How to Make a Tea Bag Box

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chic n scratch this is the project we’re making today isn’t it cute
it’s a tea bag box so you open it up as a tea bag a piece of chocolate it will
also hold the little honey crystals and you’ll see all of this in the video it
was film live so feel free to fast forward this was made with a new project
that is available as of today it’s a new celebration item called rise and shine I
love it okay if you need anything let me know and I hope you enjoy the video okay
hello hello happy Monday it is March 2nd March is my favorite month I said that
on my blog post the other day okay so good evening
so housekeeping notes I announced the winner of chick Kandy 67 today and I saw
that Mary did fill out my form so that’s going in the mail tomorrow chick Kandy
68 was posted on my website today and it includes the Grace’s Garden stamp set
and garden gateway dies the chicken scratch back scratcher ink fan and then
one of my fabric baskets that I made this weekend okay so that’s chick candy
68 all you have to do is leave a comment on that blog post and I use random
generator to draw the winner and speaking of the fabric baskets I had
multiple people ask me for an instruction sheet I don’t normally do
that but I went ahead and did it but you still need to watch the video to be able
to make it so this is over there on the blog post of fabric baskets and I just
added this in today so you can print that off round 2 of celebration starts
in the morning and the wheat hours so online ordering is going to be down for
about three hours I believe it’s going to go offline about midnight mountain
time and they said it should be back up about 3 a.m. mountain town which is 1
a.m. to 4 a.m. for Central Time I can’t show you the inside of it
because we’re not allowed to show the inside but I’m going to recap those
really quickly for for those of you that have not seen it so rise and shine is
one of them and we are using that tonight and the cup of cheer dyes came
back it wasn’t on the carryover list but it’s on the carryover list now so yeah
it’s back it was originally the not the stamp set but the cup of chair dyes was
in the holiday catalog the other stamp set is tags in bloom and well dressed so
we have three new stamp sets that will be available tomorrow I’m just trying to
figure out a thought sync or blood not sure okay
so then I’ll show you the two papers this is I can’t remember the name but I
showed it to you a couple weeks ago I took my pool party stamp and blend
marker look how beautiful that he is I love it
this one I colored with the poppy parade and the granny apple green so yeah you
can color these and then the vellum and I use the vellum on my little on the
roof on the little milk carton cottage a couple weeks ago okay that’s enough
talking I’ll get all of this out of the way and give you the measurements like I
said we’re using rise and shine along with the cup of cheer dyes these are the
two pieces that were using tonight where’s my supplies that it’s very
simple I know every time I do this it’s like
wow we’re really gonna make something with just this little bit that’s why we
paper craft right we can make something beautiful out of something so little
okay so pool party card stop that measures seven by five and five eighths
yeah some whisper white flower Stampin and then early expresso one and a half
by three and an eighth okay so we’re gonna get these
we scored scoring tool and I’m going to place it on the portrait side which is
the five and five eight side and I’m going to score it at a half an inch one
and a quarter four and three eighths and five and an eighth and I’m going to turn
it on the landscape side which is the 7-inch side and I’m going to score it at
two and a half three and a quarter five and three quarters and six and a
half okay I’ve got my bone folder here I’m gonna fold on all the score lines
and then burnish it with the bone folder and then on this side too so I think
this is box template thirty and you will be seeing another size in fact I made
the larger size earlier today and I was like no that’s too big for what I want
to hold so I haven’t decorated the larger one yet but I do already have the
measurements ready to go okay so now you’ve got your half inch strip over
here okay so make sure that’s on the right you have half inch strips here and
here but our paper right now is in the landscape direction and let me get my
template because I don’t want to mess up you don’t want to know how many how many
tries this took me today you could definitely tell I’ve been playing with
fabric this weekend okay so over here I’m gonna snip
and cut those two blocks off okay and then angle cut this and I’m just gonna
do the same thing down here so snip and then angle cut that’s how it looks right
now now down here I’m going to cut up to the score line on every one of these
okay and I’m going to do the same thing on the other side so just cut up to that
second score line that’s how it looks okay
