How to Play Advanced Hearts : The Jack of Diamonds Variation of Hearts

Hearts variations, jack of diamonds, this
feature was added to the game at the turn of the century and the idea is sometimes called
On the Bus Hearts. Jack of diamonds now becomes a very good card. As a matter of fact, it
takes ten points off your score. Now it’s added to the game to kind of jazz it up a
little bit and maybe give the diamond suit some meaning and maybe as a consolation prize
for the person who takes the queen of spades, but regardless, it is a premium card. So the
way that it works is very simple. If you are playing with the jack of diamonds and you’re
passing cards and you have the jack of diamonds in your hand and you have diamonds with it,
you’re best holding on to it. There are three ways to take the jack of diamonds. Number
one, someone could lead a low diamond, low diamond, and the third person doesn’t go high,
and you get a free jack, ten points, thank you very much. Number two, you could have
nothing but diamonds left in your hand and the jack is among those diamonds and let’s
just say the suit’s gone around and you had a long diamond suit and the jack of diamonds
and the ten of diamonds are the only two left. The ace king already came out. This jack is
promoted for force. Well, number three, you don’t have to have any diamonds at all. You
might have discarded diamonds into the pass, the queen of spades is already out, you’re
waiting until the end of the hand, and you’re club winners or your spade winners after the
queen is gone are good and they just force the jack of diamonds into your hand. There’s
a lot of strategy to playing with the jack of diamonds. Number one, you want to make
sure that the person who’s low and doesn’t take the queen doesn’t get a free jack. Number
two, you try to always play high in third seat. So if he’s playing a low diamond, he’s
playing a low diamond, if you have the king of diamonds there’s no sense in holding on
to it because if he gets a free jack you’re king of diamonds might even get a queen of
spades. Next point; don’t mess around with the jack of diamonds if the queen and a bunch
of hearts are still out because there’s no sense in taking eighteen points if you’re
going to take the jack of diamonds. Just go losing eight points. I cover the jack of diamonds
extensively in the Win at Hearts. That’s the only Hearts book that’s out there. I don’t
think anybody else has written one. I really wish, certainly wish somebody would write
one. I would like to see a different slant on the game, maybe a little bit more strategy
than for what I’ve written, but basically it’s a variation. You can look it up on the
Internet. It’s also mentioned in the Hearts book. It’s a lot of fun. You might want to
considerate it.

  1. He just means the obvious, that if QKA Diamonds have already been played, your J Diamonds can win a diamonds trick because it will be highest.

  2. The veterans of the jd game know that its not a card that wins the game, its a game that helps the table….for instance ifyou are in 2nd place, and you cant win the jack, give it to the highman and duck all the hearts, that forces low to cover and you thusly take the lead.

  3. There was also a variation that went with the jack of diamonds…If you never took a single trick during a deal, you subtract 5 points. Also, if you score exactly 100 points you go back to zero…LOL

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