James Bond Full Length Telugu Movie || Allari Naresh, Sakshi Chaudhary || Shalimarcinema

City is continuously rocked
by series of kidnaps! A 40 year old man in Sanathnagar was kidnapped
along with chair while watching TV. No trace of him yet. His family is in sorrows. Police have registered case
and are investigating. Close the main door. People who steal plants will come, sir. Later on they’ll come to kidnap me. My family will lose me and
you’ll lose your salary. You saw everything on TV, right? Why do you get scared
if someone else is kidnapped, sir? If there’s a blast in Mumbai,
don’t people in Hyderabad get alerted. We’ve our own fears. What brings you here? Nothing sir, land grabber occupied
our colony park. We’re planning to file
a case against him. If you also sign the paper… Look, we can live in a house without side walls
also but not with troubles all around. We’re living peacefully like programs
on devotion channel, why do we need such adventures
like AXN TV. Sir, it seems kidnapped Sathi Babu
is dead with multiple stab injuries. Killed him? Father! Why did he fall like that? Is the dead man your relative?
– We don’t even know him. Please move. Nothing, Chandram. It seems Sathi Babu was kidnapped
by his nephew for fun. It seems they both had
small financial issues. It seems he said he’ll stab
if you don’t repay me. It seems he said let me see
if you can stab. He stabbed him funnily! That’s all? But why did she say like that? She’s a mad woman,
you come, father. Come, son.
Come. What you said and what maid told
was same, right? What’s the difference? Though news is bad,
there mustn’t be sad in it. He has heart problem, so doctors
advised to tell everything like that. This is what you call informing
death news coolly. Bye, madam. At least his son should’ve
been at home. At least he would’ve signed
the case file. If son is like that, how his son would be! He stole me bag, please catch him… Somebody is coming after us. Who is he?
Why is he chasing us like Milkha Singh? Run! Don’t run…it won’t bite…stop… I think we can’t run further,
throw the bag at him. Throw! Where is it? Thank God! I’m saved. If not I would’ve to take 14 injections
around my navel Thank you so much for saving my bag. You caught them very well, very good… I…? Your Nani will like me, right? Why not? You’ve an attractive face. He loves to marry someone like you. He’ll come running for
an attractive girl like you. He’s here! Come, we were waiting for you. Please come for minute,
I need to talk to you. No problem, tell me. Whisper bad in ear and
blare good over microphone. Where can I get you microphones now? Whatever it is, come out. What had happened was… People were praising me but thieves
focussed on me for catching them. They would’ve seen my ID card. Who can see that 6 inch ID card
in your 6 feet frame? We shouldn’t be so careless,
let’s find their address. let’s drop a letter saying I’m in no way
connected to the incident. I’m tensed. You sit here without getting tensed. She is…why are you leaving silently? You said Nani is good boy and
you told me to fix your marriage with him, why are you saying good bye now? When he didn’t raise head to see
any girl in colony, I liked him thinking he’s very good boy. I didn’t know he was such a coward, the dog that chased him isn’t
taller than my knee, would he get so scared for it? I wanted to marry a fearless man but
he looks like brand ambassador for fear. Not just me, no girl in this world
would marry him. Get lost! A good and beautiful girl would’ve been born
for him somewhere in this world. She’ll enter his life with her right leg. Dubai mafia is under my control
for many years now. But after she became Don,
we’ve been reduced to dummies. Just dummies! If anyone wants to become king,
the king must die. That’s why I’ve fixed today as her death day. Don’t kill me! If you’re so scared of an inch sized bullet,
how could you think of killing six feet bullet? Forgive me…please forgive me… I’m not Mother Teresa to forgive,
my name is Bullet. Once it gets into the arena to hunt,
Bullet moves at lightning speed… This bullet kills even pouncing tiger
in split second… It’s useless to take on it or face it…
You don’t have a chance against it… She reads your every move and
outsmarts you intelligently… Look at the lion while on attack… If you go against or rebel…
that’s the end of your life… Chase you to your end like fate… No to her word is death…
There’s not alternate to fate… If you walk with her like shadow,
your life is guaranteed… I can’t live in constant fear. Decide between me and mafia. If I quit mafia, they’ll kill me. I’m going to Dubai with our daughter. Bada! I’ll not spare you so easily
for cheating me. I’ll raise my daughter like a bullet
to finish Bada. Your mother is alive. I didn’t tell you till now fearing
you may leave me. Meet your mother. I’m very happy that you’ve a
good position in job. I’ll come and meet you quite often, mother. If possible I’ll get my job transferred
to this place, mother. Madam, it seems mother has cancer. Wherever you may take her,
in this situation, it’s of no use. Not the medicines we use
will decide how long she’ll live, it depends on how happily you keep her! How do you feel now, mother?
– I feel better. I’ve good news for you, mother. I’ve been transferred to this place,
I’ll be with you. I’m very happy, dear. Uncle, I’ll make deals from here
till mother is alive. Make arrangements. You were destined to become
king of Dubai mafia. I didn’t expect you’d die in
the hands of a girl. Calm down, brother-in-law. Can your laments bring back your dead son? What happened to him?
– Brother-in-law. I’m sitting here but he’s talking
looking that side. He got his eyes operated for cataract, he came midway hearing the
news of your son’s death. He’ll not be able to see for 6 months. Whether I can see or not,
I’m there for you, brother-in-law. Where ever she may be in this world,
I’ll find and kill her, I’ll bring her body to you, brother-in-law. I don’t want her body.
I want her alive. I want to torture her to death. Until then my revenge is not complete. Greetings, madam. How is the house, mother?
– Very nice. All of them are our men, madam. I’ve arranged them for your protection. Your mother will not suspect them,
they’ll act like servants here. God fearing boys keep photos
of Gods as wall paper, boys like us keep photos of Anushka or
Shruthi Hassan as wall papers, our damn fate we’ve to use this
nasty idiot’s photo as wall paper. What’s this?
– Your coffee, sir! Do you want me to lick like dog? No use in claiming that you’re
learning C, C++ in Ameerpet, first learn how to carry coffee cup
in office, you fool! He started it! Learn from Alekhya in
TV serial ‘Bharyamani’. How to do work? Bloody psycho, who takes
selfies with corpses. Foolish idiot who gets himself
bitten by dog for kick. Stupid, who sends invitation
to honeymoon. May you bless always like this, sir! Did I bless you now? I can’t stand you anymore,
go out and send him. Like a man is sacrificed to demon Bakasura,
don’t know who today’s scapegoat is? Sir, boss is calling you. It seems you called me… Don’t act so innocent like Munna
of TV serial ‘Mogalirekulu’. Sit down. Did you finish L&T project or not? Not yet finished, sir. It won’t…I know you will never do it. Because leaving your work,
you smoke in canteen, make caustic remarks on other in cabin. How can you finish work? I wanted to make this Mango
into another Apple. But you’re licking off the mango
and leaving just the shell. I’ve never neglected work, sir. What needs 30 days, if you ask me
to do in 10 days, how can I do it, sir? I’m coming to office early morning
and reaching home at midnight, sir. I haven’t seen Sun for 10 days now, sir. Then, stop seeing moon also from today. If you don’t see Sun or Moon,
they won’t feel anything. If you don’t finish work, I’ll feel bad. See, how much work I’ve been
putting since this project started… Sit down! You stand up! You sit down. You go out. You sit down. Before the next episode of
TV serial ‘Shravana Sameeralu’ is over, you must complete this project. Know what’s going on in market
and keep yourself update. How can I finish it by tomorrow?
He’s torturing me. Moreover advises me to
keep update with market. As if he’s update with everything. When I told him about Whatsapp,
he asked if it is rival of Thums Up! He advises us too. To hell with him and
his madness for TV serials. I and my partner Michael started
Rs.500 crore Alipha project in Sharjah, my partner has joined another group and
is threatening to kill if I don’t handover project. What’s this? Are you blind? Why are you staring at me? You damaged my car and
looking at me seriously. What hello? Just few scratches only,
we’ll get it repainted. Should I wait till you get it painted
and use rickshaw to go out? I told you I’ll get it painted, keep quiet. Why should I keep quiet? I’m not soft character like Saket
in TV serial ‘Abhishekam’. I’m very serious like Ganesh
in another TV serial. I’m Mano Lingaraju here! Please don’t shout, sir. Madam is in the car. Shouldn’t I shout on seeing an old woman
like a character in TV serial. Sir, she’s a patient.
– Who cares! Keep her in home,
why did you bring her out in car? He’s overacting! I’ll take care of him,
please sit in the car, madam. Sir, that is…
– What? She’s making gestures and
you’re shaking head like Baba Sehgal. Is she Queen Elizabeth? We stay nearby only, if you come
with us, we’ll give the car to you. Use our car till your car is ready. No use in driving car with glasses,
if you do it again, I’ll tie and hit you. Will you hit me for asking why you
made scratches on my car? I’ve powerful background,
I’ll see your end. You used belts to rip out my skin,
I’ll use your skins to make new belts for me. You look like earthworm
but kissing cobra. Who is the power behind you?
