Bohnanza is a 45 minute game for 2-7 players
where you are a bean farmer, trying to earn the biggest profit. Have the most successful harvests to earn
gold and win the game! Make profitable trades and plant your beans
just right in this bean trading game! A Bohnanza deck contains 154 bean cards of
11 varieties. During the game, you will draw cards, trade
them, plant them, and then finally harvest them to turn them into coins. At the top of each card is a number saying
how many of those cards are in the game – the rarer the card is, the more valuable it is
when harvested. Players can play beans in two “fields”,
and only one type of bean can be in a field at a time. Players harvest beans for coins, and at the
end of the game, the player with the most coins wins! An important rule in Bohnanza is that you
cannot change the order of the cards in your hand. Always play from the front of your hand, and
when you draw cards, they go one at a time to the back of your hand in the order you
drew them. Players take turns being the active player
and follow four steps: Plant; flip and trade; plant traded beans; and draw new cards. In the first step, the active player must
plant the bean at the front of their hand if they have one, and if they wish, they can
plant the next one too. It may be placed in an empty field, or a field
with a matching bean. If the bean cannot be placed in any field,
you must make an empty field by either harvesting and selling a field of beans; or by purchasing a 3rd field. To purchase another field, return three coins
to the discard pile and take a 3rd bean field card. You may only purchase a 3rd field once per
game, and may do so even when it’s not your turn. Once your first bean is played, you may choose
to play a second bean (but not more than that), following the same rules. In the second step, flip over the top two
cards of the deck. These two cards MUST be planted by someone. You may either set aside one or both to plant
in your own fields, or trade them using cards from players’ hands so someone else agrees
to plant them. Cards from anywhere in any players’ hand may
be traded during this step (including the current player’s), but planted beans cannot
be traded – this is the only way to get rid of unwanted beans from your hand, so don’t
be afraid to trade! Only remove cards from your hand once the
deal has been agreed on. Cards may also be donated, but both players
must still agree to the transaction. Traded and donated cards are set aside for
the next step, and cannot be traded or donated again. Trades and donations can only be made with
the active player. This step ends when the active player is done
trading and donating. In the third step, players plant the beans
that were set aside – each player may choose which order they plant in. Note that any player may harvest at any time,
which can free up a field to continue planting in immediately, just like in step one. In the fourth step, the active player draws
three cards one at a time to the back of their hand to ensure the proper order is kept. When the draw deck is depleted, shuffle the
discard pile and it becomes the new deck. When your turn is finished, the player to
your left becomes the active player and begins their turn. When a player harvests and sells beans, they
count the number of beans in their field and consult the beanometer at the bottom of the
card. If they reach the number underneath a corresponding
coin value, they receive that number of coins. Take a number of beans from that field equal
to the coins earned and place them in your earnings stack face-down – these are the coins
you’ve earned. The remaining cards are placed in the discard
pile. If you have fewer beans than the lowest number,
you earn no coins. Take note: A player may not harvest a field
with only one bean unless all their fields contain exactly one bean. The game ends when the deck has been depleted
three times, at which point, the player with the most coins
wins! If this happens during your turn, finish your
turn. In the case of a tie, the winner is the player
who had more bean cards in their hand when the game ended. To begin a game of Bohnanza, deal five cards
to each player. Remember not to change the order of the cards
when you pick them up. Place the remaining cards in the center as
your draw pile. There are slight variations for different
numbers of players in the rule book, or you can see them in the description below. A special 2 player duel variation can be found
in the rule book as well. We’re Games Explained, and that’s how to play

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