How to receive payments via credit card

Payoneer is now offering a quick and
simple solution that allows you to receive credit card payments from
individuals and companies in just three simple steps. With
competitive pricing and high payment limits this is an excellent solution for
freelancers and service providers to get paid by their clients To get started login to Payoneer Select Receive Payments from the
navigation menu at the top of the screen and then Request a Payment. Enter the
details of the payment you wish to receive in the form below You’ll begin with the payment amount and
currency the type of payment a description of the payment Please note: the maximum amount you can request per payment is $2,000. Each client can pay up to $10,000 per day so if you need to receive more than
$2,000 we suggest you do this in multiple payments. The same amounts apply in Euro too Next, fill in the information at the
individual or company you would like to receive payment from Note that we will save this information
to make it easier for you to send future payment requests To see a preview of the payment request
email you’re about to send select Preview. The email will include details of your request such as amount and description and the
Pay Now button for your client to complete the payment with a Visa or
MasterCard When you’re satisfied with the details
of your email Press Send. The email will inform the company or individual of your payment request and with a couple of clicks will allow
them to easily complete the payment using a Visa or MasterCard All payments are reviewed on an
individual basis and are subject to approval by Payoneer Once approved, funds are available within
two business days It’s a simple as 1, 2, 3! For additional
assistance or if you have any questions, please
don’t hesitate to contact us by going to and clicking on Support Center

  1. Finally <3. I will test it with my freelancer clients <3. Thank youuuu !! Now, I have 0 reasons to keep that bullshit called PAYPAL xD. I love you Payoneer <3. Your services are wayyyy better than my local bank in Morocco 😉 .

  2. I guess this feature isn't the same for everyone. When I try to request a payment, it just sends the bank account details to the email. There's no "Pay Now" button as shown in this video.

  3. i am looking a vid and it does not match my account settings. why am i restricted to only receiving payments from US companies? I need receive a payment from and individual outside the US. how do i do this?

  4. Hi, Can I now get payments from Kobo in Canada and other book platforms over the world or is it still only American Currency?

  5. Hi, please contact us directly at:
    So we can better review your currency inquiry.
    Please note that some Canadian companies might have the option to send ACH payments like US based companies.

  6. Oh miss to hell with you 2000per day and 2 working days. the people have reached to space you still need 2 days for transfer of payment request. to he'll with if you can't transact huge amount with in a click … can you answer me how can I recieved huge amounts. my smallest payment transaction is about 5m USD per week …

  7. HI Chan,

    We are sorry to hear that your card did not arrive. In order to assist you with your inquiry we request that you contact our support center directly. You can find our contact details via the following link:

  8. Saludos! ¿Es posible recibir pagos de clientes que utilizan Tarjeta de Débito Visa o MasterCard? Muchas gracias

  9. I have never received my card. why is it so slow to ship the card to Africa-kenya??? Payoneer isnt popular or something

  10. i did not understand what is this and i also receive it but i did not use payoneer Card.I want to know just for what we use payoneer card please tell me Payoneer

  11. I've recive my card just now..I've never using this card..I'm from bangladesh..I want to withdraw money from fiver..Plz help me how can I do this

  12. I must commend payoneer team for good work done. I re-apply for card renewal and got me in Ghana in ONE week. I have applied for visa from ADB it is about 3 months have not receive it

  13. payment up to 2000 dollar to keep charging you feed after that , not good , what if i have to receive 10000 every 2000 i have to pay feed , ?

  14. my account only showing two option that is activity, receive and not other option is there to send payment please help me out

  15. I have never received my card. why is it so slow to ship the card to PAKISTAN??? Payoneer isnt popular or something

  16. in Bolivia i cant get my card DHL espress say i dont know what is payooner in Bolivia ! help i really need the card for word

  17. i've got your mastercard,but i can't load to my account .i've tried to transfer from mongolia to my account,but not i load cash to my account? plz help

  18. I've heard in Serbia it is not possible to pick up money at ATM with Payoneer card. they said I just can pay over internet for things. Can you confirm that I can take money from ATM? Bank clerks told me they've found few Payoneer cards in their ATM machines… Also, if I earn some money in USA, is it possible to give that account for payment without any commissions, and after that, when I come back to Serbia, take that money regular from ATM? And what is commission for taking money on ATM? And is it possible to receive money from USA from a friend – on that (Payoneer) account?


  20. hola, en mi cuenta payoneer no me aparece la opción de recibir un pago, ya mi tarjeta esta activa, que debo hacer en ese caso?

  21. Does person that needs to send you payment needs to have Payoneer account? I have some people that want to send me money but opening Payoneer and then waiting for card is a long process.

  22. My first payment of global banking service..I wasas sent 250$ on 20th december but still no fund received and even no indication of getting this fund…I donot even know did they send money or not…its really suck take too long and no indication of sending money…I have already contacted but got a reply to wait more..This is bullshit..

  23. How long will it take to credit the paid amount in my account? My client did the payment, but still, I haven't got it! #PayoneerHelp #Payoneer

  24. I have a personal account, I'm from philippines and i will be using payoneer for freelance projects in US. Whats the transaction limit amount per day?

  25. Hi mam I'm from India. I have created an account at payn one error but forgot username. please help me as soon as possible.

  26. After getting my card,i did not receive any payment.If i want to get or receive some money,at least how much can be received or send by payoneer or to payoneer?

  27. Can I receive payment from Perfect Money USD account into my Payoneer account? If yes then How? And what abt charges?

  28. how to get donations from different people, whom i don't know? i can't create payment request for every human and set single charge, because payments are different. Payoneer, can i do this somehow ?

  29. This payoneer is USELESS, with the new politics you practically need to be rich and live only in Europe or USA.

  30. If I have an E-Commerce Site, how to receive payment by Payoneer Card from Customers? And how can I add my Card to my site as a Payment Option?

  31. Payoneer wasted my time making an account. This Video incites you to open an account that CAN'T send payments to freelancers "Our attempt to process your payment was declined by your card issuer." You CANNOT make payment to individuals.

  32. Every time I am going to pay my team member through credit card, getting the FRAUD ALERT. What should I do ?

  33. this doesn't look like this one anymore. help. when I entered the details, it says the service does not support the route – (take note, japan is included in the lists)

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