– Power behind me is Kaka. Kaka, I thought of you just now. You appeared before me. Get him down. They baited me with BMW car and
thrashed me like a mad dog. Kaka, he hot me 10 times,
he hit me 7 times. he hit me 14 times, Kaka. He hit me 15 times. Kaka, she’s the co-ordinator of this gang. Please don’t spare her, Kaka. Shut up! Do you know who she is? Madam! Please forgive me. I didn’t know you’re lady Basha
and used filthy language. I hurt you with my harsh words
for few scratches on car. Please leave me. Kaka, leave him. Okay, madam. Lingam, I know you
that’s why you’re going out alive. If you tell anyone about this… Just because we’ve a finger,
we mustn’t insert in anything. Just because we’ve mouth, we mustn’t talk
as we please, I got the message, Kaka. Bye. Why this make up?
– That’s our tradition. Do I’ve to tell you every day? Water those plants amply.
– Okay, madam. Madam….bye madam. Did they settle everything?
– Settled very well. Like Andal of TV serial ‘Atharintiki Daredi’
what a lovely daughter you have! Never had such a settlement in my life. They applied make up too, madam. I can understand how happy you are
on seeing your face. You may go. Do I look happy, madam?
It’s magic of make-up. I searched and brought you
the best proposals. All are wealth and rich. Forget about girl’s wealth,
tell me about their family background. Since you insist on family background,
I’m sure you’ve a flashback story for it. Yes, we belong to Konaseema
and they belong to Rayalaseema. Since both are rhyming Seema,
we went to attend engagement. Greetings, sir….
– Greetings… Take them inside. Everything must be perfect, okay? Again in the same get up? We’re factionists, right? Should factionists wear only white clothes? Shouldn’t they wear any other dress? Even in the film ‘Samarasimha Reddy’,
they wore whites only. We changed like Prabhas in the film ‘Mirchi’
but you’re not changing. Change the trend and be fashionable. Fashion doesn’t suit factionist,
this is perfect. I was also a factionist,
I studied MBA, why? To bring change in factionists
and change your range. No, brother…
– Please listen to me. According to my daughter’s horoscope, she must
get married within 6 months after betrothal. Let’s fix an auspicious date
in near future. Okay, brother-in-law. Sir, please exchange your proposals. Take it, brother-in-law.
– Take it! You promised to get your daughter married to my son
and getting her engaged to another man. That’s my proposal. This is not betel leaf that
I can give it to anyone. Marriage proposal. You’re right, I did promise years ago. But your son is very bad,
my daughter hates him. That’s why I’ve fixed her marriage with Nani. I’ll kill Nani and make your daughter
my daughter-in-law. Boys, get her! I’m not a puppy that you can take me. I’m a lioness cub of Seema! I dare you to come forward! What are you waiting for? Kill them! Stop…don’t fight… Jogulamba…control your anger. Why are you getting so enraged? We’re here, right?
You go inside. Throw them out! She was cool like Seetha but
actually she’s Soorpanaka. What’s this fight with deadly weapons? You don’t worry,
5 or 6 bodies will calm down them. Well said, dear. Function means goats and
faction means men should die! Watch out! I’ll wash your feet
with their blood. If they don’t have water,
he should say don’t wash your feet, why is he saying I’ll wash feet
with blood, brother-in-law? Priest, you carry on.
– Come, exchange the rings. Take it. Nani put ring to her. Chandram who saw them killing each other and
doctors advising here happened routinely. They threatened to kill if Nani marries her,
these people threatened to kill we cancel marriage. unable to bear their torture,
we left the place to settle here. I understood your predicament. You want a daughter-in-law who will bring
no trouble, money is not a criteria, right? I’ll find a perfect girl for you. Pooja, I wanted to ask you something
for quite long time. What’s it, mother? You must marry, my dear.
– Marriage? It’s responsibility of parents to get
their children married. The content one gets in conducting marriage,
you can’t get it anywhere else. No, mother… Get that new recruit.
– Okay, brother. It seems you called me, brother. Why that over action? Remove the glasses. What’s your name? What’s that name?
– You fools can’t understand it. What’s your name? She’s rocking! Who is she? You’ve to work for her, she’s Bullet madam. Be careful! Bullet? No way, she looks like 5 star chocolate. What? Are you getting married, madam? Not for my sake but for my mother. Madam, but marriage is… It’s going to be a fake marriage. The man should act like my husband. There won’t be any relationship or
emotions between him and me. He must be with me till my mother is alive. Got it, madam. It’s arranged marriage for mother
and conditional marriage for us. Instead of trying to find someone accepting
so many conditions, one among us will be better. Who is there? Wait, someone else may raise hand.
I’ll marry you, madam. I don’t have any desire of dowry.
I don’t care about caste. There’s no rule that she must
be well educated. I’ve only one wish…
marry a beautiful girl like you. With Rs.5000 salary you give me,
I’ll get you Bawarchi biryani 4 times a month. 3 films at Rs.30 every month. 2 times facials. I’ll take you to Koti for shopping every month. If you say okay,
I’ll fix marriage date immediately. What do you say, Kaka? Shut up! Don’t take his words seriously, madam. Nobody who knows you can act before you. Okay, fix someone. He’s too creative,
apply some make up to him. Make up? If she says apply make-up,
it means I’m in for a windfall! Without considering I’m new to the field
they thrashed me mercilessly. Father!
– What? I thought she was Nirma girl,
she washed me clean. We can kill people but can’t
arrange marriages, Kaka. There’s a man for it. You’re lucky man. You fixed a prefect girl for me. Take your cheque. Where’s another Rs.10000?
– We settled for Rs.10000 only, right? You’re a rotten old man but I said
you’re young and strong, and fixed your marriage with
a young girl. Like saving money in bank,
I hid your body ailments from them. Don’t discuss about it now, take Rs.10000. Just a minute. He commits sins and lights a lamp there. Lord Ayyappa…Anjaneya… Read and sign it. What’s this, sir? I came to give you cheque,
but you gave me a book. If there are millions of rules for
two wheeler loan, we conduct marriages,
how many rules should we have? Rules, Regulations. Mother…F….rules… It’s not that, it is rules and regulations. You read Telugu very well.
Try to become TV anchor. No need to read, just sign it. Bye, sir. I’ve a doubt, sir. How did they believe so many lies
about me, sir? Didn’t you believe me? When I said a girl Sunny Leone
is very traditional girl. Bye, sir.
– Go. Come in…please sit down. Tell me. We need a bridegroom. Software, hardware, doctor, actor… First listen to our conditions. These are our conditions. Can run this state even
if special status is not given. I can construct capital city
without a penny in my pocket. But can’t find a bridegroom with
so many conditions. We too have some ethics. You must fix someone, sir. You can’t buy me with money. My soul will not accept it. You can go now. It’s better to make your soul agree
than becoming a soul, sir. My soul agrees. I’ve understood what sort of groom you want. Keep the cash here and
put guns in your pocket. Give me all other details to me. God, my petition for marriage is pending
for long time with you. You haven’t yet taken it up. You’re not speaker to expect
support from others. You’re Umapathy, use your reach and
fix a traditional girl for me. You must pray to God but
shouldn’t pressurize him. If not God, can we pressurize
temple board chairman? He too blanked me out. What sort of girl you want anyway? Her appearance must be innocent. Dressing just be traditional. She must be natural beauty not someone
who makes beauty parlours richer. To say in one word,
her beauty must be like mirror. Finished or got anymore? Not only the girl, her family must look
homely like in Ambica Durbar incense ad. Tie this bell, your wish will get fulfilled. As you say. You stay here, I’ll get offering for you. I found the girl in temple
whom Google too can’t find. O my dear, I’m in rhythm with you… I’ve become Iphone camera
seeing your beauty… I gave my heart to you
and fallen in love… I broke into a jig in clouds… Something has happened to my heart…
Something happened in moments… I experienced bliss… If I ever fall in love
it’ll be with a beauty like you… If I kiss for the first time,
it’ll be you, my dear… I had many dreams…
I’m lucky I saw you… My heart is crazy about you… I invited you happily into my heart… Log in yourself into the
world of my love… I don’t want 100 years, just a minute of life
with you as my wife is enough… It’s festival if you’re with me… We’re here for so long,
why hasn’t the bride come yet? Not yet? She’s sitting there. Why is she wearing pant? Won’t be nice if she doesn’t wear that also. I expected a beauty in Kalamandir sari,
but why is she like this, father? What do you want? Money or sari? Money! Not you, for your son.
