Key & Peele – Negrotown – Uncensored

Spare some change? Sorry, man,
I got nothing. All right. [siren wails] Hold it right there. [car door closes] Let’s see some ID. I wasn’t even doing anything,
man. Are you talking back to me? No, I was just walking, man. Look, there is no reason
for you to get upset, sir. I’m not.
I’m not. All right, that’s it.
Put your hands on your head. Put my hands– Put your hands
on your head, yes! You had your chance. Listen, man,
can I just ask you, like, politely what it is
that I did? – Think I was born yesterday?
– Come on, man, I– Get in the car.
Duck your head. Aah! Ahh. [groans] [bottles clink] All right, Officer,
I’ll take it from here. Oh, hi, Wally.
Good to see you. He’s all yours. All right. What? [chuckles] Y’all have a good night. All right. Thanks, man,
but where we going? I’m glad you asked. Follow me. Through there? [shouts] [magical tune] [laughs] Whoa, look at this place. Where are we? Just be patient,
and I’ll show you. Your suit changed. ♪ Follow me
to a place I know ♪ ♪ Where there ain’t no pain
and no sorrow ♪ ♪ It’s a place to be
if your skin is brown ♪ ♪ I’m talking ’bout Negrotown [cheerful music] Negrotown? What, like, Atlanta? [laughs]
Almost. Now be quiet while I sing. ♪ In Negrotown,
you can walk the street ♪ ♪ Without getting stopped,
harassed, or beat ♪ ♪ And there’s always a cab
when you need to get around ♪ And they always stop. ♪ In Negrotown ♪ I think I’m getting it. It’s like a utopia
for black people. Yeah! But seriously,
shut the fuck up. ♪ You won’t get followed
when you try to shop ♪ (all)
♪ You can wear your hoodie ♪ And not get shot ♪ No white folks
to cross the street in fear ♪ (all)
♪ No trigger-happy cops ♪ Or scared cashiers (Jordan)
♪ That loan application ♪ Can’t get turned down ♪ You’re always approved
in Negrotown ♪ This is amazing! I know, right? (women)
♪ We’re going down
to Negrotown ♪ ♪ Where the strong black men
are raining down ♪ ♪ There’s light skin,
dark skin, every shade ♪ ♪ And there’s no white bitches
to take them away ♪ ♪ This sounds too good
to be true. – It does, doesn’t it?
– Yeah. But can a nigga
finish a song? Oh. I mean,
can a nigga finish? I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. ♪ In Negrotown,
you live long and well ♪ ♪ There’s no disease,
no sickle cell ♪ ♪ No stupid-ass white folks
touching your hair ♪ ♪ Or stealing your culture,
claiming it’s theirs ♪ ♪ Hanging out in a group
doesn’t make you a gang ♪ ♪ Every word that you say
ain’t considered slang ♪ ♪ No one trying to get in
on the latest trend ♪ ♪ By making you
their token black friend ♪ ♪ There’s a place
where harmony is found ♪ (all)
♪ It’s a motherfucking
black playground ♪ ♪ Talking ’bout Negrotown (all)
♪ Talking ’bout Negro ♪ Talking ’bout
Negro, Negro, Negro, Negro ♪ ♪ Talking ’bout Negrotown [song ends] [eerie humming] (man in the distance)
Sir? Sir? Sir? Sir? [groans]
Wha– All right, get up. – Wha–
– Let’s go, get up. [groans]
Wait a second. Wait, wait, whoa, whoa,
hold on, wait. I thought I was going
to Negrotown. Oh, you are. [piano music] ♪ [door closes and engine starts] ♪

  1. It's funny the top Africans are leaving their negro towns to live USA? Are they crazy or something wrong with this narrative…?

  2. Things like this make me remember how blessed I am to be in third world country where racism doesn't exist against black people. Cause we're all black. Like I can count the amount of white people I've seen in person on my fingers. Mostly cause if there are white people they go to areas the 1% goes but hey at least I don't have to worry about all these problems people who look like me face

  3. Atlanta?
    HA HA! Almost! Now be quiet while I sing!
    I think I get it! It's like a utopia flor black people!
    YEAH! But serious then! SHUTA FUCKAH!
    This sounds too good to be truth!
    It dooooes, doesnt it?? But CAN A NIGGA FINISH A SONG??
    I MEAN C A N T
    F I N I S H ?


