I made 2000 ugly holiday cards with a $100k robot arm

People in the comments are gonna be like Simone, you look really tired. I’m not tired I’m just not wearing any makeup Because I’ve got more important things to do, like build a contraption that feeds paper to a robot arm so it can help me write 2000 holiday cards. I was gonna say it’ll be good. I don’t know if it’s gonna be good, but it’s gonna be something. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live with an industrial robot arm in your house? Starting to sound like a really bad dating app “Have you ever consider marrying her robot arm?” I’ve not considered marrying a robot arm but I have thought a lot about what it would be like to have an industrial robot arm in my house because KUKA has decided to lend me one Yeah, I think it’s a really good decision They’re delivering their LBR iiwa to me tomorrow, and the holidays are coming up and I want to send holiday cards to all of my patreon supporters, but there’s almost 2,000 of you, so Why not use the robot arm I’m getting tomorrow to help me right 2000 Holiday cards? I got these paper rolls, and I’m working on making a contraption that just slowly rolls it and then I’m thinking that the robot arm will just hold a pen and they’ll like scribble on the Paper as it goes past and you know what I realized? This is the first time I’ve tried to build a robotics project that actually works It’s it’s weird, but this is like what people usually use robots for who knows maybe it turns out I’m also the queen of well-functioning robots. I don’t think we have to worry about that I might’ve… Harvested parts off of the soup robot. It always feels like grave robbing. “Oh, sorry I’m just gonna have to take this one motor!” So I’m thinking this is like the platform that it’ll write on and there’s a servo motor here that pulls the paper through and a controller there You can adjust the speed with I don’t know if this is actually gonna work I picture it working pristinely in my head ♪”Queen of robots that work really well”♪ Refined robots. I’m the queen of refined robots Are you fucking kidding me… ~Nooo~ Incoming Educational moment I use a lot of servo motors in my projects and they’re really good because you can tell them what position to go to One thing that’s not great about server motors Is that they can’t turn all the way around unless they’re continuous and that means you lose the position control But you basically get like a fairly cheap DC motor. For this project I need one that can spin around continuously and I was convinced that the one I used in a super robot was continuous …but it turns out that it’s not I do have continuous motor is on the chopping machine. Okay. We’re gonna grave rob the chopping machine as well. Oh my god It’s so weird for you to see this end of the room. It’s all in the same room, my workshop is like 10 steps away from my bed This is my robot travel bag, this is also the coffin of pretty much every previous thing I’ve built. I think it should work now Oj! S – i – m – o – n – e w – i – s – h – e – s y – o – u – a – h – a – p – p – y h – o – l – i – d – a – y ! “Simone Wishes you a happy holiday!” anyone can see that. It’ll be really long holiday cards for people oh wow But that’s a problem for “tomorrow Simone” because “tonight Simone” needs to clean this mess up Okay, good night. Bye. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye I’m getting my new pet today! It really feels like I’m getting a cat “kinematic kitty”, but a lot more expensive because this forearm is like $100,000 and I still can’t believe that they’re letting me borrow one. It’s out here in the garden It’s such a weird thing. I’ve interacted with this robot arm a little bit at the KUKA office They like had me over there and train me on how to use it and it really feels like this Mythical creature almost. It moves like a Griffin UhrggImgonnatakeabreakandsitdowforasecond Does it look really penile? Cameraman: “Clearly you’re exited to have it “Clearly i’m exited to have-” Oh Scott! I might be one of the first people in the world who lives with, at least with this type of robot arm in their house I don’t know what type of pioneer that is but I’ll take it! Also for all of you who are very worried about my well-being for now This is what’s called a “collaborative robot arm” So it has force/torque sensors in all of its axes so …like it won’t crush humans I was hoping that it was gonna be able to do some sort of like writing on these cards I have quickly abandoned that idea. It’s gonna squibble. Is that a word?
squibble? scribble? This is just gonna be one very long signature If my patreon supporters would wanna fame the signature, they’d all have to get together. All 2,000 of them and tape it all together. “Squibble?” “Squid?” “-Kible?” Sksssk – “Skiggle?” What was it? cameraman: “You just say it at the same time, “Scribble” and “Squiggle” Sschhs- “Scriggle” It’ll just be like baby drawings, then you have to be like “Wow! Thank you!” I think we’re ready to start this! Let’s plug the servo motor feeder in oj “Happy Holidays! Here’s a line” This person who gets this one right here is getting a very special piece Its almost like I don’t have to be here it tells the story – its a very long story it goes from “long and straight” to “no let’s improvise a little bit” D: It’s almost doing like a “Polka grisar” It is it’s like these sticks that look like a “J” – and you eat them No? I’m getting no response from the Americans in this room Multiple Cameramen: “Candy Cane?” A CANDY CANE!! YES, it’s drawing candy canes! So actually every Friday and a couple of weeks forward I’m gonna do a live stream using this robot arm to automate different tasks We’re gonna have different guests on and it will be fun Friday at 11:00 a.m. PST Come and hang out and also let us know what you want to see us automate in the comments! We’re thinking like… I don’t know… I need ideas give me your best ideas! I think that was at least another… …100 holiday cards Okay Bye, and happy holidays! and extra happy holidays to all my patreon supporters. Come enjoying the shitty robot nation if you’re feeling inclined… Just look! This is the type of value proposition we have

  1. This is a real step up after only being exposed to Michael Reeves and William Osman. I miss the existential dread and the jank

  2. Can you shrink the font size and make the robot write sideways? Then you cut off small paper squares. Then you have to post them. Oh dear. How about just a bulk email or a youtube clip??

