. It really is. It’s one of my
favorites, it’s great. And ET. So can you please just go ahead
and grab any movie for me? Any one? Any one. Just grab one. All right, this one. Thank you. So you can just tell
everybody what it is. It’s the Incredibles. The Incredibles. Do you like that movie? I did, yes. Yeah, it’s great. Not as much as
Finding Dory, but yes. [LAUGHTER] OK, great we’ll just
leave it down here. OK. OK. How incredible would it be
if this blank DVD was now The Incredibles! That would be incredible. [APPLAUSE] Wow. You can take that
and show everybody it has your signature. Yes. Yes, it has my signature. It’s the same one. Wow. Thank you. Now, what I love, is I
love to keep the right DVD in the right DVD cases. So how incredibler–
if that’s a word– It sure is. Would it be if this
blank DVD case was now also The Incredibles! Even more incredibler, wow! [APPLAUSE] Aidan, that’s great. Thank you. Now let’s not forget
about your card over here. No I haven’t. Can you please take that
and show everybody OK, I won’t look. OK. And then you can hide it
from me when you’re ready. OK. I’ll put it right back down. All right, thank you. Now I’m going to have to
read your mind for this, OK? Uh-oh. OK. So look me right
in the eyes, OK. Might need these off. [LAUGHTER] Bit harder we need to connect. OK. OK, thank you. Now do you know what my
mom’s favorite movie is? No. It’s the notebook and I
have one with me today. So I’m going to write
down a prediction of what I think your card will be OK. OK. Great. [LAUGHTER] Done. OK. Was your card the ace of spades? No. [LAUGHTER] Really? No. Oh, because that’s
the front of the box so your card must be in the box. Uh-huh. Watch. Is that your card? It sure is, Aidan. It’s the 3 of diamonds. 3 of diamonds. Wow! [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Wait, actually. Yes. Before we go. Yes. Since you were so good for
me Ellen, I’m going to– I get to keep that? Yep, as a souvenir. But I don’t– thank you so much. That’s really incredible. I understand you have some
favorite magicians, who are they? I love Shin Lim. Yeah. He’s been on your show a lot. Yeah, he’s really great. He does some great card tricks. Yeah he does. If you’ll just check
this out, look here. Hey Aidan, its Shin Lim. Ellen showed me some of
your videos performing magic and I have to say
you are incredible. I have a new show
in Vegas starting at the Mirage Hotel
and Casino and I want you to be a special
guest on one of the shows. So come on down. I’ll see you in Vegas. [APPLAUSE] You’re going to see him
and be his special guest. Oh my god. Come back any time, OK. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos. Like videos of me getting scared
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that sort of thing.

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