– For him too. That’s better. You’re not going to marry that girl but
a bank with unlimited money. That’s it. Didn’t you tell him? I told him half of it. I told him only half and
he told him half. Madam, he’s the groom. Kaka, show him to mother tomorrow. Father, this case is different. No problem, we’ve a lawyer. What’s your problem? Sir, she’s carrying a gun. She keeps everything visible. Is gun important to you or money? Life is more important! They vanished away! I think I’ve to marry her as last choice. Don’t know why my heart is no more
with me after seeing that girl. I can’t find her anywhere. She comes into my dreams
but not before my eyes. Waves in sea and
dreams after seeing girl is routine. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find her. Madam, if you say yes to anyone,
he’ll call him here tomorrow. Yes, madam. What’s it, mother? I told you about my friend Lakshmi, right? It seems her relatives are coming to see
you as prospective bride. Get ready quickly and come downstairs. Meeting prospective groom? Did you give him birth or bought him? Why did you get that doubt? Complexion difference. Greetings.
– Greetings. My name is Nagabala,
my son is Nagasekhar, my husband Nagaraju. Snake family has come here. My son Sekhar says girl is bright like carrot
and he likes her so much. What does she do? She’s AGM with Barclays.
She’s Dubai return. If she was returned from Dubai, my son wants to know
what did she do to get thrown from Dubai? Returned doesn’t she was thrown away.
– Then? She came back from there
to settle here. Looks like you sent him
to very good convent school. What does your son? Why should I work? My son says I’ve an acre
of land between Vijayawada and Guntur. For his intelligence,
he needs that much of land. I forgot that. My son wants to know
if you know Nagini dance. Nagini dance….our family dance… Like lungi dance. What is he whispering in ears? If you feel shy to dance here, my son says
it’s okay if you do in the next room. Go to that room, Sekhar. I don’t like this proposal, Hema. She has gone to that room,
don’t how they’ll embarrass her. We’ve information that
Bullet is not in Dubai, she’s in Hyderabad. Hyderabad? Is she in Hyderabad?
Then, we got her, brother-in-law. We’re late to finish her.
– I’m here. Are you here? Brother-in-law, I’ve a childhood friend
in Hyderabad, if we pay him,
he’ll find her before we go there. Here? But that is too dangerous. Can he deal her safely? If we give the deal to him, there won’t be
any delay, he has 30 years experience. I saw in Sholapur while returning
from Shirdi. She was always with me. Spent half of time with me only. I used to take her with me wherever I went. I used to feel pain if a thorn hurts her. Today morning I took her to temple. I left her outside, someone took her away
when I was in temple. Who? My slippers. I would’ve given had it been Upma brand,
but it was Puma brand. That’s why I’ve come to you. Sathya, find the thief. I know where he will be,
shall I send Patel? No, I’ll personally go. You want your slippers or
the man who stole it? I want money. Is it you, brother? Get a chair for brother. I don’t want chair, I want cheque. Don’t talk like a kid.
Won’t I pay if I had? Look at them, suits outside but holes inside. Though I’ve gun,
I don’t money to buy bullets. I’ll get money next month, I’ll pay you. If you don’t have money,
why this suit and that gang? It’s very difficult to run fan without power
and Don without build up. What about my slippers? Neither I’ll get my money
nor your slippers, if we stay here some more time,
his bad luck may affect us. Come, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Bloody unlucky fellow! Bhiku is on line, sir. You’re holding the phone upside down, sir. I know, you go. Tell me, buddy. I’ll send money along with details,
job must be done. Okay, buddy. Time has come to throw our bad time
into darkness. How long will you keep quiet? Give me the paper related to occupied land,
I’ll do something. Nani, found your dream girl’s address. Where is it? I came to a marriage bureau to find
suitable match for my sister. I saw her photo here. She had a good job with Barclays. I got her complete details. Your details are good, you want
software, hardware, actor, doctor… I want this girl. What? This girl? Yes, I like her so much. I’ll pay whatever fee you demand.
I’ll give my life for her. She’s a killer too!
– What? I said why talk about death
while discussing about marriage. Please set this proposal for me, sir. But there are few conditions… If you tell about conditions,
he may run away. What shall we do now? First fix their marriage.
– Then? Manage them! Don’t fix her marriage with someone else
citing conditions to me, and then don’t fix my marriage
with Shruthi Hassan or Krithi. Take whatever commission you want
but I want this girl only. Looks like he’s too eager,
even if we don’t tell him the conditions, looks like he’ll accept everything.
– Yes, sir. What did you like so much in that girl? Traditional background.
– Is there tradition in that background? Gun like eyes. Don’t know about eyes but she has guns. She’s my life who stole my life. She’s a big don! Yes, he likes them and their traditions. He has decided, you too decide,
fix this match. Just a minute! The deer is itching to enter hungry tiger’s den,
I should stop but I’m pushing him in. My situation is like that. I’m in no way connected to this sin. Hail Lord Ayyappa! Read at least half and sign it. I’ll not read but tell me
where should I sign? He’s too eager.
– When luck is near, you must grab it swiftly. If anyone has a friend like you, life will… …change! You be ready to marry, I’ll call you.
– Okay. Bye. My fate turned ill fate… That ring tone is perfect for your friend. At last your wish to marry the girl you
like is getting fulfilled. This marriage will not happen. What are you saying? Just a month only for the
6 months time priest gave us. You’re doing nothing but
eating country chicken. Don’t get angry,
they’re trying their best, Jogulamba. You’ve been this sari since engagement day,
please change the sari, dear. No, I’ll not change sari
till I find him, sister-in-law. She’s asking you to change
the sari not your heart. Such challenges are nice for films
and stories, but stink in real life. Dirty dress is not good for health, dear. No use in pacifying sister about
good and bad things. As her brother, you must find Nani for her. It was entirely your mistake. You talked about changing trend
and brought that software guy, what happened now?
Marriage got cancelled. Go! Dear, I trusted them till now,
I’ve understood they’re useless. I’ll search for Nani myself,
I’ll find him within a month. I’ll fix your marriage with him. I don’t have any objection
to fix your marriage. But they want you stay with them
after marriage. I don’t like that condition. We don’t get vegetables we like in market,
how can we get girls, father? We’ve to adjust with few things in life. Anyway staying with In-laws’ is better
than rental house, right? No, son…if you become in-house
son-in-law, they may ill treat you. Brother-in-law stays with us,
are we ill treating him? Okay, if you’re so interested,
why would we say no? Let’s start marriage arrangements
on an auspicious day. Look at star Arundhati! I don’t see any star there, priest. You married my sister, right? Not only Arundhati, you can see Bommali,
Chandramukhi, Chandrakala also! Day and night! Is it necessary to dress up for first night
that’s not going to happen? It’s not going to happen, right?
At least you must dress up for it. Bhima Bore wells present tips for first night. Co-sponsored by Man underwear. Yuck! First night…night of dreams… If anything goes wrong,
it’ll become dreadful night. Some get down to batting
without even net practice. Not just the game,
even bat may get damaged. He’s right. You called me, madam. Why did he behave too much
in marriage, Kaka? Tell him to be under control. Has he forgotten about our conditions? Why are you looking shocked? We didn’t tell Nani our conditions, madam. Didn’t tell him? How did you fix
the marriage without telling him? No man is ready to marry after
hearing your conditions. Marriage broker did this
to fix your marriage, madam. Before we could know about this,
he left this town forever. At least you tell him now. Very difficult, madam.
Nani is coward. If he gets afraid and runs away,
your mother may know about the truth. So what? You’ve to manage him somehow, madam. How can I manage?
Already I’m acting with my mother. Should I’ve to act before him too? Can’t avoid, madam,
we don’t have choice. You must act before him for your mother. Impossible. Why this delay, dear?
– I’m coming, mother. Okay, come fast. Tip number one, use a kilo toothpaste
to clean your teeth. Drink mouth freshener like water
and gurgle. Use Axe spray. Use erotic hair oil. Don’t do any of this. You should tell this first. Combination of all the smells may
make the bride to throw up. She may keep you away. You don’t do any job correctly. If he misbehaves with me,
I’ll gun him down! Tip number two! Cloves…cashew nuts…almonds…Fig…Pistachio…
– Thrown away, don’t eat!- Eat all this! To improve your stamina,
you get lot of books. It’ll suggest different exercises. My grandma used to say I was lion cub,
I never believed her till now. Don’t do any exercise. People strain too much a day before exam
and doze off in exam hall. He’s right. They fail in exam. Nani, you get ready. Madam is going in so seriously,
I’m afraid what will happen there! Already slept? May be feeling shy. I’ll make the first move. Tender waist like snake. White sari is making me go crazy. Jasmine is intoxicating. Why light now? She’s feeling too shy. I’ll switch it off. I’ve switched off the light, right? Why are you feeling so shy? Some girls get rigid on first night
because of unknown fear. If you try to hug or get closer to them,
they’ll push you away. Don’t get surprized if they kick you also. She kicked me. Take this as positive.
