Ju-Ju-Be Legacy HoboBe Purse Diaper Bag SKU: 8961090

Hey guys, Autumn from Zappos here Today I’ve got the Legacy HoboBe Purse Diaper Bag from Ju-Ju-Be This great bag is perfect for being a cute purse, but also being a cute diaper bag it’s got lots of different cool organizational things so it’s made of a durable nylon, protected with Teflon, so that way it repels stains also got the a AGION coating, so keeps everything fresh too, so it’s antibacterial which is nice, you do have the signature logo in the front, great print throughout It does give you a front zippered pocket it’s got some mesh pockets on the inside with a stretchy key leash just above that, you have a smaller zippered pocket that is lined with fleece so it’s perfect for your more sensitive items, like a smartphone or maybe your glasses so that’s always good Flip it around to the back, if you have another slip pocket with a snap closure that is perfect for storing a small changing pad that comes with the bag so that’s always nice especially if you are in a rush or you’re not able to go to an actual bathroom to change your little one The top has a zippered compartment, lots of room on the inside, which is nice, there is a zippered closure you’ve got mesh zip pockets throughout another little zippered pocket on the inside too and it’s got an adjustable shoulder strap, a little bit more cushioning here at the top so that way it can rest on the shoulder nicely or sitting on a flattened bottom to keep it standing upright Be stylish carrying all the essentials, wherever you go with this great bag from Ju-Ju-Be

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