Right so here’s the deal, Fortnite Battle Royale I have put 66 hours and 38 minutes Into the game and currently I’m on eight wins, which I don’t think it’s too bad. The problem is I’ve never caught one on stream Plenty of second places, and I’ve never caught one when I’ve been recording either so today. I’m gonna sit down I feel like I’m getting better at the game. I feel like it’s just *Snap* Snapped inside my brain, so we’re gonna try it today to get a win on camera by any means necessary Today’s loadouts is the brand-new red knight which was re-released and also the ax caliber axe these Combinations are so good and you get Excalibur from level 35 of the battle pass which I’ve now completed So that further ado, let’s do this actually know what first thing to show you something. This is something I did by complete chance, so we’ll set up on my route of choice, and I’m chasing down at this particular gentleman over here He’s just behind the house. I build up. I start taking some shots, and then he just like Disappears so I go back take some cover and I decide to throw some grenades because he’s put up a wall And I know where he is and watch where this grenade goes look at the top of your screen That’s right. That wasn’t even him I throw a grenade up to go over that wall it lands perfectly in the house and Killed someone yeah, that’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever done by accident, but enough of that Let’s play here. We go attempt number one am I here by myself That’s freaky. No. There’s someone already landed on the floor Oh my goodness right they’re gonna come in through the front door. Let’s Surprise them come on come on What what they’re definitely around here guys? I don’t think there’s any chests, but there’s a shield potion okay that I don’t medkit Oh my goodness. Oh, there is a chest in here. Okay. Close the door, please. Thank you alright. We’ve doubled shield heads Let’s grab these and let’s go can we just admire how good this looks by the way with the red knight in the red? Excalibur look sweet gunfire. I hear it. Okay, so over in those trees over there I reckon I could get a good hit on these guys. Hi hello. I’m coming in. I’m coming in Hahahaha Gotcha Okay, that’d be when well. I think that might be the only other person here though rings on us as well So we’re doing alright so far. It’s too quiet It’s way too quiet here. I just spotted another person. They are in that tree there. They are can you see them? Oh my goodness, oh that was a long shot. Oh my words that was cool for with a green AR as well okay, no Chester, Rooney’s in here I’m gonna gonna loop that guy I Wonder where he was running that seems really random guys the triple medkits star And I got myself a sniper from this guy – yo, that was some good looting jeez Pourings on us again now that we’ve got that um now that we’ve got that sniper. We’re in a way better position I don’t know what to do. I think I’m gonna hold the minis just cuz I’ve got full shield at the moment This is weird glitch – with the building at the moment. I’m not sure why well you accidentally builds flats pieces? Which is super annoying guys? I can’t even explain, right? I’m gonna go up to the top of here build a little oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez Yes, oh Dude, that felt good that felt really good also another random glitch by the way if you um if you kill someone The aim-assist still kind of homes in on their dead body. It’s really weird right now I can actually grab this and let’s quickly jug this Super dangerous area, but it’s fine. Could you I remember that heart he crept up on me though I was like I have footsteps. I definitely have footsteps and there he was BAM He had a lot of brick as well, which is cool right this is our base for now This is going for the win. This is first attempt remember the only people that can be higher than me are over there There’s someone coming up the top there. They’re going up. They’re definitely going up here. We go here. We go snipe of the year was terrible oh We’re in the next ring as well, okay This is actually sweet now the other hill is also in the next ring and there’s still 15 people left which is a lot So we need to be super careful But I think we’ll be okay Woah Yes, that was powerful right this guy is coming up, and there’s someone shooting him What okay they’re down there perfect right? I am going to See what’s going down I? Just jumped. That’s why you jumped guys that is why you jump so something. I’m desperately missing our explosives No, I am being sniped no don’t let it end like this, but I’m so well so far I don’t know where that snipe came from aha aha Yeah, buddy snipe number 2, bro. This is getting insane So there’s two people there, or there’s one Nutcracker. I’m not sure Where is that coming from it’s at this bush? No, it’s not a bush. Okay rings not too far from us. Actually. There’s like annoyingly a tree in the way of us sniping that guy – wait Wyatt Someone is trying to grenade us. Where did it come from? That was close, okay, it’s coming from down there somewhere. I feel like I’m a prime target right now Okay, I am getting sabotage by two angles right now So I’m trying to work out what my best bet is this is gonna be tricky There’s seven people left which is actually quite a lot Okay things are about to get crazy Yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, okay, so we’ve got decent kills This is the craziest game so far, and I’ve kind of blocked myself in because I had my ramps the wrong way round There’s decent loo over there. My goodness. Okay, we need to go I think I’m gonna die here, but I need to at least try it out I’ve got a chug chug going on as well not so bad a scar a campfire Grenade launcher oh geez I don’t even know what to take grenade launcher. I’m taking you all right. This is gonna. Be risky I don’t know if I should be doing this right now, but I think I’m doing okay. Okay? There’s only three people left Where is everyone there’s got to be someone in this house right I’m gonna chug this actually because I’ve got 15 seconds This is nerve-racking first game’s takes forever it already does, but we’re in the next ring. I didn’t realize All right, let’s do this anyone inside good. It’s definitely someone around us. You ain’t coming up how can that be three people left, dude That’s two people left. That’s one people that’s one person left, and I’m pretty sure That underneath yeah, they’re right there Yes, oh my goodness Yo! Ah dude That is literally I’m not even kidding you some of the best play I have ever done what we got chug chug in there as well finishing with 100 100 Oh my goodness You don’t know how long I wanted to capture a victory royale in a video or in a stream and there it is Yes high five high five Shh Yes, so about the skin choice you see it’s all about you know the right night It’s not like we didn’t even try either. Seven kills isn’t the highest, I know But we got some sick Snipes that bit at the end was pretty cool where I opened the floor. I’ve never done that before *oh hi bird* There’s a bird trying to get my window. We have a scale that mountain as well, which was pretty scary oh my goodness I don’t know what to do now. I did not expect to win that straight away. Let’s go Let’s go nine wins. I’m so happy with myself look Yeah, got a hundred v. Bucks as well from a battle pass Thank you very much, so I’m not actually sure if I’m gonna play another game I might do because I don’t know how long this video is cuz I shot my games up quite a lot so uh Yeah, if you enjoyed this for your like see some more for tonight You have to give me so many likes for that win, please I can’t believe we got on the first Go that is legitimately my first go you’ll be able to see from here as well My matches played would only go up by one and my time played one you got by 30 minutes So leave a like if you are hyped for the first win on the channel And if you want to see some more fortnight gameplay as well, I’ve been grinding this game And I actually feel like I’ve got better so yeah Thank you so much for watching if this happens to be the first video you see mommy then please do consider subscribing to join Team TT and today put daily videos. I’m gonna go celebrate, and I’ll see you guys next time get Weis

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