How to Use Anki Effectively – Flash Card Basics for Pre-Med and Med Students [Part 1]

What’s going on guys! In this video we’re gonna go over how to use
Anki effectively and efficiently. So, once you’ve got Anki downloaded, open
it up, you’re gonna see something like this. You won’t have all these decks on the side,
these are each decks that I created. Now, real quick I recommend you don’t create
too many decks. Generally create just one deck per test, whether
that’s a subject or a midterm or a final exam. Decide for yourself. I would generally just do one for you know,
all of Cardiology. So, I would have a test halfway through for
like a midterm, I’d keep using that deck and I would continue adding to it afterwards. If you have too many decks, that dilutes the
purpose and you probably are not going to get to all your cards. So, limit the number of decks you have. To create a deck, go down here, hit ‘create
deck’ and to add a card, we’re gonna go up here. The first type of cards you’re gonna see is
a basic card type. It’s essentially a flash card with a front
and a back. So, when you open it up, it’s gonna have a
front, if you press ‘space’, that’s the shortcut, it’ll show the back. Now you grade how difficult it was down here. So, based on the difficulty that you choose,
it’ll show it again to you at an interval based on that difficulty. This is the easy card for example. Now, the more effective and efficient way
to create Anki cards is called ‘closed deletions’. These are essentially fill-in-the-blank cards. So, let’s say we have either notes we took
in class or a piece from a text book or a review site or whatever, we can just copy
the text, paste it straight in and just the formatting however we want and highlight the
parts that you want to delete or I should say, highlight the parts you want to fill
in the blank for. The shortcut on Macs is shift command C. And
when you do that, it’ll insert this code which tells ANKI this is a fill in the blank question
and you can do that for as many times as you’d like. So let’s see how that looks. This is the first blank we made and here’s
the second like we made. Another thing you can do is actually have
these show up at the exact same time. So this number after the C refers to an individual
card. So this will have five separate cards. If we change this all to the same number,
this will just count as one card with three blanks. So let me show you how that looks. As you can see, all three of these are blank
and I needed to try to regurgitate all three at the same time. Another thing I recommend you do is insert
images wherever it’s relevant. So this extra portion down here will show
up when you turn the card over to see the answer. So you can have text or you can insert images. And it’ll look like this. Having an image really helps with your recall
rate, so I recommend you do it as much as you can but at the same time, don’t spend
too much time trying to find the perfect image. Just having an image there is better than
no image. It doesn’t have to be the perfect diagram
or whatever. So the next type of card I want to show you,
this is called ‘ten questions’. This is a custom template that you actually
have to create and I’ll show you how to do it in another video, but I’m gonna show you
how it works first and it’s really cool. So, I’m gonna open up sketch. This is what I use to really quickly annotate
images. So, let’s say I want to learn this Anatomy. I’m gonna copy this image and paste it right
here as the answer. So, whenever I flip over any of these question
cards, this answer card will show. Now what I can do is I can go in and actually
blur out the parts that I want to quiz myself on. So, here are the three branches. I’m gonna copy that image, go back and paste
it. And I can do this as many times as I want
or at least up to ten times. You can make even more if you’d like. And I can also put this off on this. I’m gonna show you what this looks like. So here’s the question card, when I flip it
over, here’s the answer. Again question and answer. So, those are my main tips guys. I generally use closed deletions for most
– everything actually if it’s text at least and I’ll use the 10 questions for quizzing
myself on Anatomy or anything image based such as a diagram or a table. Now, I actually rarely use the basic type
because these two generally cover most things. They’re also much quicker to make. So, try it out, let me know what you think. If you guys have any questions, leave them
in the comments below. Make sure you hit like, press subscribe if
you haven’t already and I will see you in that next video.

  1. This is hands down THE BEST video for MS1s trying to figure out how to use ANKI before starting school. Quick and easy.

  2. Hi! Could someone link me this anki app? I have some problem with finding this version :/ thanks a lot 😀 It was really helpful video. 😀

  3. I am using anki, but it does not actually save my cards & i'm afraid i'll make legit cards & they will be all lost. how do we save them…because every card i've made has not been saved

  4. Hey, thanks for the video, I tried using Anki in first sem but I struggled with my time management. Did you make these flash cards as you went along through each week for that particular week's worth of content, while also making notes from the lectures you had in the week or did you only do Anki flashcards and not make notes? And did you make flashcards for all your subjects, like Anatomy, Physiology etc? And how long did you spend making the flashcards for a particular week? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hey I had a quick question about how you took your screenshot. So when I usually take screenshots I do the command + shift + 4 thing to be able to drag the box over what I want (just like you did in this video), but when I do it, the screenshot saves as a shortcut on my desktop. I want to do it like you did where it seemed like you took the screenshot and just had to press command + V and it would paste. Are there some settings that I have to adjust on the mac so that it takes screenshots that way or do you use a different keyboard shortcut? Thanks!

