(soft classical instrumental music) – Yo, yo, yo, what’s going everybody? Alex Pandrea here, back
with another video. Very, very excited about
this one of course, just like I am for all of my other videos. What we’re gonna talk about today and in this sort of mini-series
is card manipulation. Now thinking back to how
I got started in magic, a lot of people asked me how I got started and everything like that. One of the first video
tapes, and there were video tapes back then, not
DVDs, not downloads, VHS tapes. And when I first found the magic shop the person behind the
counter the first thing that he showed me was
some card manipulation and I was just floored
because I remember seeing this in the old world’s greatest magic specials and I’ve always wanted to learn this. I bought Jeff McBride’s Art of
Card Manipulation Volume One and I started with that
and that was the first piece of magic and the
first real I guess tutorial or things that I learned that
had to with sleight of hand. Now I did know a few
card tricks or whatever, but they were self-working card tricks that I’m sure everybody started out with. But my first experience with
magic and with sleight of hand was with card manipulation,
so before I even did any close up at all I would
go around and produce cards and make them disappear,
and I’d actually came up with my own little act to music, and I remember having
a video tape of that, and it was just me in my
underwear at like 11 years old doing card manipulations, card
manipulation act to music. I wish I could find that
video, that’d be funny. All right, without further
ado we’re gonna split this series off into three parts and the three parts that
I think structure it well. So the first part which is today’s segment is going to be literally
how to take a card and make it vanish and then make it appear and then show both of your hands empty. So again, this is a technique that is used in card manipulation, very
rarely used in close up situations, but however, you can use it in close up situations. So the technique looks like this, basically as in expose
view you’re gonna make the card disappear by back palming it, and then make it appear. So you’re making it vanish first. It’s gone, it’s being
back palmed like that. And then I’m making it
appear by producing it. So both sides of your hands
empty by doing a pivot move which shows both sides of your hand empty. Now one thing to keep in
mind when learning this, this is meant obviously for a
more part of stage situation. Doing card manipulation
like super up close in a close up environment is not the best because you can see through the fingers and you can see sort of
the edges of the cards. Now if you do want card
manipulation cards themselves they have card manipulation
cards that the back of the card is like a tan color to match your hand or with black art on it so
it can match the background or if you’re wearing all
black, so something like that. So they do make card
manipulation cards for that. But in any case we’re just
gonna learn the technique now and then if you’re interested
in this you can take it further into whatever else
you want to do with it. Okay, so first thing’s first
is you have a playing card. Now we’re gonna learn
how to make it disappear, show both sides, and then make it appear. So the first thing we’re gonna learn is to back palm a card. So knowing the palm itself is important that’s how it’s going to look like, and it’s gripped between of
course it’s the back of the hand that’s what we call the
back palm, back of the palm, and it’s clipped between
the middle and first finger and the pinky and ring finger, all right? So you’re going to place
that in just like that. Now at first you’re going to want to do it so that nothing at all shows, okay, but you’ll see throughout
time, I mean this is natural that you’d want nothing to show, but you’d see throughout
time how a little bit has to show for you to do certain moves moving into the different sections here. But in any case the natural
thing is to obviously not let anything show,
so you can have your card behind the palm and you’re
seeing nothing for it, all right? So that is the back
palm itself, all right? So once you get that down
and once you get comfortable sort of waiving your hand and doing this then you can come back
and learn the second part which is actually getting it in there in a vanished type motion. All right, so now that
we have the back palm and you’re comfortable holding that card in the back palm you’re
gonna make it vanish. Now the way to make it
vanish is on the up motion, so I’m gonna do this and I’m
going to sort of toss it up and that’s when the card disappears. So in slow motion it’s
gonna look like this. I put it into back palm
as I sort of toss it up and it’s gone. One thing to keep in
mind when you do do this is to keep your hand in motion, all right, just in case anything shows so
you keep your hand in motion. So this is how we’re gonna
do it, you grab the card with the thumb and middle finger, these are the main fingers
of how you’re gonna grab onto it first, so you
could even do a spin at first, show both sides, and now
you’re going to go up and down, up and down, you’re going
to press the middle finger and the ring finger,
these two, onto the card and buckle it down
almost like you’re making sort of like that rock
sign, like this, okay. So you’re here and then
you’re going to press down making this sign, all right? From here you have ample room then for the pinky to go on one
side and the first finger to go on the other, you’re
gonna clench down now both making a fist, all right. Step number one, hold between
the middle finger and thumb. Step number two, rock sign. Step number three, clench
down and make a fist. Thumb is still here. And you’re doing this as you move down. So one, two, three. And now as you move up you’re
going to extend everything, thumb out of the way, extend everything, and open up your hand,
and you’re gonna move up. Boom, the card disappears,
you’re moving back and forth. And now we’re gonna get into
producing it, all right? So here, here, here, here. In full motion, show. Up, gone. Now we’re gonna learn to produce it. To produce it it’s gonna
be very, very easy, in fact, easier I think
