in this video I will show you how to
make your SD card as internal storage for you doubt rooted android devices so
let’s get started first of all go to settings of your
device,tap on storage then tap on your portable SD card tap on 3 dots, storage settings here you
need to format your SD Card so before you going to the format make sure you’re
all the data are saved you can transfer your data to another SD card or your
computer once you’re ready to format then, tap on format as internal then tap on format
SD that as you can see here my SD card is
starting to format. it may take some times to formatting the SD card after finishing the formatting process
tap on continue tap on more content. if your device don’t have enough charge
then don’t forget to plug it on after finishing the moving process tap on done
let’s check out the SD card is ready to use as internal storage or not. to do
that go to settings then tap on storage as you can see here the SD card is ready
to use as a internal storage let’s see how to change an application to SD card go to the application and tap on storage tap on change select your SD card tap here to move that’s it if you found
this video helpful then make sure to leave a like comment below and don’t
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