How to play bridge

[ Intro music ] When you’re playing bridge at Sky Bridge Club your cards are always shown at the bottom of the screen You’re in the South position Your partner up here is North This fellow over here is West and that’s East so you and North are partners against east and West First thing we need to do is choose the contract and we can do that by using this bidding slider Click the right arrow or the left arrow and you’ll see that the bids in the centre of the screen change So you just keep on bidding, sliding until you find a bid that you like If you’re not sure what to do you can click the hints button turn that to hints on and it’s suggesting 1H so that’s fine for me so I’ll bid 1H The bids are shown in this auction area here in the bidding pad and North has bid 2H That’s great, that’s high enough for me so I’ll pass But again you can slide the bids along until you find something that you like I’ll pass And that’s the finish of the bidding. The contract is 2H You can see up there 2H South, that’s me, I’m the declarer so I’m the one in control of the hand And West has led the S6 The yellow around the North cards here means I need to play a card from the North hand So I’ll play the S3 And now there’s yellow around the South cards so that means I need to play a card from South I’m going to try playing the CT But that does not work because West led a spade and I need to follow suit I need to play a card of the same suit that was led So I can play the S7 or SA. I’m going to win the SA Now because I won that trick 6, 3, J, A the Ace is the highest so I play from the South hand next and in fact you can see the yellow just reminding you that you need to play from the South hand and the first person to play to any trick can play any card they want so I can play the HK here and notice that West played the H2 following suit me too and I’ll play a couple of more hearts and I’ll play a club now and away we go and we just keep doing this until all the cards have been played now, West has led the ST I don’t have any spades left in the North hand so I can play whatever I like I’ll play the H9 and I have to play the S7 from the South hand The ST was the highest card but North played a trump so because hearts are trumps that H9 wins the trick and I can play any card I want from the North hand so I’ll play the C8 If I can’t remember what the last trick was I can click up here I can see tricks up here North South have won 5, East West have won 2 Just click on that and we can see the last trick click again to hide it and if I can’t remember what the bidding was I can click the contract and that reminds me what the auction was OK, club led so I need to play a club I’ll just play some more clubs now and it’s pretty easy so even if you’ve never played bridge before you can just play, click on some stuff, nothing’s going to break and after you’ve played a few hands you’ll get the hang of it you might like to check out some of the lessons to improve your game the score here is shown at the end of the hand 200, that’s great I can redeal and replay that hand or I can play the next hand and that’s it! I’m going to play this hand again, I think I’m going to redeal and have another go Alright, that’s it, have fun!


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