How to make a Spanish sentence with KLOO. Making a
sentence is really easy. Start by playing a red card, and then just look for the colored
arrows. For a blue arrow, play a blue card. To make our sentence longer, we can now play
a purple card for the purple arrow. The amazing thing about playing KLOO is that your sentence
will always make grammatical sense, no matter how many cards you play. Now, we can play
a yellow or a green card. We chose a yellow card. Here’s a double arrow card. You have
to be able to play the next card in order to play it. Just keep playing as far as you
can. In most games of KLOO, you score a point per
card. So in this case, seven points. And what happens if you don’t have all the cards? Let’s
see. Start with a red card, you can play a blue card and a yellow card. But with no green
or purple cards, that’s as far as we can go. Three points for this turn. With KLOO cards, you can learn in under one
minute how to make a grammatically correct sentence in Spanish. And with each
deck of KLOO cards, you can create tens of thousands of useful Spanish sentences and phrases. That’s it, have fun!

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