How to Throw Playing Cards!

This episode, be careful. Because you’ll shoot an eye out! This episode of “Scam School”
is the science project gone awry from Go Daddy and Gamefly. Welcome to the show that
takes your childhood dreams and perverts them
into adult nightmares. “Scam School,” the only show
dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street. And I don’t know about you,
but ever since I was a kid, I wanted to throw
Chinese throwing stars. I wanted to be to throw
cards like Gambit. And so today,
that’s exactly what we learned– how to throw cards. What is going on, Ron Richards? All right, fanboy. How have you been? Good to see you. Awesome. And Marcy, it was good to
meet you for the first. Welcome to Revision3. All right, now we’re going to
play a little bit of Gambit. Oh, nice. Yeah. So I say Gambit, you
immediately think of– Blowing up bad guys. No, throwing cards. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Didn’t you always want
to be able to do that? Just like, pew! Throw them off like a bullet? Ever since I first
saw him do it. Now, I don’t claim
to be, like, the best card-thrower in the world. There’s some super talented one. Rick Smith can throw them
practically a football field. Ricky J wrote the
book Cards As Weapons. But I want to teach you
guys the basic principles of card throwing. And there’s a couple things
we’re going to go for. One is the distance and the
other is penetrating power. And both of them rely
most heavily on one thing, and that’s getting the
most spin possible. In this case, we actually
had to pick this up from the hardware store. It’s actually
insulation sheeting that’s actually coated
the aluminum foil. I assume it’s aluminum foil. But with just a
regular playing card, you can get enough spin
that it will actually pierce right through
that– embed itself an inch deep in a foam board. Jesus. And you guys are going
to learn how to do that. Sound good? Sure. Awesome. All right. Let’s talk about some
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internet at We’re going to start
with baby steps here, OK? First thing we’re
going to do this I just want to try just to
get the card over there to actually hit that back wall. Because that’s more
than most people are able to do
right off the top. So you’re good. You take a few card. You take a few cards. Let me see what
you guys would do if yo just had to throw a card. Just reach the wall
is all you have to do. That’s– Oh, yeah. Oh, OK. I like the overhand. No, keep going. This is good. This overhand is–
Well, there you go. –handle. That one hit the curtain almost. Jesus, this is embarrassing. OK, stop. Just do one of those
and see where it can go. First lesson– it’s
all about the spin. Now, you guys just sort of
just hurled it every way. And a lot of people
develop their own technique to how they position their arms. But to me, the core of
it is getting the card to whip itself out of your hand. And the way I do
it is by pinching just the corner of the
card as lightly as I said. And then I kind of
swing my hand forward and just– I don’t
even quite let go because that would be
too difficult on timing. Instead, what I do is I hold
it lightly enough that just the action of swinging my
hand forward, it depart. It rips itself out from
between those fingers, right? So you’ll notice I’m not
whipping my arm really fast. You’re not even
flicking your wrist. I’m not– exactly. It’s like I’m bringing my arm. There’s a little bit of
wrist spin from here to here. But it’s very relaxed. And the idea is just to pinch
it as loosely as you can and just– look at that. Just with the lazy
maneuver, you’re able to get enough that the card
will well actually penetrate the fold. like that. So try it again. This time, again, just practice
holding it really, really lose. And here’s what we’re
going to do is on three, you’re going to
pull your wrist open while your arm goes
forward and just hold it so loose that it
just lets itself go out. OK All right. Oh, damn. All ready an improvement. We can see the spin in it. There you go. There you go. Don’t put it on
accuracy for right now. We’re just on the first one. You just want maximum spin. Already much faster. Much better. There you go. I’ve got a curve going on. There you go. Now you’re getting it direct. Yeah, there we go. You can totally
see the difference. If you get it
before I do, I suck. Now remember. Right now, we’re
working on distance. I just want to see you
guys being able to– Hey! All right. Wait, did you– did you stick? You got it? Marcy already got it! We already have a winner! I can’t believe it! Now, how did it feel? Did it just feel right? It did. It, like, sucked it up Yeah, exactly. It whipped itself
out of your fingers. So just, you pinch
it light enough. And then now, the tough thing
is consistency at some point. Because obviously, right
now, you’ve done it, already Marcy. but the trick
is to get it consistent. All right, so let’s try this. Something different to try. Let me just see you
hold this in your hand. Yeah, see, you’ve
got too much corner. You want to barely pinch
that corner very light. Even lighter than that. All right? And it should flop up and down
like this is how much of it– Marcy’s got it. There you go. When you’ve got it kind
of bobbing up and down, that means you’ve got it
at the right tightness. And just the slightest
bit– just do that. There you go. And instead– I could tell
that you’re releasing it because it’s flying
off to the side. You want it to release itself. You want it to have
