How to Use the EDD Debit Card

[woman] For many years,
millions of Californians have relied on the Employment
Development Department, EDD, to receive their critical
unemployment and
disability benefits. Up until now, customers
have had to wait for checks to arrive by mail. But, not anymore. The EDD has introduced
the new EDD debit card, a faster, more convenient
and more secure way of receiving those
needed benefits. The new VISA-branded cards provided by our partner,
Bank of America, offers many benefits, especially for those
without bank accounts, who used to have to pay
check-cashing fees to access their money. Best of all,
customers get options, and can avoid any fees, simply
with careful use of the card. You can withdraw cash
at any ATM or bank or credit union
that accepts VISA. You can use the card
for purchases anywhere VISA cards
are accepted. And you can even
choose to transfer some or all of your benefits to your own personal
bank account by direct deposit transfer. What are some of the initial
reactions from customers? I don’t have to wonder
where the check is. The money’s there right away, the very day it’s authorized. So I don’t have to go to
the bank, wait in line and… …and wait to cash my check. And I have enough stuff
to worry about. This makes it a lot easier. The EDD debit card is issued after you are determined to be
eligible for unemployment, state disability or paid family
leave insurance benefits. When you receive your card, simply follow the directions
that come with your new card to activate the account. But the verification
was real easy, took less than five minutes. To activate the card,
just call Bank of America at 1-866-692-SUB|0 N . Or you can activate
the card account on-line at
/eddcard. You’ll be asked for
the last four digits of your
Social Security number, or in some cases, the last
four digits of an ID number or ECN, assigned to you by EDD. You will need to select
your four digit personal identification
number or PIN. Your PIN is the access code
to your account for point-of-sale purchases
and ATM transactions. To help keep your
card account secure, you’ll need to
memorize this number and not share it with anyone. You should also sign the
reverse side of your card and read the materials
that come with the card for important information
about your account including how to avoid fees. Now that you’ve
activated your card, you are free to use it
in a number of ways. To retrieve cash, you can
either visit an ATM, or any bank or credit union where VISA cards are accepted. And it just shows up
on the balance. I can look at it
on my computer, or I can take the card to an ATM
and look at the balance. And the money’s there on the day
they say it’ll be there. You get a free, unlimited
number of cash withdrawals at Bank of America ATM’s,
and B of A will not charge for two withdrawals
per each benefit deposit made to your card at ATM’s
outside of their network. While B of A may not
charge a fee, be aware that some other banks
may charge a fee at their ATM locations. At the ATM,
simply select “checking” and enter the amount
you wish to withdraw. You can also
check your balance free of charge at the ATM by selecting “checking”
and “balance inquiry.” Another option is to withdraw up to the full balance
on your account by first checking
your account balance and then walking into
any bank or credit union that accepts VISA cards. I, uh… I like the fact
that if something happens I can go withdraw all
the amount, every bit of it, off this card with no questions. I don’t have to…
there’s no limit. It’s not like
you go to the bank and oh, you got 200 today, and have to wait till tomorrow
to take out the next. Simply approach a teller,
present your card, and request the amount
of money you want from your available balance. There will be no charge
for the withdrawal. But, please be aware the teller cannot access
your account balance. You can also retrieve cash by selecting
the “cash back” feature when making a purchase
using your card. I can use it anywhere. I like how if I go
to the grocery store or the gas station
or out to eat anywhere with my family,
I can use it, and it’s very accessible. There are millions of locations
that accept VISA debit cards. You can even shop on-line, or make utility
and phone payments. The card can be used
like a credit card, or debit card.
For use as a credit card, just swipe the card
and sign the receipt. For use as a debit card, swipe your card
and select “debit.” Then enter your PIN number. If you want some cash back,
select the amount up to the maximum
allowed by the merchant and it’ll be added
to your purchase. But you must keep track
of your account balance. If you do not have enough
available in your account to cover the full cost
of your purchase, your card will be rejected.
While you will not be allowed to go over your
available balance, you can request to pay
a portion of your purchase with the card and pay the remainder
of the bill separately. Just like with using
any debit card, some merchants
may charge a fee. Such fees are usually identified
at the point of purchase. You can choose to
continue with the purchase, and accept the fee,
or discontinue the purchase and go elsewhere
where no fees are charged for using a debit card. Another option is to make
a direct deposit transfer by transferring some
or all of your benefits to your own checking
or savings account. Well, with a new baby,
it was, um… It was a good option for us
to do direct deposit, because it’s hard
to go to the bank. You can do this the first time
you receive benefits, to continue
throughout your claim, or you can choose to make
separate transfers for each benefit period.
It’s really up to you. Simply call or contact
Bank of America on-line and follow
the instructions provided. It was pretty easy.
We were able to… On the back of the card it has
the website that you go to, and then from there
we just followed the steps and figured out how
to do the transfers. So we do check it
from time to time, just to make sure that
everything’s going smoothly and transferring over,
but we also get e-mails as well that say that
the deposit has been made. To set up the transfer, you will need to know
your bank routing number located on your bank
documents or checks. In addition, you’ll need to
provide an e-mail address when setting up
a direct deposit transfer in order for Bank of America
to be able to notify you as soon as benefits are
deposited successfully into your personal
bank account. These transfers
are done electronically through a federal system. There can be a delay
until the next business day if the transfer needs
to be made over a weekend when banks are closed.
You may choose to only have a portion of your benefits transferred to your
personal banking account and keep the remainder
on your card, so those funds are
immediately available. The new EDD debit card is good for all EDD benefit
programs for three years. So be sure to keep your card, and continue completing and
submitting all claim forms required through the
remainder of your claim in order to continue
receiving your benefits. For any questions
regarding your unemployment disability or paid
family leave claim, visit the EDD website at for a variety of resources including frequently
asked questions and contact phone numbers
for the benefit programs. Thank you for calling
Bank of America. For any questions
regarding your debit card, or to check your
card account balance, please call Bank of America
Customer Service at 1-866-692-SUB|0 N , or contact the bank on-line at
/eddcard. The new EDD debit card
provides the convenience and security of a card at
a time of great challenge. And just like the benefits, it’s there to make things
just a little easier when you need a helping hand

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