How to Play Spit in the Ocean Poker : All About Draw & Community Poker

So, Spit In The Ocean is a combination of
a community card game plus a draw poker game. It’s primarily draw poker, that, that’s it’s
dominant gene if you will. So let’s look at a hand of draw poker since that’s the classification.
That’s the dominant gene. A typical five card draw everyone gets five cards; looks at them;
here’s betting and we go from there. You know here is ten, nine, eight, six, four. I have
an inside straight draw. I’ll discard this card. There’s a pair of threes with an ace.
There’s pretty much a whole lot of nothing, but it’s a flush draw. And, this guy’s got a pair of aces, and so
you look at your cards, you bet and everyone says how much they’re drawing. This guy wants one; this fella two; this person
two; and this one, one. And then your have four betting and the showdown. That is draw


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