  6. i want to get my powerpoint lecture into anki without doing it one slide at a time, the ank iadd on media import seems promising but I do not know how to use it, can you make a video on this, thanks

  7. I tried using Anki in first sem but I struggled with my time management. Did you make these flash cards as you went along through each week for that particular week's worth of content, while also making notes from the lectures you had in the week or did you only do Anki flashcards and not make notes? And did you make flashcards for all your subjects, like Anatomy, Physiology etc? And how long did you spend making the flashcards for a particular week?

  8. I recently downloaded ankiapp cause i liked it when you were talking about it but i think it changed a lot since this video and i don't think you can change the type of cards anymore. At least i haven't found a way to yet.

  9. Hi ! I'm looking to a way to export from excel or sheet to anki format akpg or other but with IMAGE.. Do you think it's possible ? Bests

  10. The cloze doesn’t work for me
    Because in our country the pdf form of classes and some books aren’t available so that I have to take a picture of them and convert it to word
    But 10question is great
    Thank you

  11. Just wanted to say thank you! I perfected my Marine Science exam due to your channel and Anki. I probably would've passed even without your influence but you taught me a greater lesson. The mere fact that I could strive for more and subsequently achieve more is a lesson I'll carry with me through my life 🙂

  12. small problem i need help, I changed to where all the blanks show up on one card, and when i did that it says card is blank, when i know it isn't i just labeled it {{c1:blahblahblah}} i kind of did this with 472 cards and i don't want to have to start all over again so please help!!

  13. Hi! thanks for this vid! I'm doing A&P and i just learned about anikdroid. I want to make it so I can have something like a nerve plexus and have it reveal one nerve at a time, in sequence. Is it possible to set it up so you reveal only one word at a time and not all of the answers? Thanks!!

  14. Kevin, we work with a lot of students studying for the MCAT and we always encourage them to use flashcards. Often times, when they are interested in using Anki, we refer them to your video tutorials about them. Your videos have helped them learn the ins and outs of Anki and how to benefit from them. Thanks for providing such great advice!

  15. Can someone please show me how to use anki?? I'm desperate!! I put a lot of hard work into making my cards and I think I pressed the wrong button that changed all my card types and now all my cards look weird. Can someone please walk me through it via a zoom session or something. I totally need all my cards. I'm literally crying right now because it looks like I messed up all my hard work.

  16. Anki, literally worked against me. I couldn't change the setting once I lost my ipad. I couldn't never change the settings to see all of my cards before an exam. I'd be practicing for months and then the week before my exam, there was suddenly no way I could access my anki card info. It was almost like someone was overriding my study session based on my upcoming exams. Something really wrong is happening in the tech universe right now. So no. As useful as you would think anki would have been, it wasn't. It was more like sabatoge.

  17. Anki is very powerful tool.. But why sometimes feel so lazy to open the anki app to reach my target 20 cards every day? Do you ever feel the same thing as I did?

  18. Can someone explain Cloze deletion to me? It doesn't seem very useful as you can see all the answers. For example…in his he had atherosclerosis in ________________ –> narrow lumen. Then the next card was athlerosclerosis in epicardial coronary arteries –> ________________. The second card seems worthless because you already saw the answer ("narrrow lumen") in the first card. I feel like I'm missing something here…..

  19. I’m definitely going to try this for my next exam!! This is a great idea why have I never heard of it 😅

  20. I've created a flip card and now I've tried to create a sub desk with just "card2" adding a tag for those flipped card BUT when I'm finished it just add the same tag to the "card1" of my desk and then it filters both of them… now I want just "card2" on my sub desk is it there a way?

  21. Instead of front and back, can I just do 'front'? And if so, how?

    I'm using it for Spanish..

  22. I have one question. Anyone please help me. I have created a deck in anki. I can only open the deck once because the next time i open the deck, it shows "Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.". I cannot open the deck more than once. Can anyone help me so that i can open the deck anytime i want ?
    Really appreciate. Thanks 🙂

  23. I actually have a question. In some flashcards, I need to practice both sides of the card (name to formula and vice versa) and though I have set it on the card and reverse it doesn't seem to quiz me on the reverse side am I missing something?

  24. I don't have the 10 questions, how can i have that? I just downloaded the anki but I'm wondering why I don't have that cool feature

  25. Can you or anyone give me a step by step on how to flip my Anki-cards so I see the Spanish first instead of the English on my Android?

  26. Does Anki randomize the cards? Can you set it to go in order? Because I'm very eager to utilise this app, but, I'm not sure if it will allow you to learn topic by topic.

  27. There is one annoying deficiency of the mac app. You cannot switch the language when typing. I got around it by using the web app though.

  28. I just want to say thank you!
    Last year I started to prepare for the admission test for studying medicine in Austria. Thanks to your videos I learned about Anki and how to use it properly. With using this tool, I ended up being in the 98% percentile. I never would have thought, that this would be possible.
    So again: Thank you so much! You are a big part of making my dream to be a doctor come true!

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