How to Play Spit

How to Play Spit. Spit, or speed, is a fun, fast-paced card
game that will have your heart racing nearly as fast as your hands. You will need A deck of cards and a partner. Step 1. Split the deck so each player has 26 cards. Set up your tableau opposite your opponent
by dealing your cards face down into five piles. The first pile has one card, the second two,
up through five in the fifth pile. Flip the top card of each pile. The 11 remaining cards are your stockpile. An older deck prevents slipping. Step 2. Place the face-up cards in descending order,
alternating red and black suits. As you move a card from a pile, turn the next
card in the pile face up. If there is an empty space, you may fill it
with any card, always keeping five piles in front of you. Step 3. Hold your stockpile cards in one hand, face
down, without looking at them. To start, players say “one, two, three – spit,”
simultaneously. Turn over the top card in your stockpile and
place it between your tableau and your partner’s. Your partner does the same. These two cards start spit piles. Step 4. Play a card from your tableau on either spit
pile, using one hand. You and your opponent play at the same time,
so you must be the first to get to the pile with your card to play it. Cards placed on the spit card must rank one
higher or one lower; suit does not matter. Watch your opponent’s cards to anticipate
future moves. Step 5. Spit again when neither player can play a
card. When one player runs out of cards, slap the
smaller spit pile. If your opponent slaps that pile first, they
pick it up. Point out moves your opponent misses, but
only if you think it will benefit you. Step 6. Take the spit pile you slapped and set up
your tableau again. If you have fewer than 15 cards, build your
tableau as far as you can, leaving no stockpile. Your opponent spits into a single spit pile
and play continues. The person who runs out of cards first is
the winner. Did you know In 2008, Sarasota, Florida, rescinded
an anti-spitting law enacted in 1908.

  1. Um, well some people say that this is the American version. But last time I played with my cousins in L.A. we played differently … We play the same in the Us and Canada … I just think that this is an other way of playing the game … !

  2. this girl i like wanted to play spit with me…… i said yeah sure! but i had no idea how……. thanks youtube! 🙂

  3. @XxChUbBybunniixX you wait until your opp. can't play or he changes it so you can. If he can't, you flip the pile at the same time.

  4. That's not the way I play spit. From the five piles u can only put the cards on top of eachother if theyre the same number (like the 2 kings)

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  8. Try playing Speed! with these unique cards – – There are eight decks numbered differently. One contains the numbers 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27 and 30.

  9. I play where whoever runs out first gets to choose the deck. If whoever slaps it first gets the deck they choose theres no point in getting rid of yiur cardd beforr your oppenet.


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