I played Wizards Unite in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  1. Okay, I have to admit… it does look like fun. Now I see why all my Pokémon friends are "switching" to the new game and aren't online as much. Sigh… but I don't need the new addiction! Not enough hours in the day for work, Pokémon AND Wizards Unite! LOL

  2. I tried to download to the game on my phone multiple times, but it just says that it's not available in my country. I'm crying.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Wait, where are you from, Brizzy? Because I'm from Virginia. I thought you were American. But if you are then why can you download the game and I can't.

  3. One of the good things about the game is that I live practically next to a greenhouse so I don’t need to go outside to grow things 😂
    Love your vids⚡️

  4. I love Harry Potter so much but this game is kinda pointless. I tried it and it took me out of the real world too much (I was in my yard and the park). I dream of going to the HP park it looks sooo cute!!

    also, a fun thing to mention, I was on the new Hagrid ride and it broke down in the Devil's snare. whoop whoop it was so much fun

  6. I have that app! I’m loving it but
    I don’t have a house I’m in two houses
    Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff,
    Please vote my house

  7. I have that app! I’m loving it but
    I don’t have a house I’m in two houses
    Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff,
    Please vote my house

  8. Your reaction to the Hag was 100% the same reaction as mine! I was like Yay the spell worked… wait… no… stay away… HURRY AND TAKE HER AWAY PLZ! … phew that was close xD

  9. Someone plss help me, i am a hufflepuff and today i took the pottermore test for 2019 to see if i am still a hufflepuff and it sorted me into ravenclaw so am i a hufflepuff or ravenclaw i confused and don’t know someone please help me

    (I just need help i am confused and have been stressing about this)

  10. I wish I had the money to actually get to Florida to go to the Universal Orlando Resort to got to Hogwarts

  11. Too bad the game is energy based. With the amount of random flukes when performing spells the energy drains rapidly with no reliable way to replenish. I find I can use all my energy just by playing at my apartment opening up the game every hour or two. I’m level 8 and I haven’t even gone for one walk since the game launched.

    I also find that the spells and difficulty aren’t defined enough. I could get a poor spell cast and pass a hard challenge but get a great spell cast and fail an easy challenge. It’s not like pogo where you know that Pokémon don’t always get caught.

    Why is a successful cast of a spell failing at all? If I cast incendio on a block of ice and flames are coming out I expect things to melt. Not for it to “resist”.

    Also just the fact that random items and dead characters are being “caught” is ridiculous. How many times do I have to free Hedwig and have him time travel to the past just for him to be back 5 minutes later….

    Also the animations are too long. I just want to know if it passed or failed. And I’d like to be able to start the game without a 2 minute start up scene and reminder section.

    I’m playing the game but my recommendation is to just use it as a time killer when you have nothing to do or are waiting for something. As long as you use your energy up you won’t fall behind people who are actively going out and playing the game. Unless they spend money.

  12. "Since when are Russia Hags a thing in Harry Potter canon?!"

    Me, a fellow Ravenclaw, on the rare occassion a new piece of Harry Potter information is thrown at me.

    TL;DR: Ditto.

  13. Damn playing this basically in Hogwarts seems so cool.
    Also as far as I know the stirring differs on the potion type.
    Much love💙

  14. Magizoology for ever, I love your videos, they are hilarious. What is your wand, tell me everything

  15. Hi Brizzy!!!! The portkeys are not timed, but they kicked people out if you step past the blue boundary lines on the ground!!! You can take you time and look at the details of the place, I just absolutely love them!!

  16. Sadly my phone is too dumb to do this. (Also too broke to connect to the internet)
    I would pick Magizoologist also though. It really is the coolest profession.

  17. A tutorial/ guide thing would be helpful since I’m pretty new at it and haven’t figured it all out yet. But anything you do would be great!

  18. My friend is a Hufflepuff and I am a Slytherin and she not knowing I am a Slytherin cause she is a new friend of mine says all Slytherins are evil and I go oh ok and start acting like I was ignoring her for the next few days and she says why are you ignoring me and I said you said all Slytherins are evil I didn’t want to be mean to you and she felt so bad and I just laughed it was fun

  19. How is everyone playing the game when I'm told by Google Play that it isn't available in the States yet?

  20. Omg this is what im gonna do tomorrow (i think, im pretty sure) and i also have passes. And im going to the same Universal.

  21. My apartment is 2 streets to the left of both a Greenhouse and an Inn, while 4 streets going the opposite way is a Fortress… I got lucky lol

  22. Anyone need a friend, especially you Ms. Brizzy, Ravenclaw sister. Here it is feel free to add me
    8322 6025 6018

  23. It’s quite funny female YouTube personalities are very like I don’t know bubbly and mail or YouTube first analogies are like HYPE HYPE HYPE 200,000,000 likes.

  24. How did you get the lamp and chimney to light up? Was that through WU? Do you need a wand? I want to do it so bad it hurts

  25. No one on YouTube is really explaining this game tho, once you help hagrid from the spider webs when it’s introducing you to the game… what do u do after that lol? I can’t find anything!

  26. My girlfriend has had it for ages (on beta because we live in new Zealand) but it won't work on my crap phone and it's so unfair

  27. I was in America when it was released and now I am in level 9, buuuut it is not released in my country and I haven’t found any confondubsjcndj here sooo yeah

  28. See when I go to Home Depot and do this I'm so weird but in the wizarding world you just belong there like this

  29. Were other people playing the game at Hogwarts too?? Saw alot of people on their phones🤣 That'd be cool!

  30. I am a slytherin my wand is walnut and love you brizzy we need more videos about wizards unite im a level 8

  31. This basic ass, generic, Jenna Marbles voice you both do is the most annoying thing I've ever heard. I'd rather chill with a mandrake than finish this video.

  32. I absolutely love this video because it’s my favorite Youtuber voice actress playing my favorite iOS game win win

  33. I always pray, especially before bed and every night along with everything else I pray to be teleported into the realm of Harry Potter

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