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Hello Food-N-Voyage Subscribers Today I am going to show you how to make a tasty snack using brown chickpeas You can have this as a starter too This is a very healthy snack and very very easy to make Just one thing you have to do is plan beforehand and soak brown chickpeas for 7-8 hours to make this Wash it clean before soaking in water I have soaked this overnight, you may soak it for 7-8 hours which is enough This is usually made using white chickpeas or chana dal, which is used for making chole However, brown chickpeas gives a better taste and I request you to definitely try this Filter water from soaked chickpeas and transfer it to a mixer jar Now add Green Chilies 4-5 Few Roasted groundnuts Then some gram flour, I have taken 2 tablespoons and that is enough Now lets grind this to a semi-coarse consistency which is not like a paste or a powder I will show you the right consistency See this is the right consistency see the consistency properly,now Keep a Pan with oil on low flame to deep fry Since we will be deep frying, ensure that you use more quantity of oil Use oil as per the quantity you are going to make So we have prepared our oil for deep frying and keep your stove on low flame I will show you what is to be done next Ensure that your oil is ready by the time you prepare the dough for deep frying Since we have used gram flour, it will be binding easily. Take equal portions of the dough to form round balls like this The name of this snack is FALAFEL The origin or this snack is from Egypt Many western countries are found to be having this in their menu Especially after the plant based diet or vegan diet being followed by many You must have heard this term frequently in recent times (Conversing with baby…) This snack is famous among Vegans (Conversing with baby…) (Baby is also excited to speak…) (Conversing with baby…) See i made equal portions of the dough to form round balls this way You can do it with one hand very easily Brown chick peas is very high in protein It helps kids to gain weight and its very good for them The name of this snack item is Falalfel Like i said, its origin comes from Egypt This is one of the most important snack item for Vegans as it gives immense energy They include this in plant based diets This snack gives lots of energy to the body along with nutrition You will feel like have this repeatedly if you taste it once So our round shaped portions are ready for frying, you do not have to necessarily make it round Generally it is is round shape, but you can also make it flat like a patties I am making it in this shape today We have used brown chick peas,some gram flour, green chilies and roasted groundnuts and salt to make this I missed to show salt in the video, but I have added it while grinding, so you also add salt without fail You can combine this with vegetables also Our oil is all ready for frying I will show you how we are going to fry this Pick each round ball and drop it in the oil gently such that half the ball is immersed in oil. Keep the balls half drowned in oil for frying Then sprinkle oil on the rest of the portion while frying Our Falalfel snack is getting ready now and you definitely try this with your favorite chutney If not chutney, have it with ketchup, cheese dips, mayonnaise, etc This is will be very tasty, my daughter has also had it and she loved it very much You also have it for sure This will take 3-4 minute to fry and cook completely Even if you try it with white chickpeas, it will turn out well. But brown chickpeas gave a better taste I recommend you to try it using brown chickpeas Most people make it with white chickpeas I tried it using brown ones and it turned to be awesome See our Falafel is now ready and we are removing this one by one from the oil So the hot Falafel, which is an evening snack made from chickpeas is now ready to eat You can have this with tea just like you have bhajji, bonda, pakoda This is very very very very healthy and so you all definitely try this I am going to have this just like that today, with green chilies and one bite of green chili with one bite of Falafel For the cold weather in Belgium, we are going to have this hot You also compliment this snack with the climate of your location or city I think you also will like it Serve this to your vegetarian and vegan friends This is the best bet for kids as a snack item for their lunch boxes This is very simple to make and all you need to do beforehand is soak the chickpeas for 6-7 hours and then your job is half done, all you have to do next is, grind and fry I hope you liked this recipe if you have enjoyed this video please like and share Try this recipe and share your feedback in the comments section Do not forget to subscribe to our channel Thanks for your support

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