ID Card making with💣 Fusing Machine 💣 (Complete Tutorial)

Welcome to Webit Tutorials. In this video we show you how Fusing Matte
ID Cards are made. Now what we have here is white inkjet PVC
Fusing Sheets and transparent overlays. Before printing check for the glossy side
and print on the other side which is not glossy. Now lets print. We are using EPSON L800 printer. We scale the graphics to 101% so it will be
easier while cutting the ID Cards later. And we are printing on Matte setting. If you are not getting proper printing results
from your printer, test print on plain paper or photo stickers settings. We usually use these 3 settings. But let us know which settings you prefer
in the comment section. Now after printing we arrange the sheets on
the tray. Here we have the front side of our card, This one is the back side of our card, Then here, we have translucent heat resistant fabric, And Transparent overlays. This one is supporting sheet which looks like
the inkjet PVC Sheet, but we can’t print on it, as both the sides are glossy. If you don’t have any graphics on the back
of your card you can use it as it’s available for half the price than the printable sheet. This one doesn’t have graphics on the back
so we’ll use it with this one. We are giving our IDs matte finish so we will
be using the translucent fabric in between every card. If you want glossy finish in your ID replace
those transparent fabric with steel plates. Also don’t forget to put overlay over each
printed sheets. While doing so make sure the side with gum
is facing the printed sheet. Now if you feel that the IDs are thin and
you want a thicker IDs you can simply add a supporting sheet in between those two sheets. Also we don’t need overlays on support sheets
so it comes without overlays in its package. At the end don’t forget to put a steel plate
on the top. If you don’t put a steel plate on the top
you might end up with damaged IDs. Now place the tray into the fusing compartment. Then apply pressure as much as you can. Insufficient pressure can damage the IDs. After everything is set turn on the machine
and set the temperature to 150 Degree Celsius. Then press the start button. Now the machine will gradually heat up to
150 Degree Celsius. After it reaches 150 Degree Celsius, the cooling process
starts. Make sure the water for cooling is flowing
during the cooling process. When the temperature decreases to around 30 Degree Celsius
turn off the machine and take out the tray from the fusing compartment. Remove the steel plates, translucent fabrics
and fused sheets one by one with care. Now we are ready to cut out the IDs with ID
card cutter. We hope the video was helpful and you liked
it. If you have any queries or suggestions you
can leave it on the comment section below. You can also check out our other tutorials
on making Laminated PVC IDs and Pasting ID Cards. Thanks for watching the video & Have a good

  1. sir I have one question to you pls clear my confusion this printing process only work to Epson l800 model printer? or any type inkjet Epson model printer that only my confusion pls answer me thanks 👍

  2. What is the name of the fabric you use? How can I get it locally? What will be the alternative?
    Can I use regular normal cotton fabric instead of it.

  3. Sir I have some questions which is confusing me. Please answer me

    1. After printing in L805 Printer Can I only laminate the fusing sheet in Lamination Machine or I will have to purchase the Fusing machine Or is there any suggestions without purchasing the fusing machine?? Please Sir answer me it is Ok or Not because I don't want to invest much money to fusing machine which is cost around Rs.55,000

    My email- [email protected]

  4. Please like our Facebook Page for upcoming video information.
    You can also message us if you want us to make videos on certain topics. We will try our best to make a video on the topic.

  5. Sir,
    I have some problems
    1. what is the thikness of that sheets
    – Single side gloss
    – double side gloss
    – clear sheet
    2. can we print this sheet by Offset??
    – If it yes, what paper we have to use?
    – if it no, how can we print large scale printing??

    Please reply me sir
    My Number 0094 773 751 731 (Viber or whatsup)

  6. Sir fusion machine ma single side pasting card Bana hai to printed side hi overlap sheet use kare ga ya both side overlap sheet use kare ga

  7. What is the cost of Material, Machine and Availability and cost per unit and Sale Price ?

    Please share such information.

  8. हैलो सर कितने की है फुईसिंग मशीन

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