How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games – [Fight Etiquette BT03]

Nice meeting you.
Nice meeting you. [scoffs] Let me show you how it’s done. [epic gothic choir music] [epic gothic choir music] [cards dropping] In this video, we’re gonna take a look at one of the most important things you need to do right before a game. Shuffling. Bricking. We’ve all been there. Sometimes, it’s because of our deck build. Other times, it’s because we didn’t shuffle
properly. Hey you, can you show him the shuffling methods
again? Who’s that? Could it be… Is it the heart of the Okaaaaay! We’ll first have this guru do some warm-up
exercises. Special Skill: Cascading Waves! Probably the most popular shuffle. It involves taking a chunk of cards from the
bottom, and gradually transferring them to the top of the deck. Special Skill: Vortex Shambles! Usually used by beginners or children, the
Smoosh Shuffle is fun to do once in a while, but not recommended for tournaments. Special Skill: Rock Sunder! An advanced technique that takes some practice. It’s one of the best shuffles, and it can
be done rather quickly! Special Skill: Reckoning Stars! A good way to ensure you have the right number
of cards in your deck. But it doesn’t shuffle well, so make sure
you mix it up with other shuffling methods! Ultimate: Tornado! Yeah……… No, not a shuffle. In order to really randomize your deck, use
a combination of the shuffling methods. Or, weave shuffle seven times! Now, let’s talk about a different kind of shuffle. Attack your Van— Special Skill: Chaos Shuffle! Hand Shuffle! A fearsome shuffle in which shuffling is not
the goal. Done by moving cards from one hand to the
other rapidly. Completed with cards slapping noises. I get it. We all do it sometimes. And some situations call for it. Such as preventing your opponents from memorizing
your cards, or when you need to drop a hand card at random. But you’ve gotta admit: when done excessively,
it can be pretty distracting. Stop hand shuffle, and make this world a better

  1. “Stop hand shuffle and make this world a better place”. Couldn’t agree more with this line. Hand shuffle is the most immature thing to do in a cardfight in my opinion. It’s like a kid who’s trying to show off a really useless skill to the world. 😂😂😂

  2. This was beautiful. I really hope, this channel at least, does stuff like this more often and tries actually communicating with the Vanguard community. It'll help spread the game's popularity and hopefully give it the recognition it deserves.

  3. Heart of the cards LOL
    Also what is the problem if I mix at least 2 shuffling metods and a good build but still brick my hands?

  4. Can't wait to hear people at locals actually shouting out the hissatsu shuffle names now :')
    Jokes aside, thanks for the showcase! Should definitely be a big help to beginners as well

  5. Blame konami with there shuffling methods they showed in yugioh anime. People got use to doing that.
    Power shuffle is king. Rift shuffle is secondary.
    And yeah. Hand shuffling is silly. Reguardless for people with identic memory that doesn't work. People with average memory recall it can. But the fact the game stand turn draw and cards with draw mechanics throughs off your assessment of what you opponent has in hand. Same with grand daddy of tcgs magic.

    Have a half of the deck on the right and the other half on the left, you will then proceed to swipe both of them into the middle direction.

  7. Maybe I should do a video on how I shuffle at some point, since everyone always tells me I shuffle in a really unique way but everyone agrees it's effective at randomizing the deck.

  8. And if you are playing transformers, I highly recommend shuffling at your loudest against a cliffjumper (commonly known as autobot cars in the meta) deck.

  9. Start pushing for the game to be at stores like Target and Walmart! Advertise the game in the USA! I want friends to play with in real life but no one knows the game exists!

  10. Hey I am from India
    I want to get the vanguard table in which you are playing from where I can get it do you have any idea plz help

  11. its funny that they actually recommend 7 riffle shuffles. some friends and myself were doing some research before going to regionals near the end of G era and stumbled on some scientific shuffling methods and it turns out that if your deck is sorted, pile shuffling it into 7 piles and then riffle shuffling 7 times gives the best chance for "randomization" and the removal of clumps from your deck. Took that knowledge to regionals, made day 2 playing overlord and ended up 20th place. After every round i completely sorted my deck so i could then pile shuffle it and then riffle 7 times before each game, never opened an unplayable hand and didnt missride during either day of competition.

  12. "Bricking, we've all been there. Sometimes, it's because of a deck build, and other times, it's because Bushiroad refuses to consider consistency when designing cards."

  13. Well, thanks for teaching me how to shuffle properly Bushi!

    Also, I love how much memes we're drawing of this video, hope to see more. Also, I love how they address even Hand Shuffles… time to shout out shuffle names now.

    Another sidenote: When the brick is real…

  14. Wow! We're overwhelmed by the love and support everyone has given us in this video!

    Soooooo…. Anyone gonna attempt a Tornado Not-Even-A-Shuffle shuffle in the upcoming BCS?

  15. Reminder on the floor rule 3.9.9 "Making too much noise when hand shuffling, and

    excessive hand shuffling, may be considered by the

    opponent to be intimidating behavior, and may be a

    nuisance to the surrounding fighters"

  16. When that dude heard some whisperes and thought himself it came from the cards and skipped a scene is so funny whahahah…(R.I.P. anime logic wish its real OmO )

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