– I’ve taken it. Only then, your love life will move on smoothly. Can’t avoid, you’ve to act before
him for your mother. She really kicked me hard! Got scared? Sathyabhama kicked on head
but you kicked me on my heart. Situation may be different
but emotion is same. Don’t worry, let’s have our first night
whenever you feel comfortable. Shall we go? At last you got married after struggle
like hero of TV serial ‘Madhubala’. I didn’t give party since
you were not in town, sir. I’m planning a small party
with you as chief guest, sir. I’ll come but you know my time
and conditions, right? I’ll come as soon as TV serial
‘Manasu Mamatha’ episode ends. I’ll go home before serial
‘Sasirekha Parinayam’ starts. Okay, sir. I’ll ensure you don’t face
any trouble, sir. It’s embarrassing to me. I told you to get a man who
will act as my husband, but you got a man for whom
I have to act as his wife. I can’t attend the party and
act like his wife. Tell him, I’ll not come. Madam, your mother is coming. Is everything arranged for evening party? I was just discussing about it
with them, mother. Son-in-law is very happy about
getting his dream girl as his wife. Actually he’s throwing this party
to introduce you to his friends. Yes, he told me too, mother. What’s this? I thought Nani’s party will
be four tables, chairs and a small tent. How come it is so rich like
Pavan Kalyan’s first party meeting? His wife is very rich, sir.
– More than my wife? If your wife is Bata,
his wife is Tata, sir. Welcome, sir. Why are you like that, sir?
-Why not? I expected both wife and husband
to welcome me together. But there’s no one to care about me. I made a mistake, sir.
Please come in. Come sir…please sit here, sir,. Is it CM’s chair to make it so big? Sir is here, let’s start the party. What are you waiting for?
– Not waiting for sir. Waiting for his wife.
She’s getting ready. Still getting ready? You know that I’ll go home before
TV serial ‘Sasirekha Parinayam’ starts. If it’ll get late, you’ve to
arrange TV here, right? Don’t you’ve any value for your boss?
– I do, sir. If you shout loudly about entertainment,
you’ll get BP not Bipasha Basu. I’ll send scotch, you relax, sir. Hello! Sir is here. This is foreign scotch, only for VIP’s. You say I’m the chief guest of this party. He looks down on me
and says I’m not VIP. Who do you think he is?
– Who is he, sir? He’s the chief guest. He doesn’t look like that, sir. Do I look like a beggar?
– No, sir. Will you invite me to party
and insult me in public? Even servant in TV serial ‘Padmavyuham’
didn’t get so insulted? Get my car. Please listen to me, sir…
stay back for me, sir…. Who wants your sorry?
Does your wife has party manners? If she has, would she delay so much? Is she your Missus or Miss India? Somebody else coming late and
I’m waiting for them, I hate both. He says sorry, sir. I don’t want your sorry, tell your wife who
is getting ready inside to say sorry to me. I’ll not forgive you till then. Sir, my wife is coming, just a minute. Pooja, he’s my boss. You made him wait, right? Say sorry to him. Not you, sir…I’m telling you, say sorry. Till now you wanted her to say sorry
but why are you saying sorry now? Shut up! Whoever may say it sorry is sorry, right? Anyway you mustn’t ask sorry
from sari wearing woman. We’ve to say sorry for treating a celebrity
like you so simply. Please come in, sir.
We’ll give you good treatment. No need of that now, sir.
– Please go, sir. You’re too hesitant. Nani, I’m comfortable here. Just a minute. I’ll be back in a minute. Madam, I went little overboard without
knowing it was your party, madam. Please leave me, madam. I’ll leave you but you’ve to impress
the person you’ve upset. Impress? How am I to do it, madam? You’ll know if we apply make-up once. Why make up for this, madam? I’ll do it. Sir, it seems you called me. To give you breaking news. Breaking news?
What’s it, sir? I’m promoting you, Nani. Sir, this is not breaking news
but shocking news. I too got shocked after
seeing you and your stunt. You did so much and yet so simple
like hero of TV serial ‘Jabilamma’. Really you’re no ordinary man! What are you saying, sir? I attended your party yesterday, right?
– Yes, you came. When I was in party I got a phone call. We’ve bagged L&T project! You were responsible for
getting that project, Nani. From today this office is yours,
work when you feel like or else just relax. Because you’ve already done so much. We didn’t get the project,
how come Nani is getting promoted, sir? If I tell you the truth, you’ll ask me
to write this company to Nani. Sorry Don madam.
He didn’t tell me he was your husband. Nani didn’t even tell me she’s my wife. He doesn’t want to be known
as Don’s husband. If anyone asks, he may feel bad. If he feels, then I’ll feel. If you feel, we’ll also feel, madam. We’ll not ask anything from Nani. Since Nani is Don’s husband, fearing he
may tell his wife about your torture, you offered him promotion
to impress him, right? That’s your plan, right? If you leak this matter outside,
they may kill us both with this mouse. Be careful! Where are you, Pooja?
– In my office. I want to tell you something very important.
Will you please come out? Where are you now?
– I’m waiting in your office lobby. Office…?
– In Barklays office. Wait there, I’ll come. Okay. How much time will it take to reach Barklays? How long? Can you please connect to Pooja? Surname? No one by that name, sir. Not here? She’s working here.
Check properly. No one, sir. Nani, I’m here. Are you here? I was searching for you.
– Is it? They said your name is not there
in employees list. Which name did you ask?
– Pooja Ponnaganti. You should’ve asked Pooja Edara. Madam, you told them to change
surname after marriage. Yes. Did you change it to my surname? Shall we go out?
– Where? Get into the car, I’ll tell you. I got promotion. I called to share this happy news with you. That land once belonged to us. Did you sell it?
– They occupied it. Didn’t you lodge complaint? He’s a dangerous goon,
if we complain, he’ll not spare us. Pooja, I had just two dreams in my life. One, to marry a beautiful girl like you,
two, to build a home here. One dream is fulfilled, don’t know when
my second dream will get fulfilled. Anyway no need to this while celebrating.
Let’s go. I feel like festival eating biryani, boss. After getting Dubai deal,
it’s festival every day. Catching Don is not just difficult
but impossible. How are you, buddy? What is your Bada telling? Hey, I’m Bada here. How are you, boss? Forget about your formality
and update me about the job. We’re on the job, sir. Just a minute, boss. Give me an egg! Give me my gun. Give me AK-65 also. What? AK-65?
It’s AK-47, right? AK-47 is old version.
AK-65 is new version. Update yourself, boss. We’re searching like mad dogs, boss. I feel you’re eating not searching. We were hungry so just eating biryani, boss. Biryani…how can you eat same
biryani everyday? How can we eat the same
biryani everyday, boss? A day before it was ‘Ulavacharu Biryani’,
yesterday ‘Raju’s Biryani’, today ‘Hyderabad biryani’,
what’s for tomorrow? I must kick Paradesi for giving
this deal to a fool like you. I know you can’t catch Bullet. I’m sending my men,
just find Bullet’s address, that’s enough. They’ll take care of other things. Bada is talking nonsense
without knowing our history. I’ll get into arena myself. Give me chicken leg, I missed it. Must knock it one shot.
That’s it…cut it like that! Is he cutting head or coconut? Why are you shouting? Sickle must be sharp and
factionist must shout! When sickle is sharp, why you’ve to shout? Do anything without sound pollution. Please change, man. Okay, brother. They’ll never change. Got news that Nani is in Hyderabad.
– Is it? Go, find him. On the way, daddy. Don’t you like flowers? I got promotion in office, right? I expected promotion here also… I thought you were keeping me away in
bedroom because of fear and shyness. Now I know that’s not the reason. Tell me, if I had done anything wrong,
I’ll correct it. Why don’t you answer any of my questions? Okay. Nani is serious and dull. If your mother comes to know this,
it may create problems. I know how to keep him happy! This is what had happened. Though I’m famished and
feast is right before me, I’m in a situation I can’t savour it. Did you marry a modern girl?
Traditional girl. It’ll take time to get green signal. Did you see him? Like son in TV serial ‘Koduku Diddhina Kapuram’,
though he’s husband of dangerous Don, how humbly he’s saying
good morning to me! Come early today evening.
I’ve surprize for you. Your long pending dream
is about to get fulfilled. Okay! What’s the matter? My wife, she has given green signal.
