1. Checked to see if you uploaded because it was that time of day on a Wednesday. β€œUploaded 1 minute ago” 😏

  2. That smile when you realised the internal rhyme with "2 for 1 entry and I went there, Shrek's adventure, and the Sea Life Centre" was so wholesome. The universe was just handing the rhymes to you and you presented them to the crowd in the best way.

  3. Hi Chris, loved the vid! So glad you gave props to Supernatural, the freestyler pioneer of this format! Nice work man keep it up

  4. I think I like this random object freestyle meta better then the words suggested style. Killed it.

  5. I can't get enough of this! It's somehow even more amazing that your usual suggestion style freestyles like OMG Chrisss 😱

  6. You might get the Corona Virus if you roam around handling everyone's junk, fondling their dirty bits. You did pull off a lyrical slam dunk. Had me in fits. You Mancunian freestyle punk.

  7. went hard as fuck on all of them, mad props bro. best privately educated, middle class, white british rapper ive ever witnessed rap

  8. Starting to hit the f bomb hard with these new live shows Chris! Seriously, keep up the good work man

  9. Trying to decide whether I liked that more or less than the suggestions…I think the suggestions though mate, they're more interesting than the random objects. It was still cool and a nice change though, but I am still waiting for "9th century crop rotation" to get beaten and ventolin inhalers justain't gonna cut it! πŸ‘ŒSpot on though as usual Chris πŸ€ŸπŸ˜πŸ‘

  10. stellar job mate. im here to support and never ever hate…the rapper… he's combustion…on fire he explodes on the stage all night….rap about random shit always seems right…..always spot on…how does he do it? next level thinker….i tried it…ah screw it…

  11. Awesome video Chris.. My face is hurting from smiling and laughing so much lol. But I love this format. It seems like it would be so much fun, for you and the audience. And I think I remember the audience in the first part, from the freestyle where you rapped about the moon landing to the German guy Lol.

  12. Wow! Chris really leveled up his scam! On top of planted members in the audience he planned for them to bring items and timed them all perfectly πŸ˜‰

  13. you're a great freestyle rapper and by watching your videos I'm kindda starting to learn how to freestyle rap but I just can't stay on the theme of the rap

  14. I kind of don't like rap as much anymore after seeing you Chris, it's all me, me, me, gun's, bitches and blaze. You really make it much more interesting.

  15. There is absolutely no way anyone in their right mind "steeps" matcha … let alone for 15 min. That's like 7 kinds of wrong. I would elaborate but I'm sure you're aware.

    Once again — smooth as hell … as usual.

  16. I remember when everyone was naming their kids β€œApple”!!! Brilliant Stuff!! Seems like nobody laughs or gets the references I get .. I would love to watch this guy live someday! So many wicked rhymes.. I’m howling & clapping as I watch Chris! Walking encyclopedia πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. Very good video but freestyle rap with suggestions IS better…because when they gave u something i need to stop video and find translate πŸ˜†…but i love Ur videos

  18. You are so talented. Also, I want to thank you for the cameo you did for my son Gaius. You're the best and he loved it!

  19. I promise if you come to oklahoma i will not only come to see you but i will have a fattie rolled up waiting for you lol.. I feel like you dont smoke though… …. i still like you lol also born in 89

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