James Plays Tetris

So, we’re gonna play some MOTHER FREAKING TETRIS because a lot of people have asked-d-d for me to play them and I think it’s because they think they’re better than me for some reason? *keyboard noises* oof Which I dunno where they get THAT idea from. *more keyboard noises* plebs So, you’re gonna see quickly why I’m not a gaming channel Because… Commentary in this video is probably Uh – HORRID. No, I think my Tetris skills are a LITTLE good. *SMACKSMACKSMACK* I was playing a few games this morning, just to, *smacksmack* You know, warm up. *SMACKSMACKSMACK* fLAMO!! so in this – in this version of Tetris it’s better to get a back-to-back Tetris than just -oooop- than just a normal Tetris. Because if you get a back-to-back Tetris that’s worth more points, so you just wanna keep spitting out these Tetrises left and riiight and if we get three KOs then that’s an automatic win for us so let’s see if we can get the automatic win. So yeah, I want you to look me in the eye after seeing this video I want you to look me in the eye and say, “Yeah, I wanna…. I think I can beat you in Tetris.” You can’t. Darnit! Aww…. I should’ve put the orange piece down there. 27 seconds left. Crap baskets…. [raspberry sound] Ooh… Let’s see if we can get, let’s see if we can get sixty. Okay, nevermind, we won. Yeah, so that was me playing Tetris None of that footage was sped up even though it probably looks like it was. So, thanks for watching. We- James, why aren’t you making the next video? I freaking am, okay? Just, was taking a Tetris break. Uh, thanks for half a million subscribers, too, by the way, I’m, like, just flattered. And also I’m verified now, which is cool. And I am thinking about making a 500,000 sprinkle video. So… see you next time. [smooch]

  1. I probably couldn’t beat you in Tetris
    But I could beat you in 99 bricks which is like Tetris but with gRavItY

  2. James!!! can i challenge you to a gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? i may suck but please also how do you you even play 2 player?

  3. Before I watched this video I didnt think you could be "good" at tetris but oh my freaking god

    Yeah I said freaking in a youtube comment

  4. The Every OddOnesOut Meme in one comment (Your welcome btw)

    When people think they can beat
    Just A Man Eating Sooubway in a game of Tetris
    You: (when ever you lose to James on Tetris) THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PLAY!!!!!
    James: SHUT THE F### UP SALLY!
    You (again): AHHHHHHH!!!!!
    And James can say that Balley is not for him

    James: I swear i'm not a furry.

  5. Uhhh James you suck at the game and you lost… Better luck next time because your slow and not fast like the speedy person on the left (This is a joke)

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