Have you found one? Choosing the right sim card… Taihen desu ne (たいへんですね)=It’s so tough! Right, so what have you got there? Hey guys, I’ve got a Japanese travel sim. If you haven’t got one but you’re planning to come to Japan or you’re already in Japan, perhaps you’ll figure out, sooner or later, that you would need one to communicate or to move around Tokyo and other areas of Japan. And what does it include?
So it includes ONLY DATA actually. It doesn’t include any phone calls or texts but I guess it’s not exactly what you’d need anyway. So it’s just the data service only, as you can see in here. 1.5GB for 30 days, right? Yes, it is. Actually, we’re staying in Japan for 3 months so we’re going to get a top up once we’ve run out of that data The sim card that we’ve got is literally for 30 days but we’ve been told that we can extend this service for another 3 months which isn’t too bad and works out to our advantage, The price is actually very good for what you get that’s the receipt and you’re expected to pay just about that price (¥1998=$20, £13.50 or €15) 1998 yen that’s including tax.
So just under 2000 yen, correct. I’ve got some instructions here. Some of them are in Japanese but luckily you also get some in English. Or you can ask someone to set it up for you that works here but they charge you another 800 and something yen (over £5) I’m sure you can do it yourself anyway And don’t be afraid to approach one of the staff members because they do speak English. Maybe not all of them but there will be at least a handful of people that will come and help you. Either with setting up your sim card or just explaining the price plan you are interested in. It looks like the registration was successful and after following some of the instructions which are actually quite straightforward believe it or not. 🙂 All I have to do is… fill out my account details My personal information 🙂 And we’re ready to go! So was it quite easy and straightforward to set up? Very easy. It’s a lot easier than you think. Most of the legwork is done by the person at the till anyway who will check whether your sim card and your phone is compatible with the Japanese sim card that you’re going to use. So there is no need to pay the extra 800 odd yen for them to set it up. – Definitely not! 🙂 And you can just treat yourself to a nice bowl of ramen instead. It’s less than a 2 min work. And yes, you can treat yourself to a nice bowl of ramen! Extra large if you need to! Nothing tastes better than a bowl of ramen, trust me guys! Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel! Perfect, makes sense. Mission complete! Looks like we’ve managed to register our sim card without any problems. And in fact you can track your usage and go back up to 10 days and see how much you’ve actually used so far. As you can see, we haven’t used anything but we’ll keep an eye on our usage. If you’ve found this video useful and you’d like to hear more from us, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Just hit the subscribe button (Big thank you to those who do! :)) because we are going to be in Japan for 3 months and there will be more videos coming along! Thanks for watching guys!
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  1. Dear sister, what about the mobal card sim for 3 is it good in japan?
    Thank you very much in advance my dear.

  2. hi there
    me & my brother mitchell watched
    a lot of your videos while we were
    in the uk
    glad we did
    your videos helped us soooo much
    thank you from osaka
    rachel & mitchell m from queensland australia

  3. Wonderful sharing
    My friend, I am very happy to be able to grow together.

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