Ju-Ju-Be Onyx Fuel Cell Insulated Bottle Bag SKU:8961066

Hey guys, I am Autumn from zappos here And today I’ve got the Onyx Fuel Cell Insulated Bottle Bag from Ju-Ju-Be This nifty little bag is made of polyester and nylon It fits three tall bottles, so this is really great for storage especially when traveling It’s also got the Teflon fabric protector so it repels stains, keeps this looking really nice You have the logo here too and the top has a nice soft carrying handle with a clip That’s really great for if you’re on-the-go So you can actually hook it to your stroller handle, the car seat, your belt loop Whatever you want, it’s pretty nice So we’ve got a double zipper closure for the main compartment The inside is insulated so it’s going to keep the bottles cool or warm Whatever you want to do there, love the bright stripes makes it easy for you to find stuff Plus you’ve got this little transparent pocket at the top of the zipper closure for more storage It’s all gonna rest on a flattened bottom to keep it standing upright So wherever you’re, keep those bottles fresh, warm or cold And this great little bag from Ju-Ju-Be

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