How To Set The Default Download Location To An SD Card Android Phone/Tablet

what’s up guys welcome to another
Android tutorial in this video I will show you how to make your SD card as a
default download location on your Android phone or tablet while following
this video you can also download application directly to your SD card so
let’s get started first of all you need to download an application form Google
Play Store this application is work for no rooted Android device so don’t worry
about that so, open your play store and search for ES File Explorer then install
it open the application after the install
is completed tap on agree, give the necessary permissions tap on 3 dots over here then open
settings tap on phone directory settings then down path keep tapping here
until you find your SD card this is my SD card but in your your case sd card
can be different tap on your SD card then select or
create a folder as a download location after doing this task, press okay then
return to the homescreen . now you have to set the download location on your
browser to do this go to your browser settings then go to the download and
select your download location if you are using google chrome like me then follow
here now you are ready to download anything on your SD card let’s see if a
download is going to our desired location let’s see if it’s going to the
right place with an mp3 song download here you can see that the download has
gone directly to the desired location of the SD card that’s it if you found this
video helpful then make sure to leave a like comment below and don’t forget to
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  1. Make another vid without es file explorer… its not in the store anymore…..which would make this video outdated cause there is no way this can work without Linking us es file explorer…or showing us a way to download

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