She wanted me to come home early. Run swiftly…to reach her… My sweet heart has sent an invitation… She’s dazzling like lightning…
she’s hot like biryani… Come on, have a go at her… She called me saying I love you… She’s tempting me to kiss her… Streaks of shyness on her
warm tender cheeks… Won’t I become Cupid
if she winks at me? Her soft lips are mind blowing… If they lock my lips with it,
won’t I be in bliss? If wishes turn into swans…
breath turns hot… If our souls merge…
it’s sleepless night for us… If you say hug me, won’t I melt like ice? Won’t I become you staying, eating with you? Give me 4 arm lengths of jasmine.
– Okay, sir. Take it. Simhachalam must be in saffron clothes. Why is he wearing ordinary clothes? I’ll follow him. Let me check where Pooja is!
I’ll call her. It’s switched off. Brother-in-law! Where are you?
– I’m here! Brother-in-law, found Bullet’s address,
he has gone alone for her. We almost got her. He can’t catch her alone,
tell our gang to accompany him. Okay, I’ll tell him, brother-in-law. Got information that Bada’s
movements are different in Dubai. If you shout it’s noise,
if I shout it’s war! I expected Bullet to be like RDX. But why are you like Farex baby? Do you know with whom you talking to? You’ll die. Would I die? Shall I tell you a short story? Once upon a time in a forest,
there lived a lion, a man entered lion’s den unwittingly, he started running after
seeing the lion, lion is also chasing him, it caught him, lion ate him! Can I tell the same story
in a different way? Once upon a time a village,
a lion entered village unwittingly, a man started running after
seeing the lion, lion too chased him, it caught him, lion ate him! Do you know who the lion is in this story? It’s me! Whether I go anyone’s place
or if anyone enters my place, he’s going to die! He came , he hit, thinking
who the heck he is? If you come, I’ll take,
if you resist, I’ll drag you, if not I’ll haul you! But it’s confirmed that I’ll take you. Bhiku Mhatre’s countdown begins now. Why did he come here? Who is inside? I want this girl.
– This girl? There’s no one by that name, sir. She’s a dangerous Don of Dubai. Why did she marry me? I’ll ask and decide it. Why did you come so late? If I come to things very late,
everything will be late. What happened to you? Don’t overact.
I know you’re a Don. The hands that should cook
were firing bullets. Seeing you in sari I thought
you’re epitome of tradition. But I understood you’re the
meaning of mafia. Why did you cheat to marry me? Please don’t get emotional. Not emotional, I’ll tell everyone what you are
and what your character is! Please listen to me. I’ll finish you. Why are you overacting when I’m pleading? You’re like empty Kinlay bottle. I’ll shoot you. Yes, I cheated you.
And I will. I married you for personal necessity. You must stay here. If you tell anyone about this,
I’ll kill you and your entire family. No, I’ll not tell anyone…
Don’t ham me…I beg you… Please don’t harm me! Why are you blowing horn
without getting down, sir? Nothing… Please go in, sir.
Madam is waiting for you. Why did you come so late? Why are you standing there?
How long should I wait for you? Why are you sweating so much? Freshen up quickly. First night in this situation! How can a mute man sing
if you give him microphone? How can he enjoy it?
– How long will you be bathroom? Coming! What happened to her? She’s looking at me like seeing
new capital city. Take it.
– What? Your surprize gift.
– Gift? Your land papers. Is this the surprize you promised me? What else did you expect- Nothing. Who gave you this? I went to Shankar along with
an MLA who is my uncle’s friend, and requested him. Forgive me, madam!
I didn’t know the land belonged to you. The documents must here in one hour. Okay, madam. What are you thinking? Your dream is fulfilled, right? You killed so many men there,
how could you sleep peacefully here? Oh my God! I must escape from here at any cost. Shouldn’t we come there? Why? Are you scared? Who do you think my brother-in-law is?
He’s a underwear Don of Dubai! Cut the call, man. It’s underworld not underwear. He can’t do it, let’s go to India. Arrange for it. Okay, brother-in-law. Take offering, sir. Are you offering me here
after ruining my life? What are you thinking, sir?
Please take it. He’s Annamayya inside and
Veerappan outside. What an act! Did you marry a lady Don?
How you got cheated! Why did she marry you?
– I too don’t get it. May be she married you for a necessity. Would she kill you after necessity is over?
– She may. People get wife in marriage
but you got a James Bond. What shall we do now? I’ll go back to my place immediately, if my father knows about her,
he’ll have a heart attack. I’ll keep this a secret from them and
keep them in friend’s house, I’ll hide somewhere else. Where will you hide her? No nasty jokes, please. They say marriage is 100 years crop. How come mine has become
100 degree fire! What happened?
– Flat tyre. Get lost! I thought I got lucky with marriage
but my life got derailed. Sir, we had a flat tyre. Sorry, I don’t know to vulcanize it. No need to repair it, just give us lift.
– Then, okay. Come. What’s your problem anyway?
– I told you we had a flat tyre. I didn’t ask about that.
– Then? Engagement with my sister…
– Brother! Would he answer if you ask softly? I’ll kill him…I’ll hack him to death… Would he die only if you hack him?
Won’t he die if you stab him? People won’t die if you shout!
Learn it. Why did you escape after getting
engaged to my sister? I got scared seeing the fight there. Why are you asking him like kid?
Just thrash him, he’ll tell everything. Tell your man not to shout.
– Why? When he shouts, he’s spraying spit
on my face, I can’t wipe for so long. You go out. You say you got scared and escaped.
– yes, sir. Marry my sister. Shall we tell him that you’re married? If you tell him, I’ll be between devil
and deep sea. What are you thinking? Okay, I’ll marry your sister. Brother, I called senior boss,
he’s coming, he’ll finish them. Reduce your volume. Called senior boss, he’s coming.
– That’s fine. Don’t risk high BP. You don’t have medical insurance too. Both of you go out. My father is too emotional,
he kills first and then thinks. That’s why I’ve a plan. Both of you hide in that room. I’ll cool daddy after he comes
and call you out. Come out at the snap of my finger. Go.
– Okay, sr. Where is he?
– Brother…brother… Where is Nani? Will you kill if you see him? Jogulamba’s marriage is more important.
Not to kill him. Don’t get too emotional. You searched him frantically,
did you get him? Now we got him.
– Okay, where’s my son-in-law? He’s very scared. I told him to hide in room, I said
I’ll call him out after cooling your temper. Okay…okay…I’m cool now.
Tell me, where is he? He’ll come out at the snap of my finger.
– Then, do it. I can’t hear it, how can he hear it? Do it again. I think he can’t hear it, do it rapidly. As I snap my finger, you come out… Where is he? You said you’ll cool me but you fooled me. You said you’ll teach fashion to factionists and
let him escape because of your irresponsibility. Where the hell he is? We escaped from them. Give the phone to Nani.
– One minute. Your father. Father! I’ve been trying to reach you
on phone since yesterday. It says switched off.
– Battery is dead, father. I was about to call you. Without asking any questions, pack your
bags and be ready, I’ll come to take you. No need of that, we’re already here. Already here? Where? Why did you come here? Instead of asking when did you come,
asking us why did you come here? He’ll ask, his mother carried him
like luggage as child. I think he wants to send us out with luggage. That’s why they say if you raise buffalo,
it’ll give milk but son will throw you out. Did you see how your friend has changed? If he won’t, he’ll die. Oh no! It was not my intention, father. If you tell me how long you’ll stay here,
I’ll take leave to be with you. They’re here after so long,
why are you asking them so many questions? They’ll stay here for 10 days. Have lunch. Pooja, my clothes are in the bag,
don’t wash it in machine, please get it washed under your care. Sister, maids will take care of it,
come, let’s have lunch. Sister doesn’t know the truth,
that’s why she’s going overboard. If she comes to know the truth,
she’ll become Asthma patient. Why are they asking me to wash
clothes and utensils? Do I’ve to do what they order me? They say such things to daughter-in-law
with affection, you don’t take it seriously. Keep this Bluetooth,
I’ll tell you what to do. Just follow my orders. Many such scenes in films
were managed with it When there are so many servants in home,
why are you serving us, dear? Please sit down. Madam, please don’t sit. Say I’ll have lunch after you finish lunch. I’ll have lunch after you finish lunch. Though she was raised in foreign,
she’s following our traditions only. Not work according to traditions,
but she kills! Everything is here but I don’t see onions. Pooja, get some cut onions. Oh my God! She’s asking Osama
to get onions. Take it, sister. I’ve been watching ever
since I came here, you’re no allowing your wife
to do any work. No, sister. If she cuts onions,
it may bring tears in her eyes. So what? Then, she’ll get angry. Then, ambulance will come for sister. Madam, if you talk to them,
they’ll consider you as friendly. Talk with someone. Praveen! Where do your parents stay? Why is she asking about my parents? Is she planning to… As soon as I was born,
I threw my father in dustbin. I swear on you. My mother came to know this and
getting angry for throwing father ih dustbin, she thrashed and threw me into streets. I came for lunch because he called me. If you say no, I’ll leave it midway. Why are you talking nonsense? Nothing, his father has gone mad. If anyone asks about him,
he too goes little crazy. Chicken is tasty, did you make it? Plumber is here.