  3. simone you so cute n i love your stuf you look realy fun n creative ohhhh god dam i love u to 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. why you need 100k kuka when can get 17k UR3 or used UR5 for 6k. ofc its sponsored,but i know i can get robot for 17k that do same thing lol

  5. For a nex year something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LphKdkBLqeE 🙂 Use thick A4 or A5 papers, vacuum generator, a suction cup, to lift a paper 🙂 Need more info how we did this i university, just ask. Had a writing project with industrial robot, just need to find a video 😀

  6. Why not some good old nema 17 steppers? If the steps are too choppy you can always gear them so the steps translate to smaller movements on the roll of paper.

  7. Some Swedish girls (and other girls) spend 50 $ on their vibrating ”things” in the bed drawer.
    Other Swedish girls get a 100 k $ Kuka to have fun with.
    I’m suprised there wasn’t more giggles and jokes about this in the video considering what the word kuk means in Swedish (the male genital….and in most uses of the word, not the flacid state of it).
    On the other hand, if you get a 100k $ gift from someone you probably will be a bit careful with the jokes.
    It might allso be a bit to much for youtube to joke about these stuff.
    On the other hand, it seems to be fully legit to upload videos of so called hunters shooting animals at 1000 yards which of course in 9 out of 10 cases only seriously wounds the animal and then to top it up, only take the trophy parts of the animal home and leave the rest to rot in the woods.
    There is something wrong about the American moral.

  8. Simone you need ideas, I have lots, if you make this I'll give you more, attach a auto focusing liquid lense to a pulse laser, that should be fun to play with, and what I would be doing if I had that kind of cash

  9. Interesting to see an english speaking youtuber working with robots made by a company, that was founded an hour to Drive away from my Home. Sorry for my english, but I hope you get it

  10. You seem like a nice girl..but how did you get 1.7m subs making crap like this..were you famous before? I dont get it…

  11. What's the name of that profile with all the mounting holes? It looks like some kind of universal mounting standard?

  12. Did you guys know that "Kuka" is Finnish and means "Who". Just a random and most useless comment that I just had to write in here.

  13. Imagine how her Patreons must have felt.
    “Damn, she’d rather force a robot to write me card than just fucking sign one.”

  14. I found this thing called a printer in an electronics store ,turns out it does the same thing….go figure.

  15. Im really failing to see the value of this robot. What can this robot do for within 3 years of me spending 100k that i can turn a profit other than make 100 youtube videos with a million views… It cant lift heavy objects, it cant move very fast, you need to add extra systems and cameras to be able to halfway drop a part into a box that it cant even close. Plus in within the next year or 2 you'll be able to 3d print this robot in your garage. itll depreciate worse than a car… I can see someone paying 30-50k Max, but for its limitations youll save money just hiring a crew to do small manufacturing.

  16. 1.You could have used a smooth metal plate as writing surface and a brush across at the beginning to keep the paper flat.

    2. if the paper moves in one axis, the robot only needs to move across in the other to write. To write letters like "o" or "s", that have to switch directions, you would need a second servo at the other side to pull the paper back and then connect the servos and the robot to one control unit and work together

    3. good job, it might not have been the result you had planned but you learned from it and you created something, while people like me plan it out in theyr head but fail to ever try to make something.
    Keep living life to the fullest and growing every day. : )

  17. First video but for anyone keen on such video genre would appreciate more effort, dissapointing and overrated…..if its a channel just for gags then kudos and my bad for jumping the gun

  18. I always forget she's swedish so it's always entertaining when she's so excited that she forgets how to speak haha

  19. House go build a not paid promotion but is a robotics but metric and have a continuous and non continuous
    servo that you can switch its mode???

  20. Купить за 100 касарей робота что б нарисовать такую хуйню. 🤮🤮

  21. this project is fucking fantastic, so much fun! never wear make up. it’s bullshit,i like your videos without make up way better. also you don’t have to shave your legs either for us. of your pits. unless you want to.

  22. Unfortunately the brand "Christmas Card-O-Matic" is already taken. How big was the contribution of the 100000 dollar robot arm compared to the scavenged paper conveyor?

  23. The fact that the paper moves makes the arm moving somewhat pointless. Everything about the arm is pointless.

    They got to programme robot arms to make christmas cards and this is the best they could do.

    This is not a well thought out project at all.

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