How to Play Fan Solitaire : Intro to Fan Solitaire

You know, I’m, I’m fond of saying that solitaire
is a fun way to pass the time and most versions hone the mind, as well. One very fun game
to play, say on a hot summer’s day is called Fan. The game actually has a number of different
names, it goes by the name Trefoil, Trefoil (not so good with my French) La Belle Luci,
(not so good with my French). It can also be called Three Shuffles and a Draw, or Midnight
Oil. We’re going to call it Fan, that’s one of the names. And what it basically consists
of are 17 packs of 3 cards that are displayed in a fan, and one extra card, that’s how you
get to 52, 17 times 3 is 51. So that it’s a tableau where you have all the cards out,
and it’s a fun game. But let me ask you, is Fan as cool as the name sounds? We’re going
to find out.

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