than vanishing the card, you’re gonna move up and down, and now you’re gonna do the reverse action by closing everything, closing everything, your fingers that you
did the rock sign with, these two, the ring finger
and the middle finger will come out, and you’re
gonna grab it with the thumb and produce the card, all right. So the reverse action,
clench down, make a fist, rock fingers come out, thumb
grabs it, and produces it. All right, so it should
look like here, here. And I kind of like to grab
it out of midair, all right? So it should be, grab. Okay? So here, here. So work on that, and
now we’re gonna get into showing both hands empty
so you can add that in the middle of it. Okay, now we’re gonna go into
you know how to back palm the card, how to make it
vanish, how to make it appear, but in between we wanna
show that both are the sides of our hands both the front and the back are empty as much as you can
and then make the card appear. Now this itself is a more advanced move so don’t be frustrated if you
can’t learn this right away, but it does take a little bit of practice, and again, this is where
you’re gonna notice that the corners do end up popping in, because when you do the
pivot sometimes like even me I get like a lot sticking out, okay? So you have to do this somewhat quick, somewhat with bigger motion
covering the smaller motion before you make it appear, and again, not necessarily for close up situations, but I think it’s important to learn and get your fingers accustomed
to doing hard things. So let’s get into this. You’re going to start with the
card in back palm, all right? Now I’m gonna show you
how to move it from here to here, all right? So the way to do that
is it’s in back palm, you’re going to do the following steps. You’re gonna close your hand, step number one, all right? So this is just the finger motion. Step number one is you closing your hand and those two rock fingers
again are gonna kick out and now you’re going to extend your hand. So first do the middle fingers
are coming up like that. All right? And then the second is
you wanna hold the thumb maybe sometimes to accustom,
you wanna hold the thumb down so that the card doesn’t go out of line and then open up both fin, all fingers to get it now in here. All right, so this is your end position of where you wanna be at. You started here, you’re
closing, fingers are kicking out, and you could push down a
little bit at this point and get it into a palm
which is I guess reverse of a back palm, so
you’re at this position. All right? Now you wanna do that of
course by moving your hand from face up to the spectator
to face down like that or showing the back of your
hand while you do the move. So as you do this move you’re going to curl your fingers down,
you’re going to kick, and now as you’re coming
here you’re pushing down and you’re stretching all fingers out, first finger and pinky, stretching it out just like that to show the
back of your hands, all right? Now again, keep it in
motion, and now we’re gonna go backwards, we’re gonna
do the exact same thing, but we’re gonna go from here
and we’re gonna show the back and then you’re going to do
that and show the front, okay? Now of course this could be
seen while you’re up close and doing it in slow
motion, so keep in mind wherever you’re doing this bigger motion covers the smaller motion and
as well as the hand movement you wanna keep everything in motion so that the eye cannot
focus on maybe those corners sticking out, good. So the first thing I do
is I’m going to squeeze everything down so I can
get it in this position. I do believe that from here
to here is gonna be easier, this is the easier part. So you’re here, you’re
gonna squeeze everything still holding it between
the first and pinky, everything comes down, and you’re pivot, you’re putting pressure on from the base of the thumb here, okay? So here, squeezing down
as being put pressure here or even here. Squeeze, make a fist. And now you’re going to open up, that’s all you’re gonna do, just open up. And you do that while you’re
turning your hand over. So here, fist. You can see how it’s covered at this point and turn your hand over, and open up. All right, so here, fist. Start turning, and it’s your hand as well, it’s not just your
wrist, your hand as well. So you can see sort of,
I guess if I back it up just a little bit you can
see sort of the hand motion of there and then it’s
coming like that, like that. So here, here, here, here, like that and then produce, okay? So really quickly have it in back palm, curl down, make a fist,
fingers come out, push in, grab as you turn, squeeze, make a fist, push as much as you can
from here to kick it out and as you turn open up
your hand, produce the card, twirl it, catch it,
throw it in their face, whatever you wanna do. All right guys, so there you have it, that was a tutorial of the first part, the first step of card
manipulation to vanish a card, to make it appear, to show
both sides of your hand empty. Hope you enjoyed that and just
keep in mind a few things, this can be used for close up as well, especially when it’s just the one card. One thing that I like to
do is just have a card, show the card, and then as I’m doing this to show the card after I
make it appear or something or the card changes to that card, I say do you see the
card, and now I do this, and the card disappears
right in front of them, and then I produce it from their elbow. A quick little stupid
thing that I swear to god goes over so well and
sometimes even better than the trick itself. It’s these little things sometimes, so when you’re thinking hey,
it’s just for stage, it’s not, you can use it, and
that’s just one example that I use it for. So come back for the next
videos in the next few days and this week especially,
I will do three parts of this video and teach you
everything that you need to know that I know about card manipulation. And then if you enjoy this
you can go out further and study it more. So that’s
it guys, hit that like a button if you like this video,
subscribe if you haven’t already, and we’ll see you in the next video. Thanks a lot, peace. (soft classical instrumental music)

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