How to Use Svengali Magic Cards : Card Cutting Tricks with a Svengali Deck

Alright everybody, let me show you some ideas
about cutting the svengali deck and coming up with a selected card. You can almost do
this as a little mini trick. As we’re having a card selected, most of the time they’re
going to be taking this card out and looking at it. Then you can have them pu tit back
and you can reassemble your deck like that. Now, because of the way the deck works, it
will help if you sort of tap it on the table like this. You can cut it a few times to the
table. What I’m doing also to help with the cut is I’m letting a few kind of run off my
thumb and then I’m cutting. That’s always going to bring the card to the top of whatever
packet you just cut to. Let’s say I’ve had the cards selected just like that and put
my deck back together. We’ll cut it a few times to the table. What I’ll do is I’ll tell them okay now I’m
going to cut to your selected card. If you just grab the deck on the ends. You want to
grab it kind of gently. Cut it so that you can see this card, and it doesn’t matter because
you’re going to show them here like this. The reason you’re doing that is that just
in case it doesn’t work and you ended up like this with your force card here, that will
still count as cutting to the card. You want to cut like this and show them that you card
right into their card, and if you would have gone one less or one more, you would have
missed it. Cut again and show them. Just like that. You can almost do that as a mini trick.
Have the card selected. There it is. Then you mix this up a few times like this. STOPS

  1. @LightSabermaster13 you can do the riffle shuffle as mani times as u wan but not anything other kind of shuffle u dumb fuck. your key card is suppose to be at every alternating card .

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