I’m just waiting for Tommy. They have a surprise for me in the Studio. So, we’ve prepared a small challenge for Balazs today. He doesn’t really like to get out of his comfort zone. I’m sure you’ve noticed this in the previous videos. Only high-tech stuff, all the plants he loves… This is gonna change today. Viktor, this was a bad idea. [Tommy] He never listens to a request about low-tech aquascaping. But now, he has to do it. Can we start now? Please?! Okay, we’re ready for you! I’m coming, finally! Welcome to the… It takes about four takes for them, to get in from the start to here. I’m coming, finally! Welcome to the beautiful world of aqauscaping! We’re here at Green Aqua and Viktor has come up with an idea for a video. I have no idea what their idea is, Tommy is in the studio, ready. He told me that I can come. So let’s see what the big surprise is and what is today’s topic at Green Aqua. Hi! What is this Tommy? What is this? Well actually this is sexy! The new Oase… Styleline! …Styleline set. This is the Styleline 85! Is it very expensive? No, not really. This is a bit over 300 Euros. This is 42 cm. [Tommy] Yes! And this is 36 cm. 36 cm, yeah! I know the numbers! I think this is 50 cm. Everybody is looking for the measuring tape. We’ve got four people in this very small room. Yeah, so it’s 50. It’s gonna be in the description, don’t worry about it! I’m doing a non-CO2? [Tommy] Yeah, it’s a non-CO2 and here is your filtration. Internal filter? Yes! But it comes… It comes with the set. Oh cool! We can do it properly. At what time do you have to be home today? I’m just asking… Cause it’s already past 5. [Tommy] Yeah… And it’s Valentine’s day! Yeah! Again! I’m here, with my boss… You can just… It’s magnetic, yeah. Cool! Check this out! The heater is there. And it’s full with sponges. I never set up the gear first. But I think I’m gonna do it now. [Tommy] Yeah, with set aquariums I think it’s a good thinking, because then you know how much space you actually need for the filter. And another advantage of having a closed-top tank is that is you have cats or something, they won’t start fishing. Highline Classic LED Daylight 40. Oh, I’ve got two of them! But you see, you got to just… It’s very easy! [Tommy] Oh yeah! You do this and do that and you’re ready. Alright! Nice and cool light. So tell me, what else do we have here in stock! Tropica substrate. Cool! So you expect an active soil? Yes, I do! You’re gonna work with gravel. I’ve chosen some Fuji lava stones for you. And some Red Moor wood. I should use what an average customer is using, right? Yeah, what an average newcomer customer is using. And yeah, half of these plants you hate! I hate you now. Yeah! So for carpeting plants, Echinodorus tenellus for you. For the background another Echinodorus. Echinodorus, my favorite. If for anything, only to have some green weed in your tank… Big, chunky, ugly… I know you want to use some moss, some Riccia. For the wood as well, you have some Anubias. Two different kinds of Crypts. Ludwigia palustris. I’ve got some simple bacteria for you. An all-in-one fertilizer. Okay, cool! I think I’m gonna leave you to it. [Balazs] Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!
[Tommy] I’m going home to my wife. Yeah! Good luck, Tommy! Thank you! I’m gonna see you, when you’re done! This is not gonna be the usual quality of build. Even with my experience, I’m not going to be able to produce the fantastic end result, that I’m usually producing, with my scapes. So without further ado, let’s start working! So usually what the beginners do, is that they select one or two branches. Usually the first two, three branches from the top of the pile. I’m already struggling, see? So I’m trying to put in two different wood pieces in a tank, that is too small for them, which is not a problem. Oh! I like that! I could probably have like a graduation. So everything would cover the filter in the background. And just have the big, bushy background in here and have the rest empty. A mistake that everybody makes is that they bring the wood too much towards the back, and then all the