Who called him? I did it. I did it.
– How did you do it? Seeing telephone directory. Seeing telephone directory. Do they cook food also by seeing
telephone directory? Don’t know…maybe they do
like that in Dubai. It seems she prepared chicken
by seeing telephone directory. She murders people by reading Vemana poetry,
she’ll do settlements reading Sumathi Satakam. Madam, vegetable seller is here. Don’t pinch. Don’t pinch. I told you not to pinch. I told you not to pinch. Though newly married, look how your
brother is romancing her openly. Keep quiet. It is common at this age. If you’ve a baby quickly,
I’ll see your mother in her. Mother? If he gets married, we expect his mother
to be born as his daughter. I don’t know about mother but if anything
goes wrong, he’ll surely meet his mother. I know about your mischievous acts. He’s completely after his grandpa. How is grandpa? How is grandpa? He died recently, aunty. What? Grandpa died 10 years ago. You didn’t even tell me that. You didn’t even tell me that. Didn’t tell? He knows everything, right? I’m very sad. I’m very sad. My father died years ago but
she’s feeling sad now. My daughter-in-law more sensitive than me. Why link is off suddenly? Why did you behave like with
such a sensitive girl? Sorry Pooja, I didn’t know
you’re so sensitive. I behaved rashly with you. You’re newly married,
why are you feeling so sad? Come, sit with us. What happened to your hand? While slashing with knife…
– With knife? Who slashed whom? Not slashed but while cutting
vegetables with knife, father. She cut her hand.
– Oh that’s it. Did you see?
Your grandma is feeding a tiger. My people don’t know the truth,
they think she’s Seetha and serving her. If they know the truth, they’ll die in shock. Here’s your discharge file. If I’ve to see you again….
– Get your limbs broken again. She’s ignorant of romance. Paradesi brother! Is he here? I must manage not to
let him know I’m blind. Bhiku, my brother! Did you come running like
horse for this nurse? I wanted to say thanks to her
for treating you so well. Is he? I’m going on with four bandages
and three stitches. Then, come with me. Let’s go to her. Let’s finish her today. Come, let’s go.
– Kill her? If anyone hears that they may
think it as true. We don’t have that capacity. If you take on her,
it’s like inviting your death. Forget your revenge and
go back to Dubai silently. If not you’ll meet your brother up there. You took money and warning me. Thrash him boys. I said that for fun,
did you really get bashed up for me? Did you take it like that? Why are you calling me at midnight? Listen carefully. I’ve told Pooja that I’m taking my family
to Yadagiri Gutta on pilgrimage. My luck she refused to come. This is the best chance
to escape from here. Be ready with vehicle near
Sardarji dhaba on highway. Plan is good, will it work out? There’s no alternative to Nani’s plan
and Narsapur train. Why haven’t they come yet? Where’s grandma, sister? She went to invite Pooja. Will she come if this old woman invites? Look, she’ll not come. By chance if she comes unable
to say no to grandma. Bloody dirty mouth. Nani, she’s not coming with us.
It seems she has urgent work in office. Please tell her. Grandma, she has work in office,
if not she would’ve come. Come quickly. Get in quickly. Who that bloody idiot who sneezed
while I was getting into car? Sneeze will not bring any bad luck, get in. What do you know, boy? I’ll go inside,
sprinkle turmeric water on head. You get in.
– What’s this again… Hema, get some turmeric water. I’m dying with old woman’s
orthodox beliefs. Forget it, if you go and meet with an
accident midway and get injured, it’s much bigger problem, right? Oh no, my leg is broken! She needs a week of complete rest.
Got it? Bad luck came into your life as grandma. If an unlucky man gets thirsty,
even sea will go dry. There’s tight security near her home and den. Follow carefully. If you find any chance, inform immediately. Go. He owes me money,
can you guide me to this address? This is English. English?
What’s this, brother? You’re so broad! If we cut you can satisfy
demon Kumbhakarna also. You don’t know English.
Give me. This address?
– Yes, brother. Go straight, turn right. Road will be narrow. There’s a signal light. There’s a white dog near it.
– Dog? It’s a good dog, it won’t bite. Go left from dog, you’ll get this address. White dog? It was there when I went last time. What if it’s not there now? If dog isn’t there,
he’ll wait till it returns. Madam is calling you.
– Go. Got information that Bada is not in Dubai. I suspect he’s in Hyderabad. Get Bhiku and inquire him. I must catch him and get promoted. I’ll get discharged in 2 days
but I don’t want to leave you. Then stay back here. I’m here for so many days
yet she fails to understand my feelings. I got into wrong room
while talking to her. You came to right room.
– Did you enter my room by mistake? I too came to the right room.
– Did you come for me? Who are you? Would Pavan Kalyan come to inquire you? A pearl among men! Who is she? To tell you about my manliness… My manliness… You and your cheap Chinese phone! Why are you laughing like
scratching on tin box? Will you kill with your laughter?
Get out! Laughing before pearl among men. Remember her, let’s kill her tonight. Where is Bada? He came and thrashed me
day before yesterday. He’s in Hyderabad but
don’t know the address. I swear. Then, do one thing. Stay here till he comes. If he comes, find and tell me his address. There must be a limit for innocence too. Why would they keep a discharged
patient in hospital? Is that your problem? If I say it for joke,
do you’ve to take so seriously? Somebody attacks me and
you come to pacify me. I got used to it. Madam, Bada is in Hyderabad. But we don’t know his whereabouts. If he knows you’re married,
he may attack Nani sir. No, nothing must happen to Nani. From today follow Nani where ever he goes. Keep changing our men near Nani’s office
so that he doesn’t get any doubt. Manage it without creating any suspicion. If there’s any trouble, kill him. We’ll plan it from tomorrow. Do they know about my escape plan? So many men for this zero size body. Hide and seek game… Hide and seek game…. After studying your mother’s medical reports… If she’s recovering from this stage,
its the effect of keeping her happy. What did doctor say, dear? Reports are normal, mother. He says nothing to worry. You’re taking care of me like mother,
nothing will happen with a daughter like you. Though I was your mother,
I didn’t have the opportunity to raise you. I was imagining my daughter will be
like this and doing this at this age… I lived all these years. I don’t know how long would I be alive? At least with your children
I want my wish to be fulfilled. If she’s recovering from this stage,
its the effect of keeping her happy. At least with your children
I want my wish to be fulfilled. Is it? For marriage you planned
a fake marriage, shall we plan something similar
for child, madam? No need of any Plan. Already I’ve cheated my mother with lies. No more lies.
– What are you saying? If he’s sleeping on floor, it means
he’s doing it wantonly, madam. All these days when he tried
to get closer, you rebuffed him. May be he’s resisting overtures.
– Then, what should I do now? I’ve a plan to get him on bed. If he drinks this juice, he’ll go berserk
like Sachin and Mahesh Babu. Madam! Please come upstairs for a moment. Should she have to call me now? Madam drank the juice that sir should drink. Let anyone drink,
what’s going to happen is same! It’s festive time on bed of flowers… First night as man and wife… A night sought by lips…
a night sought by hot hugs… The chill night is tempting… The cold night is teasing… Madam should be shrieking but
why sir is shrieking? I brought milk…add sugar to it… I brought fruit…
come, share it with me… I’ll share milk and beauty… I’ll make use of the bed… Don’t make noise
to disturb night of silence… Fulfill your desire at midnight… Vanish the boundaries of first night… I brought white sari, wear it… I brought jasmine, spread it on bed… You suck the honey spilled… You sleep after the rooster crows… A night unknown to Venus herself… A night of joining the rhythm of love… For the unknown, it’s a night of nightmare… Who knows what will happen next minute… No! Everyone are watching us. Didn’t you try to save yourself? Before I could get out of the beach,
Tsunami hit the shore. Though I said no, she rounded me
with jasmine, bed, and other things. What did you do then?
– She did everything. She touched me first.
– Then? She came over me. Tension turned into temptation. In that confusion…I committed myself. Will you continue the confusion? Even I don’t continue,
I think she’ll continue. You mean? Whether man falls on Don
or Don falls on man, man will get blown up, right? Generally if leaf falls on thorn
or if thorn falls in leaf, leaf will get torn, but here
the thorn itself got broken. She’s not leaf but dagger. What happened?
– Something fishy happened! They poke nose into unnecessary thing. No…no…listen to me…once… What happened? My sister, she wants to present us
with clothes, she wants me to come for shopping.
– You go, I’ve work. I told sister that you’re also coming.
