How to Play Old Maid

How to Play Old Maid. Using only a deck of cards, this simple game
can keep children entertained. You will need A deck of cards and two or more
players. Step 1. Remove one Queen from a standard deck, shuffle
the cards, and deal them one at a time to each player. Continue dealing until you are out of cards. Trick your friends by pretending to have a
“tell,” acting happy if you have the unmatched Queen and acting upset if you don’t. Step 2. Find pairs in your hand. Place each pair face down in front of you,
and have others do the same. Step 3. Have the player to your right fan their remaining
cards face down. Pick one card from their hand to add to yours. Step 4. Match your new card with another card in your
hand. Put the paired set face down in front of you,
or keep the new card in your hand if you can’t make a match. Step 5. Pass the play to the person on your left,
with them choosing a card from your hand and discarding any match that’s made. Continue to the person to their left. Put an unmatched Queen that you want to get
rid of in the middle of your hand. Most players pick from the middle, not the
edges, of the hand. Step 6. Keep playing and matching cards until the
only card that hasn’t been matched is the last Queen card. This person left holding the Old Maid card
loses. Did you know The French version of this game
starts by removing three jacks, leaving the jack of spades. The person left with this card is the “Old

  1. we have the same game concept here in the philippines but its called "1-2-3 pass" the only difference is the way the players get cards from the player next to him. in 1-2-3 pass, all the players get cards from the next player all at once not 1 by one.

  2. @HirasawaYui98 No because it gives players a chance to win if a person has one queen, then they grab another queen they can put it down. Once the players see the queen, they'll try to avoid the person who has one

  3. ちょっと待った


    『ババ抜き』の 応用ですね⁈


  4. You're supposed to remove all the queens except the queen of spades. We called this game Scabby Bess because our country's queen is Scabby Bess.

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