background plants will start to cover the whole thing, and the roots will not be visible, after a couple of days. Don’t be afraid to break the wood, if you don’t need any pieces. And don’t cut it, because the break will look more natural. I’m gonna wish him happy Valentine’s Day. [Tommy] Nah? Happy Valentine’s Day, Tommy! [Tommy’s laughter] [Tommy] What’s up? Can I use all the hardscape that you gave me, or I can use only a couple of pieces, or… I don’t know. [Tommy] You can use all of them, if you want to. The measuring tape! 50! If this gets in contact with the water, you’re gonna get algae. You should use at least 4 centimeters of general plant substrate, which is inert soil at this moment, with pebbles on top. This is already on the side glass. He’s not gonna pick up now. [Phone ringing] [Tommy] Yep? Do you hate me now? [Tommy] Not yet! You’re on the way! The last question, I promise. [Tommy] Okay! Can I use one more Crystal Quartz gravel? No, one should be enough. It’s not covering, it’s not covering 4 centimeters. [Tommy] Okay! If that’s true, then you can. So let’s start planting, yeah! I’ll start with my favorite Riccia. How can I apply this? Let’s see what else we have prepared here! Okay, we need a concept here, because we have a red plant in the background. And then we have the Echinodorus in the background. Then we have the Anubias, which is probably gonna be background-midgroundish. And then the two bushes are gonna be the Crypts. They’re gonna be also in the midground and the Vallisneria is gonna be in the background. Jesus! They don’t match, do they? I need to spread them out. This is not possible, to keep them in groups, because that’s gonna look very artificial. We will continue with this, which also doesn’t match with anything. Okay! So let’s go to the foreground plants! I don’t have enough, I don’t know what to do! I’m gonna use this as an epiphyte plant, because I’ve seen it grow around the rocks and everything. Okay, I’m thinking of using the Quadricostatus in the foreground, as the main plant, that will run everywhere. The Tenellus will go to the back. Ah this one does not fill in, ever! Okay! Done! Oh, the Riccia! Tommy, what is this? I just realized, what I should do with the Riccia. Instead of tying it, I’m just gonna put it inside the Lava rocks, or something. I’m just gonna put it in. And it’s gonna like grip the Lava rocks from the inside. And it’s gonna grow out of there. I’m not kidding! We’re gonna install the light, we’re gonna start the filter, we’re gonna add the bacteria, we’re gonna fertilize from day one, this whole tank. And you guys are gonna see, how this whole thing evolves. Guys, I really hope, that you liked this. I’m gonna show you how this thing looks, finished. The moment of truth has arrived. Let’s go inside, to see what they’re doing! [Balazs] Hello guys! Come see my best work of this year! [Tommy] Sure! Let’s see! [Balazs] First impression, please! I think that’s it! Is this really yours? [Balazs] Well, I did it! That’s the point of this video! So basically this is what you get, if you limit yourself. First of all financially, and second of all, if you don’t get enough advice. You can tell me your opinion and I’m standing behind you, so whatever you’re… DING! DING! So the title of this video is: Is this my worst tank ever? So, your vote? Let’s do this! Yeah?! Your vote? Yeah, for any of your official tanks! Okay! So once again, full discalimer, you guys, please check our other videos! If this is your first video on this channel, you have to check the other ones! They won’t! We’re gonna wait, we’re gonna keep you posted with the updates. We’re gonna do cinematic, he’s gonna do a cinematic! [Laughter] Please let us know, what you think about my worst tank ever! Thanks for being here with us! Please hit the subscribe button, if you didn’t do so! And we’re gonna balance things off next week! Yeah, next week! Balancing things off… Should we take this apart? No, no. No, but let’s close this door! Bye! Bye! You stay here, you show the tank, or whatever. I cannot take it! No! We have to do something about this!