  4. I'm a so called negro and I love this. This is what it's going to be like when Yahawashi comes back!

    The end broke my heart because this is reality…

    Anyone who says Key and Peele aren't "black enough" needs to reevaluate who they are. Oh and if you're white… STFU!

  5. All the black peeps be like:

    "One ticket to NT then, please! Oh, I already have one waiting? Not a return ticket? Maybe I'll take a raincheck on that.."


  6. 🤔Thanks Yvette Carnell for making political education a topic of discussion every Monday and Wednesday evening live on YouTube, it's about as close as we'll come to a present day Negro Town 😁meetup wherever you reside🤣 join us 😉

  7. I can confirm Negrotown does exist. It's just if you don't simply accept it, and keep going on and on about the town, they feel you'd just comment on everything and bring down its normality for others. That's why he got kicked out. Its like going on and on about paradise when everyone knows its paradise; that just gets annoying. Enjoy it and shut up, ya know? I'm not there for my own reasons, if you're wondering, 🙂

  8. You all know that a bunch of former slaves from the US tried to do this, right? It's called Liberia. If you can avoid the civil wars, child soldier armies, voodoo cultists, and Ebola, it's not half-bad. Except… actually it's a lot more than half-bad. My in-laws recently spent the better part of a year helping a family of refugees from Liberia gain legal status in the US. After hearing the stories they tell, and seeing the literal scars, I wouldn't wish Liberia on anybody.

    The problem, from start to finish, has been the insistence on grouping ourselves into categories. This, like the American Colonization Society before it, is just the same thing.

  9. So black girls can say, “there’s no white bitches to take them away” but if a white girl said that about black people they’d get soooo much hate

  10. But can you wear your hoodie AND repeatedly smash someone’s face into the sidewalk without getting shot? Asking for a friend.

  11. Blacks must forget their own African kings sold them to us so stfu with your race card everyrace has been a slave blacks just most recent but the entire world is getting tired of it why you think Africans hate black Americans

  12. I also find the irony in that this fantasy portrayal of a perfect place with only black culture is more reflective of white culture. It’s like a the truth in a joke.

  13. It’s funny and sad to read the comments and people think that this is some sort of like propaganda when if they look at the past of these two they’re actually very right wing

  14. Did no one else think he did that so white people had their own spot without colored people, basically helping white people

  15. I know this is a joke, but the whole real life scenario is inaccurate. That almost never happens.

    Edit: Unless you're in a crime ridden area.

  16. This is actually a very catchy rag time style jazzy show tune!!

    And actually, looking back at it, these are actually all the popular black dances from the 50’s up til today. from the mash potato and the twist, to disco, soul train, and break dancing, to the dances of today. they even doing African dancing at the end!!

  17. This literally made me cry. The fact that this is what we have to go through. Wow. It’s set up as a jokey song but it’s truly a serious issue that so mane choose to ignore and actually take part in. We’ll have justice one day.

  18. Lmfaooo👍🏾👍🏾 😂😂
    bruh this the funniest one I seen so far
    So many facts made funny …. good shit fellas

  19. Crazy if a white person would have made this song about a whites only town it would be labeled racist By every black person on the planet. Double standards I guess

  20. I really like this skit. I think it’s really funny and well done. But there’s one thing that gets me and I don’t really understand it. There seems to be a lot of black people that want an ethnically homogeneous black society with all black culture and traditions, and that fine, but why is it considered racist and wrong and hateful when white people want the same thing for themselves? It seems to me that no days, a lot of people are starting to realize that multiculturalism doesn’t work and that the more homogeneous a nation state is, the better. I here a bunch of black people dreaming of a wakanda of sorts, but everyone goes crazy when, for example, a German wants Germany to be just for Germans. Why the double standards?

  21. i bet if white people made this and said the things they about white peoples about black people it would be a big deal. on the fucking news and everything.😂 and yes i am black

  22. Omg. You guys are funny. The first time I notice this video I wasn't that much into it.
    But this is hilarious. Lol.

    He said : "it's like utopia for black people."

    The other guy say: really shut the fckup."

    That had me totally Laugh at Loud (lol.).

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