The combo explained here uses the templeshooter as an example, but it is possible to use with any other card, the principle will be the same. 1° Summon the boss, mount him and use all his skills. 2° After using the skills, dismount and use morph to switch to the second slot and reset the skills. 3° Mount it again and repeat the process. 4° After using all skills, the reload time for Morph and Riding will be running out and you can repeat the process again. 5° At this point, the Riding skill will be ready before Morph, but …. You can re-summon the boss using the normal skill and repeat the process again from the 1st step. Use the addon called Unbuff, it lets you disable a buff you used just by pressing the skill’s own shortcut again. This will streamline the process, preventing you from having to cancel the invocation using the mouse.

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