  1. Srácok….kapós lett, mint télen a szalmakalap! 😅 Viccet félretéve, álltad a sarat Balázs és nem is lett olyan rossz szerintem. 🙂 Nagyon jól szórakoztam, köszi!

  2. I have no imagination when it comes to aquascaping so your “worst” would be my best if lucky enough!

  3. You could have done much better with that… You were already defeated from the very beginning and since it's was Valentine's day, you were in rush to finish it!
    By cutting a bit the wood and rocks, even if you had to glue some of the parts, I'm pretty sure you would get a better result, that I'm sure 😉
    I already did some workshops with less 😅 and I must say that sucks, mostly when they (shops) say they have plenty of options but they forgot to mention that are from different kind or all of same size (small)..
    Well, it's what it is… BTW is not that bad, but I still think you could have done it a bit better 😛😘

  4. Nice job, given what you were given. If I had to make a real comment, it would be, "well, I like the wood…"

  5. I wish I had money to buy all these hi-tech products to pursue my aqa scaping dream…but I must say no luck in this life.

  6. kkkkk….his face was priceless when he said goodbye to Tommy. The setup of the aquarium was beautiful. Good job, it was beautiful !!!

  7. Hey, it was heartless joke from Tommy… 😄
    The hardscape is pretty nice, but the plants choise…
    For me it was better save some money for longer period-study a lot of infos especially from you Balasz and Jurijs ✌️. And than REALLY ENJOY making“the high tech tank“.
    Or it can work with improving by steps.
    I'm looking forward to your transformation of this tank… 😉

  8. Nice job with limited resources, in some countries is very dificult to find quality stuffs. Great job Balasz. The Best Youtube channel

  9. I'm a fan of your channel but I disagree with this attitude of yours. I think you should encourage people to experiment and practice without invest necessarily a fortune instead of making a point like "this is what you get if you limit yourself". Why? This is a first and foremost a Hobby and must be lived as such. What's wrong with that tank? It's lovely. Is it an IAPLC first place? Of course not! And so what? It's a beautiful first tank and again, something you should promote instead of making fun of.
    Please, don't read this as an attack. I'm really a fan, I arrived in the beautiful world of aquascaping just a few months ago, learning a lot from you as form all the other youtubers you know well 😉
    I personally set up 3 different low tech tanks, all planted and alive, trying to save money as much as I could for sensible reasons. I'm satisfied with my work and I feel "rich" in that sense. And I've been able to achieve it also because of your teachings, that's why I feel involved in the topic and it feels awkward to be money-shamed by your "teachers".

  10. give the same tank time and it will look gorgeous! Nevermind low tech or undemanding plants, some of the most elegant tanks are simple!

  11. I hope you can take this tank over time and tweak and change one thing every update. Like add one detail plant to the carpet or add/replace one stem plant or add one etype of epiphyte to the branches , or add a white background to the tank us how you would improve it over time, to highlight design decisions and pursue a better tank…but still on a low tech tank on a low budget.

  12. Honestly I think it's pretty good. It matches the point of the video. For someone starting out or maybe those of us that don't have great eyes for design this is highly achievable and can make a good home for some fish. All scapes are good scapes if you tried your best and you are proud of the work you do.

  13. This is literally everything wrong with aquascaping. It used to be about just having fun and making something that you enjoy. There isn't a right way to do it. There is this annoying new trend where people spend an absurd amount of money on tanks and the most high tech stuff possible and follow all the rules written by a few scapers. I'm sorry man, but you guys telling people that they literally have to spend more money and ask the pros or their scapes are wrong and deserve to be laughed at is what ruins hobbies that are meant to be fun. I used to enjoy this channel, but you guys have become so out of touch and turned enjoyment into an elitist hobby.

  14. Thats reality not all aspiring aquascapers or trying the hobby have the money to do the pricey setup, i do have my 1st planted tank with no co2 but still makes me enjoy watching my tank everyday,hope we can get update on your lowtech setup 😁

  15. I'm so glad you did this video! I'm on a limited budget and this is attainable for me! I have 5 planted tanks now and had to wait for one tank of plants to grow so I could harvest extras to do another tank lol!

  16. I think the scape looks real nice, the plants maybe not the best for that style but the scape itself is interesting. Awesome job!

  17. when you upload fukada sir's workshop video? I am so much excited for that, I expect the video will be a aquascape knowledge video like josh sim's video

  18. Now I know why artists suffer so much. A true artist obsesses to the nth degree over his creation and if it isn't done to perfection then you go crazy. Actually, I don't think it's so bad, just needs some time to fill in.