– Did you tell her? Is it nice? You’ll get as much discount as you shoot. You too try it, madam.
– I don’t know to shoot. Why would she shoot dummies and boards? She’ll shoot happily if it’s men. How many men are here? Tell me! How is this dress?
– Nice. I told you I don’t want anything. Madam, you’re adamant wantonly. Senior boss promised
to find Nani in 10 days, right? Forget all that and buy what you want,
if not boss will kill me. Okay, come. Nani! What happened now? Look there! She’s not your wife. If she’s actionist, then she’s factionist. You mean that girl… Relationship is right. After escaping from Taliban,
getting caught with Al Qaida. Father, I saw him. Let’s hide in trial room. We missed her this time also. She has a family, sir. Next time, we’ll finish her entire family. What shall we do now? I think my family will be in trouble
if they stay here, I’ve to tell them the truth and
take them away from here. It seems they missed her this time,
it seem they’ll finish her family next time. Do you’ve any other recommendation? Let’s see if there’s a necessity. Locals are useless. Grandma, I need to tell you something. As you all think,
my wife is not software engineer. She’s a dangerous Don in Dubai. I came to watch film ‘Raktha Sambandham’
but I feel like I’m seeing ‘Raktha Charithra’. That’s okay, how are we to escape from here? That’s what I’m also confused. What are you discussing with grandma? Father, you walked in at right time. I got engaged to a girl from
factionist’s family, right? Yes, we came to know about them
and rejected them. But they haven’t yet given up on us. They’re adamant in getting
her married to me. That’s why, they’re combing Hyderabad for us. That’s okay, does your wife know this? She’s too sensitive. If she comes to know,
she may not bear it. Without telling her anything,
I’ll say you’re going home and join you. What about Pooja? She must stay here, that’s safe for all of us. I’ll go to office and join you.
– Okay. Are you leaving so quickly? I told you about my brother-in-law’s
grandson’s marriage getting fixed. It won’t be nice if we don’t attend.
So, we’ll go now. Okay?
– Okay. Come, grandma. Take it. Why did you come so quickly? I told my family to wait near Mosque centre. They’re waiting for me. This gang is following me here. I don’t know how to escape from here. Don’t know what’s his plan,
he hasn’t come yet. Look there! Jogulamba told about this centre only.
Search the area. .I think they’ve seen us. They’re coming towards us.
I think we’ll get caught. Nothing will happen.
Come here. You told us to wait here and
Narasimha Naidu’s gang is here for us. Where are you now?
– I’m still in office. Do one thing, go to Secunderabad
railway station. I’ll meet you there.
– Okay. Which bus will take us to
Secunderabad railway station? What to do now? Greetings. Best in the world! You come, son. Did you see people in this photo?
– Didn’t see. Did you see this man? He? We saw him just now.
– Where? There…there… Come on, boys. Come…come… Greetings.
– Salman Khan. Daddy, they were here only till now. They’ll be somewhere here only. May be hiding after seeing us. If they shouldn’t recognize us… Where did they go away? Our man too failed to recognize us. Did you see?
– Where the big man has gone? Bloody! I’m here only, I heard you. Got information about them,
they took 120 C to go to Secunderabad station. This is the bus, get in. I don’t see them here.
– They said they took this bus only. Shall we get down? No, they’re going to Secunderabad station, right? Yes, brother.
– Let’s wait there to catch them. I got you, man! I know it’s you! No sisters to you…go away… Seema is reeling with draught but
city bus is reeling with sexual perverts. It’s all because of Nani.
– Nani? Not you.
That Nani! Don’t know what this escapades
and difficulties. Don’t know what will come
and who else will come. What are you searching? I’ve two wives. If I talk to first wife, second wife gets angry. If I talk to second wife, first wife gets angry. Leaving both wives I talked to
neighbour’s wife, her husband got angry. Leaving all three if I sleep on footpath,
Salman gets angry and runs over me. So, when I talked to first wife,
my second wife ran away. Why is he looking at me? So, you’re here.
You look like my Mumtaz. I found my Mumtaz.
– I’m not Mumtaz but Wah Taj. Would I leave if you say tea brand name? Would you leave me if I say
incense stick brand name? I’ll leave if you show your face. No…I can’t show my face to anyone. Show me once. Oh my God! Are you satisfied? My Mumtaz doesn’t have moustache and beard. What does she have then?
– She has what she must. Daddy, he’s coming towards us. She’s not my wife, she looks like big well. I suspect you to be my wife,
can you remove your veil? If other men see our faces,
it’s a grave sin. Okay. What?
– Please come here for a minute. Check if this is my wife. Take it. Who the hell is he? He gives a photo
of woman in veil to recognize her. Open…open… Is it him? Is she my wife? Not your wife but some other sister-in-law. Then, I’ll go further up and check. They’re wearing veils to catch me. This is old woman. Sister…
– Me? Please come here for a minute. Check if anyone of them is my wife. Check properly. One minute… Got her? Where?
Near Charminar! Hey wait, no need to check, forget it. I found my Mumtaz. If you find any suspicious looking man,
dial this number- Police I’m Nani here, sir. Who are you? Cut the call. Won’t you care if I talk like common man? Legend is the right man for you. I’m Balakrishna here.
– Which Balakrishna? Is it you, Balaiah Babu?
Why your voice is different? I’m coming from dubbing, few people are roaming
under veils in bus to kidnap Nani. Who is Nani?
– Nani? Mahesh Babu is fondly called as Nani. Is Mahesh Babu fondly called as Nani?
– Yes, sir. Are they planning to kidnap Mahesh Babu? Yes, you know I don’t want to see or
hear few things in my life. If I see or hear again,
history will repeat again! I’ll unmask the mystery
behind your history, sir. Keep up this emotion, I’ll talk to
brother-in-law and get you promoted. What did you say, sir? I’ll talk to brother-in-law about
your promotion. Which bus?
– 120 C Come and sit here, dear. This seat is not enough for my seat. I’ll stand. Thank you. What’s your name?
– Narasimha… I’m Sunny Leone and she’s Veena Malik. I’m Shoaib Malik. Good…good… Where are you, grandma? I’m in bus, where are you? What happened to you?
Why are you talking like that? We got into bus wearing veils
to avoid Narasimha Naidu’s gang Which bus? Hey police! Police! All in veil get down. Remove your veils. You?
– You? I’ll not leave you. Look SI, how he’s threatening us
in your presence. Stop it…stop it… Why are you planning to kidnap Mahesh Babu? Why would we kidnap Mahesh Babu?
We came for Nani. I too know Nani is Mahesh Babu. Why do you want to kidnap Nani? To get him married to my daughter. Will you get Mahesh Babu married
to your daughter? Though he’s handsome, will you get already
married Mahesh to marry your daughter? I’ll take you to task after attending call. My fans too followed the gang
that came to kidnap Mahesh Babu. There will be a short man and three others. Three others with a short man… I’m the short man, sir. They’re here, sir…
I’ll release them, sir. Okay. Why are you freeing them?
They’re Nani’s people. I’m freeing them because
they’re Nani’s people. Forgive us for troubling you.
You can go. Tell Nani about me.
– Sir, they’re escaping. Catch them! Why are you here, sir? I was taking them to station,
my car had a breakdown. We want to go to station
but no auto is stopping here. Why auto? My car is here. I’ll drop you in station and
take sir to home. Come. I’ve just two dreams in my life. One, to marry a beautiful girl like you. two, to build a home here. Son-in-law is very happy to get a girl
as he dreamed. No sister, if she cuts onions,
tears may drop from her eyes. Reached home safely.
– Reached. Thank God. To my wife’s home. Oh no! What happened again? Come to pub immediately with Viji. I’ll explain you everything there. You’re coming alone, right? You know where ever I go,
my network follows me. Whatever it is, your following has
increased manifolds after marriage. Whatever plan I make,
I’m unable to escape from her. There’s no way she can escape. Bullet in my gun is waiting for that Bullet. When I sleep next to her,
it’s like sleeping with death. I’ll not sleep till I kill her. Can I get another brand, sir? My brother-in-paw will not have
any other brand, go, get it. Talk respectfully,
why are you asking me to get it? Waiter will bring not owner. Sir, he’s not waiter, he’s our customer. What about you? I’ll get kick if I drink,
I’m not getting peace of mind. You have it. Looks like brother is in problems. His problem is about a girl. My brother-in-law too is having
problem with a girl only. Are you also trying to
run away from a girl? No, we’re trying to find a girl who ran away. My wife is my problem, sir. I married her thinking she’s dazzling
but came to know later she’s a dagger. Don’t know when it’ll pierce
or when it’ll cut. I’ve been watching you,
both are talking about problems. Is your problem any problem
compared to mine? What’s your problem? Nobody in this world will face
a problem like I faced. What’s your problem? After death of my mother,
my home became woman less. Inspired by Veeresalingam, marrying a widow
I went home to surprize my father. My father gave me a shock.