enough– look at that! That was beautiful. You’ve got it. Marcy’s– star pupil right here. I Can’t– You’re in remedial mutant
killing right now, Mr. Fanboy! If you try to do it as a
backhand Frisbee thing, then it becomes a
timing thing and you have to release your
fingers at the right moment. I’m no good at that. So instead, I try to make
it a side arm launcher where it starts back here,
it propulses forward. Everything I do with the
card is moving forward. And that way, it
yanks itself out of the grip between
the two fingers. All right, Marcy. I tell you what. I think you’ve got the goods. I’m going to give
you three tries. Oh? I want to see you pierce it. In fact, we’ll even move up. We’ll move up to the test line. At this point, you’re a failure. Oh! You disappointed
your father, son. That’s a– Marcy
is my star student! OK. All right, here’s
what I you to do. I want to see you get enough
force that it actually pieces that foam backing. I want to make you proud. All right. Nice! First try! Marcy passes! But don’t work, Ron. Look, I’ve got a
remedial course for you. After we come back
from the break, you’re going to learn
how anybody can actually pierce the board. Even with a hurl like that I throw like a girl. I was just going to– Dude, I love video games. But just last week, no lie,
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is, when it comes to learning how to
throw cards, you’ve got to figure out what
works best for you. Just remember one thing–
spin is all that matters. And you were able to get spin
with more of a backhand Frisbee motion. You weren’t able
to get spin at all. Whereas I did it more with
the kind of frontward side arm launcher. But in this case, there is a way
that everybody, no matter how talented or talentless,
can actually throw a card hard enough
to punch through the board. And all you need is
one of these these. Here, I’ll give
you a couple here. Couple of rubber bands. I got the smaller,
thinner rubber bands because those tend to
work better for me. And let me explain what
you’re going to do. All right, everybody
follow along with me. You’re going to take
this rubber band. You’re going to put it between
your thumb and forefinger on your left hand. Are you left-handed
or right-handed? Right-handed. Right-handed? Right-handed. Right-handed. Awesome. So here’s what
you’re going to do. You’re going to put
it up like this. You’re going to snag the card
just like so and pinch it. So you’ve got it about 1/3
of the way in and pinch. And you’re going
to pull it back. And when you let
go, there we go. Wow. Hey, I’ll tell you
what works, actually, is when you pull it back,
you want to pinch it. I actually pull apart
the rubber bands. So I’m actually pinching the
two of these side by side. Pull it back. That’s it. Oh! That’s the secret right there. Because otherwise, they
[? link ?] on themselves. So let’s do it. Let’s take it again from
the– oh, look at that! You’re about to get it. I can feel it! He’s got the Gambit fever! Gambit with a rubber band. The rubber band Gambit. You’re like the handy Gambit. You can be Gambit, but you need
some equipment to help you out. So again, you want to separate
the two rubber bands like this, pinch it, pull it
back, and then you’ve got to let go of both rubber
bands at the same time. And when you do, it’ll
go straightforward. Or you’ll hit your
face like I did. Oh! I thought you were
going to do it! So close. This is it. We’ve got to get the moment. All right, we’re
going to do this. Now up to the testing range. You’ve got the distance. Now you’re at the testing range. That’s a nice– Mark’s– Mark’s is already past. You’ve got three tries. All right, three tries? Three tries. Three tries. Oh, the pressure. You want it closer. There you go. Farther in there. There you go. Oh, there’s one. So close. I know. It’s so close. Special. Do you earn your place? We’re not going
to count that one. All right, first try down. Second try. Second try. Ah, you got it on
the second try! Very good job, Mr. Richards! Congratulations. All right, guys. You guys were
frigging fantastic. Congratulations. You’re all honorary
graduates of Xavier’s School of Card Throwing. Sort of. Sort of. Brian Xavier is
what the name is. Well, that was great. Thanks. Yeah, no problem. First and foremost,
a safety note. Remember, you can
poke an eye out. So make sure you pick the
right place and the right time to do your practicing. Second of all, keep in mind
that the more you use the cards, the more warped
they’re going to get and the less chance they
have of flying straight. And third of all, I want
to see some kick-ass video from you guys of exactly
how far and how deep you’re able to throw your cards. So post them at the
boards at where you can see
all of our episodes right back to episode one. I also want to
hear what you want to see in future episode
of “Scam School.” So hit me up at
[email protected] If you’re doing
the Twitter thing, you can follow the show at or find out when I am in your hometown
posted spontaneous “Scam School” meet-ups by following
me at Next episode, I have
a feeling that we’re going to be learning what
the most fashionable way is to wear eye patches. But until then, it’s
time to get to the bar. Oh, that was right in the eye. I’m so sorry, dude! Just have it punched between
your thumb and fore– hey! What, did you just hit me
in the back of the head? Make one joke about
your poor sportsmanship. Ow! And you’re going
to pull it back. And when you let go–
well, not that time. Where did I hit you? Exactly in my eye. That sucked balls. Don’t hurt [INAUDIBLE]. No! No!

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