  19. This is a little elitist. I get that your other low and high tech tanks look much better…but saying that this is what you get when you're financially limited is somewhat unfair. The goal in a niche hobby (like aquascaping) is to encourage newcomers rather than scare them away.

  20. Si supieran que en mi País lograr algo así ya es algo bueno jajajaa en serio ya que no tenemos acceso fácilmente a muchas cosas que usas

  21. A well done job with limited resources.
    Btw, do you know any financier who can help me to set up my tank with unlimited resources?Tommy? 😄

  22. Balázs face expression when he saw the plants was epic😂😂😂 true the tank is not your best but it is not so bad either. 😄👍 This vid was a good idea 😊👍👍 loved it.

  23. I don't find the layout bad at all. Besides the high-tech aquariums, I also like tanks with simple plants. I would like other projects of this kind! Thanks and
    best regards, H.

  24. Hi .. your videos are great !! I would like to see you scaping a 30*30*40 tank .. why don't you challenge Tony's this time with this .. 😉

  25. I think the propper Titile should be , "How to make a good aquarium if you are begginer". In the pasted I was not happy with my all scapes and I rescaped my aquariums every 3 months. In the end I stucked with slow growing plants under medium bright lights, slow filtration and CO2.

  26. Honestly it's the first video from green aqua I don't like. The message is: only with the most expensive stuff like from ADA you can build a beautiful tank. With other low price products you will fail and it looks ugly. Sorry guys, this is the wrong way. First time: thumps down

  27. Semua tanaman,akar dan batu lava rock terlihat menyatu👌👌👌Hnya saja tanaman Riccia kurang pada kayunya.
    Jika lebih bnyak di lilikan ke akar akan terlihat lebih alami.
    Happy scaper from 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  28. I think you came from wrong side. Obviously new customers are not enough experienced and have very limited budget. But I feel like your main customers are people who have enough experience to create something (hopefully) beautiful. But they also have quite limited budget. For example price for optiwhite 150l aquarium is f***(very) high. And not many of us can afford this. Also soil is expensive, ADA Amazonia costs as pack of gold, but there are definitely many products which are cheaper but still are ok for average high-tech aquarium. And of course there are many devices/medicines which are definitely optional. For example start bacteria.
    Can you make a video of creating high-tech budget aquarium?
    For example, do I need to buy a skimmer? It is definitely optional, and it's much important to invest in light. Isn't it?
    Soil. There are for example Tropica Aquarium soil(which really more or less can replace ADA Amazonia). It's checaper, its beautiful, its full of nutrients and it does not require to be covered by any cosmetic sand.
    I'm too lazy to go through all devices and other things you need to have a nice aquarium. But I feel like for auditory of your channel it will be much more interesting, to understand how you can create beautiful aquarium "Like Balazs creates", with spending less money, making savings.
    And also I wanted always to know how do you solve such kind of problems:
    1. How to keep slope of soil? Soil always wants to move from top part of layout to lower.
    2. How to keep stones clean? It is easy to control green dots on glass but when it comes to stones it became too hard because of shape of a stone.
    3. How to control fertilizers level in aquarium? because when you have less plants, or specific type of plants you dont need much plants, but when plants grow you need to add more.
    4. What fertilizers are good for red plants? Definitely red plants require special care and fertilizing.

    Sorry for making you read such a long text with so many mistakes. Cheers.

    Anyway, you are one of top aquarium/aquascaping related channels. Hope to visit the store during 2020. Cheers!

  29. Somehow is not so bad, because is what all the beginners of this hoobie make or sometime we do worse , is good that you team is keeping this kind of low tech aquarium then the people that is starting on this hoobie can have some ideas plus some time the beginners don't have enough money to make a high quality aquarium!! good job again guys !!

  30. Honestly ? I do like it. Looks way more realistic and natural than all those expensive and overthought setups.

  31. You guys are amazing. Balazs done absolutely fantastic work with the resources provided to him!!
    I have a 60 CM x 40 CM tank, I need some help regarding the scaping and plants choice !! can you guys help ..

