Hey, magician Rich Ferguson here today and
I’m going to be teaching you how to win some money with straws. Bar bets are one of my
favorite things because they’re kind of like a magic trick, they’re kind of like a play
on words, they’re kind of like a stunt, they’re kind of like a puzzle, it’s all the things
mixed together, and you win free drinks with them. So let me share you five really cool
bar bets utilizing this simple tool. In this first bar bet you’re going to bet
your victim or your friend 5 bucks, a beer, whatever it is, that you can pick up this
bottle with just a straw or pick up a wine glass or some other kind in glass with the
straw. So pick up the glass just bend the straw about the distance up the mouth a spec
more, put the straw inside the mouth, and you’ll notice that as you pull up, it’s going
to catch right there, and it’s trapped, it can’t come out. So that’s how you lift up
a glass. You could do different types of glasses there goes, but it’s preferable to have a
glass that has a little bit of a lip or if the glass tapers in at the top. If it tapers
outwards, it has no lift that little roll up glass and will be pretty impossible. So
that’s how you pick up a glass. Here’s how I pick up a bottle. You can do the same kind
of thing. You’re going to bend the straw you’re going to put it inside, you’re going to find
that sweet spot about right there before the straw opens up. Their it goes now it’s locked
in and you can lift up this entire bottle with just the straw
In this next bet what you’re going to do is pull off the paper a straw you’re going to
push it down so it’s really, really compact just like this. You put this crumpled up piece
of paper on the table and you’re going to say, “Only using a straw, can you get this
to expand and be at least 2-3 times bigger but without touching it with the straw?” So
they’re going to try to blow on it, do these different types things, but here’s the real
secret. You’re going to get a little bit a water inside of your straw and without touching
the paper, you’re going to drip a little bit of water onto the paper and it’s like a little
science project. You’re going to get this little snake to appear. You drip water and
it grows and grows and that’s how you get the paper to reopen up using a straw without
touching it. In this next bar get you’re going to bet somebody
that they cannot get the contents of this bottle into this glass without pouring it
and only using this straw. Here’s the secret to that. You can phrase this any way you want
but here’s what you’re going to end up doing. You’re going to put a straw into the bottle
with it bent out. I like using the bendy straws because they don’t crease. You can use a regular
straw but sometimes when you bend them they actually cut of the flow of the liquid so
this is a little bit easier for this demonstration. And we’re going to do once they fail is show
how easy it really is by putting your mouth over the outsider this and blowing in which
is going to push the ball in the air into the bottle and force the liquid out the straw.
It looks like this. And that is how easy you can get the liquid from this bottle to this
glass only using the straw and not pouring it.
This next bar bet’s going to drive people crazy. You bet that they cannot get this quarter
to spin on the table only using the straw. Now you can set up any parameters you want
because when you learn the secret you’ll see that it’s using the straw to blow air through
it. You can allow them to touch the quarter with the straw, to try to flick it up if you
want, you can limit it to you can’t touch this quarter with the straw, you could do
anything you want. But here’s the actual secret to get the quarter to spin.
You’re going to come in with the straw at about a 45 degree angle near the edge of the
quarter and you’re going to blow. The blow is going to cause air to go under the quarter,
make this vibrate and you’re going to slowly tilt your angle to where you can push air
on the side of the quarter to get to actually spin. There it goes, well, it hit the edge
again. There it goes! We got a nice spinner. In this next bar bet, you’re going to bet
somebody that they cannot maintain the shape this goal post by only moving two straws end
up with the glass outside of the goal. So, what’s interesting about this is people going
to move the straws around but they don’t think in a the spatial way that’s required for this
trick to work. Because you demonstrate that the glass has to be outside, it doesn’t actually
have to be outside here. So what you’re actually going to do is leave the glass. You’re going
to move one, two. And so you’ve recreated the goal post but in a different location
and upside down so people aren’t likely to think of both of those things by shifting
something a half of a distance and also reversing the direction of the goal and you’ve accomplished
what you said. Your glass is outside the goal and you’ve maintained the goal shape by only
moving two straws Well, I’m intrigued at how many tricks you
can do with the straw and how many bets you can win when using such a simple tool as this.
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really simple things, some magic tricks, a lot of humor, so if you’re looking for a very
simple trick for someone who’s not really in the magic that wants basic tricks, this
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This next one’s kind of evil, it’s one of my favorites to do at bars, especially when
the person discovers it on their own and you just kind of sit back and laugh.
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