How to Play Gin Rummy: Card Games : Gin Rummy Strategy

Hi this is Gary Zier for Expert Village now
that we understand the rules and the object of the game gin rummy let’s take some look
at tips and strategies. Our basic strategy should be to form nils and to get rid of high
cards rather then the ones. Also we can try to knock early in the game there are 52 possible
3 card nils of three of a kind and 44 possible 3 cards nil of the same suit. So you have
more of a chance to form a 3 card nilled of 3 of a kind. Know to take the card shown on
the discard pile generally a card should not be taking from the discard pile unless it
completes a set or a rum. If it does not complete a set or a run then you are doing something
called speculating and your losing the opportunity to build more nils by picking by the stock
pile. For example you see a ace in the discard pile you already have one aces and another
one would be good because we can lower the dead wood or a match card value in your hand.
But really what you are doing is warning your opponent that you need aces and he would not
want to throw you another ace. Therefore it would be very hard to form a good nilled.


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