– What did he do? My father got inspired by another man
and married a teenager. What’s wrong in it? You got a mother
and your father got a daughter-in-law. Both came home at a time. My father married none other than
my wife’s daughter. Daughter! I pacified my heart and by then I had a son. Tell me now, should my son call my father
as grandpa or brother-in-law? Decide now. Indeed very big problem. My father too had a son. Should he call me grandpa or brother? So, I became grandpa to myself. I became father-in-law to my father. I became son-in-law to my son. Whose problem is big? Yours or mine? Marriage is the reason for this problem. It’s better to stand guard on
Pakistan border than live with wife. Hello my dear drunkard brothers… Didn’t listen to Kota’s words in Mani’s film… Didn’t listen to Nagarajuna’s advice
in film ‘Manmadhudu’… Girls is nice…
she’s sitting with bowed head… I tied knot with her hastily… I garlanded myself… I can’t stop myself from telling you… Never marry in life….
life will go to dogs… It’s like getting cheated
in broad day light… Wife is not LPG but Parle-G… Sivakasi package that can
blow up your entire system… She’s Goddess Mother…
dupe of Bommali… She’s killing by turning
my life into hell… She’s not wife but James Bond…
She’s aiming to knock me down… I thought she’s a glamour doll
but she’s a dangerous devil… This wife tigress is playing
football with my life… Crazy beauty…scheming strawberry… My ill fate I tied knot with her… Why this deadly rage…
why this every day trouble… She’s ruling over me like a hooligan… The three knots I tied to her has become
bullets in my heart and torturing me… She’s lady Bin Laden… She entered bedroom on first night
with milk and fruits… She stood there with bowed
head saying she’s feeling shy… I talked to her and asked
who her favourite hero is… She shocked me with her answer
saying it’s Sampu Babu… When she asked who
my favourite star is… When I said Samantha… She poured hot milk into my eyes
saying why didn’t I tell her name… Oh my God… I’ve got an idea. I’ve a plan to escape from here. Everything must happen before
my wife comes. Okay? What? Is she married? Then, let’s catch her husband first. She’ll come to us on her own. Search and find him.
Catch him immediately. All your reports are very good. Mother!
– Tell me. You’re going to become grandma. I’m very happy, dear. Did you tell son-in-law about this?
– Not yet, mother. Tell him first, dear. Not on phone, I’ll tell Nani personally. Come. Come…come… Why scent bottle is here? Aim gun…aim gun…
– Hey, it’s me! He’s coming out again.
– Point gun at me. Who are you guys? Can’t you see us?
– How can I see if you wear masks? You’re right. Don’t move.
If you move, I’ll shoot him. Why is he having our chloroform? Poultry farm? It’s chloroform not poultry farm,
you country fool. If you spray it on face,
people will lose consciousness. Is it necessary to tell him details? Simhachalam, don’t come near.
They’re carrying guns. Give that bottle to them. What do you want, sir? We came to kidnap your madam. Please don’t harm my wife.
Pooja is very good woman. If you want kidnap me. Don’t harm Nani sir, if you want kidnap me. Do anything with me. Don’t give them open offers.
Anyway what will they do taking you. It’s enough if they leave you,
I don’t mind whatever they may do with me. It seems she doesn’t mind.
– I think she’ll not stop till I do something. Come…come… We’ll wait outside, come quickly.
Come…come… Who are you?
Remove the mask. You’re Nani sir’s friend, right?
– Yes, sir. What are you doing here? Nani planned to escape from here,
we came here as kidnappers. I don’t know anything, sir.
Don’t tell anyone, sir. Why everyone is lying unconscious? Get up… What happened? What happened? Somebody kidnapped sir, madam. Get Kaka on line immediately. Madam, nobody has kidnapped Nani sir. He planned this with his friends to escape. Madam, your mother is also missing. Why did he take my mother with him? What will he do with my mother? Search…I want my mother back. Mother…mother…
how are you feeling now? Where is Nani? Why? For marrying someone like you. I lost my mother when I was just two. I know the value of mother,
that’s why I got her admitted to hospital. Please listen to me once, Nani.
– Enough of your acting. Stop this drama! Husband is not life partner to you. Just a character in your drama. I imagined my life as beautiful as Taj Mahal. You turned into a graveyard. I wished to marry a girl
who would love me. Not someone who doesn’t
know what love is! You know only to take lives,
how can you know about love? You made my wishes and desires
to remain as dreams. Anyway why did you play with my life? Do you know what I like and what I don’t? At least, do you know my real name? Not Nani, my name is Lakshmi Prasad. Don’t go. Why? Will you kill me? I died long back when you cheated me. What you said is true, Nani. Not only you, I cheated my mother too. You lost your mother
when you didn’t know what life is! But my life started when I came
to know my mother is alive. At age of playing with dolls,
I played with bullets. Like showing fake moon to kids in mirror,
I faked this marriage for my mother. I thought my mother was happy with it. I could never think it would
hurt you so much. You said about human. heart and love. I really don’t know anything about it, Nani. I realized value of human after seeing you. I realized what heart is
after talking to you. I realized what love is,
when you’re going away from me. I don’t have the right
to ask your forgiveness too. Whatever you decide,
I’ll accept it with my heart. Brother-in-law…I got Bullet’s husband. Remove the mask. Why did you bring him? He’s trying to escape from her. Why would she come for him? Kill her! Bada! The fight is between you and me,
leave Nani. This land is no ordinary land. It has taught sentiment
to psycho like Bullet also. Bada, I’m giving up everything.
Take over Dubai. My position, my property, my network! Take whatever you want.
But free Nani. After knowing how attacked you’re to him,
how can I spare him? First you, then him.
I’ll kill you both. Please, I’m pregnant. I used to think how should I give you
more pain than what I experienced. I’ll give! Kill them! If anything happens to
my brother-in-law, I’ll kill you… I’m Jagan.
– I know. People with eyes can see only
what’s before him. Blind man can see all four sides. Who is here? Hey software! Facing us is not as easy as passing
comments in Facebook and Twitter. How dare you play with mafia! You’re no ordinary man. Why are you warning Ramgopal Varma’s poster? Nothing, he’s not making any good films now. How many times will you say A? If I shoot in Telengana,
it is hitting in Andhra. This will not set for me, you handle it. Switch off cell phones. Nani, switch on the cell. Nani, she’s an atom bomb
in a woman’s garb. Nobody knows when it’ll go off
and who it’ll kill! Don’t leave her. Why are you taking risk for this ruthless,
merciless. cold blooded murderess? Save your life, go. What you said is right.
But she’s my wife. She’s carrying my baby. That’s enough for me to save her. He’s not husband who can’t save his wife. He’s not a man at all. It seems they’ll live together. Kill them together. My darling! What? You want gun? Here’s the gun…gun…here’s gun… What’s it, dear? Tell me, Shravan. I’ve information that Bada’s brother
Budda Naik is planning to attack madam. Do you like this toy? What? Nothing… Don’t tell anything with madam. I’ll kill him, his photo… I’ve already sent it to you, sir. James Bond
Not me my husband What happened?
Why are you crying so much? I love my mother so much.
I can’t live with her, sir. Is it? Get it down. Look at your mother’s face for one last time. Come. Put some more, nobody must recognize me. Stop…stop…wait for 2 minutes.
– Customers are waiting, sir. Wait for 2 minutes,
inauspicious time will elapse. Is there inauspicious time for shaving too? We do have, sr. Did you see a terrorist coming this side?
– Terrorist? Sir, he’s not terrorist but factionist.
– How do you know that? We’ll decide whether he’s terrorist
or factionist, you come with me. Won’t you get shaved here, sir? Come. What’s your name, lawyer? My name is Nara…
K.Raghavendra Rao B.A. Only B.A.? No B.L? I’m wearing black coat, right? Which section will apply for
veiled kidnappers? Which section? 500001 I asked about section,
why are you giving pin code of Nampally? Take sweets. Your happiness shows you’ve bagged
a long pending project. No, Savithri of TV serial ‘Shravana Sameeralu’
gave birth to a baby! That’s why I’m distributing sweets. That’s why this happiness. That’s why this celebrations. To hell with his craze for TV serials. It’s much better to settle in madam’s home
as cooks than running kangaroo courts. Okay, I’ve a doubt.
Which is first? Hen or egg? Whatever madam orders,
that will be first. I told you I’ve two wives. They want to post on Facebook
and hit like. I couldn’t understand that
and slapped her. So, they blocked me
and walked out of my life. Nani, suggest any software engineer
who is soft like you. We’ll fix marriage with Jogulamba. Are you searching groom
for your Jogulamba? Yes, sir. Software…?

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