  32. Na moje wyszlo calkiem calkiem. Oczywiscie nie ma co porownywac do pozostalych ale wyszlo ladnie jak na dostepne materialy. GREEN AQUA THE BEST !!!

  33. you should do more realistic projects like this one.

    that kind of filter is a problem to hide normal fish keepers like me.
    and its hard to hide it.

  34. I don't think it is bad at all! It will mature and look full enough. Sometimes less is more. I like having simple at times.

  35. I think it looks pretty good even if it’s not top end. I get the humour but I don’t think the video offers much encouragement to potential beginners. It’s like saying this is the best you’ll get unless you spend ££££€€€€. Prove your class by creating a top scape on a budget that stands test of time 🌱🐠🌱🙂

  36. No, this is NOT your worst tank ever. It's simply put together differently. In a way that us commoners (non prize winning or aqua shop owners) can achieve on a budget and with limited resources. A HUGE thank you to Tamás for challenging you. Guys, I love your YouTube channel and this video adds more realness to it.
    One question: will you be able to open the filter for cleaning the way the hardscape was set up? Looks tight.

  37. I think this tank is good enough, it shows that it was made by someone who was limited financialy. I like the hardscape but final efect is not as good as you do it in other videoes 🙂 Funny video as always.

  38. Im a beginner and love this ( more of the same please !! Very very cheep and dheerefull ) especially the nano side if the hobby looking forward to bigger things eventually!! And yes he's a pro more out of his comfort zone !. For the cheaper side of things ?!! Thank you.. peace and Happyness to you x

  39. You spoke about plants not matching. I could see they didnt match but please could you explain how you go about selecting plants to match?

  40. I feel attacked by how much he didn’t like the sword plant 😂. They are my all time favorite and first plant I ever bought. Could you guys do a echinodorus only tank please!?

  41. Guys I love your stuff and I say all of this in good humor. I watched a tun of your vidios and others before making my tanks and i have only made 2 and i made a lot of what you would call mistakes with them but I dont see them that way. I have learned a lot about soil, plant selection and sightlines that I could have been told about but only really learned by doing. It's easy to forget the amount of experience you guys all have between you but for someone just starting off that tank looks pretty good, though I'll admit I cringed a little. Lol it's all in fun and everyone must start somewhere.

  42. Thanks for this challenge videos. It was great to see you guys struggle with all newcomers reality’s!

  43. I think this video is a little arrogant and elitist. I will agree that nowadays it is more about spend the money than have a hobby. The advice from Green Aqua that beginner should skip this step and try see Beta tank is absurd. It is simply impossible to skip this step. Aquascaping (same as gardening) is extremely complex hobby, it is mostly learn from mistakes type, with each aquascape having similar but different parameters . While gardening has a long tradition and schooling, aquascaping does not, it also very young hobby. Regardless of the planning, if one does not have experience, all will not be as planned for many reasons mostly inexperience in tank care, fertilisation, bad lighting, poor plant choice, poor water parameters etc. However – whole point of the hobby is process, and learning. Hobbyist need inspiration and encouragement.

  44. Szerintem rengetegen buszkék lennénk ha csak egy fele ilyen akvariumot megtudnank csinalni!!! Gratulalok ehhez is , akár csak a többihez!!!!

  45. This tank is something I would do and I like it looks very nice. I would love love love to be able to create your usual masterpieces but with limited money and skills its nice to see things sometimes that are achievable for the average person. Great job. Thank you. 🙂

  46. Oh Balaaaaaaz, I must to admit I felt a little bad for you; having to step this far out of your comfort zone. BUT, I was still chuckling. It's good for you; builds character lol.

  47. Honestly that was rude. For someone just starting out and wanting to learn from you, this video would be discouraging enough to make them quit. Besides that, you were very condescending and the music certainly didn't help. Two thumbs down.

  48. This Video should have been called 'How Tommy ruined Balaz's Valentines day' and made him busy, Loved the Tank BTW, love all your tanks guys. Great Viid.

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