putting this half inch strip back over here again so that just kind of keeps me
grounded okay so I’m going to fold this away I don’t want to touch that and I’m
going to trim I’m going to cut on that score line and then angle cut and I’m
going to do this on all four of these tabs okay so fold that down I can’t wait
to show you all the different things that’s going to fit in this box okay now
fold these little tabs down and we’re going to whack off this section right
here okay that’s how it looks right now now we’re going to cut this section off
down here my eyes are going blurry did y’all see time changes next weekend
yay and next week is my birthday week so am
i losing an hour of sleep though or am I gained in an hour all I know is I’m
gaining an hour of daylight because it’s dark right now I don’t like it okay so
I’m going to take the detail trio punch and I’m going to round the ends talk
about a lane swerve right okay we can put that away now let me show you how it
looks so this is how it looks when we’re all said and done and you might want to
cut straight I did not cut very straight there if you hear my stomach growl don’t
know where it I am very hungry okay so now we’re gonna place our adhesive here
on no we’re not actually whoo rewind I almost messed up my supplies we are
going to take this Parisian flourish embossing folder and we’re going to
emboss this so if you were to put it in here like this it would not work let me
explain what I’m doing I’m gonna emboss this whole thing okay and here’s how
it’s going to close so that’s how it’s going to close so I want to place this
in here so that this this this this and this is embossed does that make sense
instead of whatever that other side is okay so this is how I did it because I
made sure that I put the flower in the center that’s what happens when you
create something literally a few hours before you go live see that flower let
me rewind see this flower right here that’s where
I place the middle of my box not that you’re going to see it because we’re
going to cover it up but that was that’s how I decided on how to emboss it and
then this piece is going to get embossed with the 3d stone one and you can use
any folder you have you don’t have to use this one but since it’s it’s
available I’m using it okay so I’m going to get the Big Shot and we are using the
Big Shot platform with the blue plate I always want to say the blue Pape blue
plate the blue plates but it’s special goodness gracious I can’t talk at all
Blue Plate special is that a thing now we’re gonna do that early expresso
one okay there’s that piece here’s this one okay so here is our box so we want
to refold on those score lines since we embossed it it’s been a while since I’ve
done this I think one more there we go now we’re
going to add our adhesive see there’s our flower in the center so
I’m going to take my tear and tape this box you can open it from the top or the
bottom okay I’m just going to fold this over just like that so if you have any
difficulty closing this all you have to do is open it back up and then trim
these little tabs just a tad I still make this crowd really wild hopefully
y’all didn’t hear it okay so shove it in there and then this one too it’s a tight
fit now we’re going to take this section here and we’re going to flag the end
with the banner triple punch which side is embossed and then just add it right
to the front okay
now we’re going to take this image and this image and we’re going to be using
early expresso and real red and I want my Stampin mat because this is
photopolymer and it really prefers the Stampin mat let me close that one and
then we’re going to use early expresso the greeting so I made this project
today with thoughts of brookie Brooke loves tea I mean like she probably drink
drinks four five or six cups of tea a day and David went and had lunch with
her today he was he was in Emporia no he didn’t have lunch he had coffee or tea
who knows what they had they had one of the other so I was thinking about
brookie today I’m gonna cut out the greeting with the one inch circle punch this one’s going to get cut out with
that die looks cleaner so we’ll get that back out but first let’s go ahead and
stamp our other image so I’m going to set that aside I’m going to get the
stamp case because it’s helpful to have this over here rut ro my two magnets
today stuck to each other holy cow I was so stressed out you know
I wasn’t going to do this tonight I was going to stamp it and then cut it out so
I might mess up because this is not how I’m supposed to do this this is how I
did it the other day we’ll see if I can make it work if no
we’ll just we’ll read well there’s my arse and w’s I’ll redo it I don’t even
have the template in there what was I thinking
it ain’t gonna work here oh I forgot to put my magnet on there
oh well it’s Monday wow that’s kind of different well okay so the reason I use
this is because when I use the stamp aratus I always get like a really good
oh I know why it’s doing that because I reef I did my ink refills today so it
looks like he’s got spots I like using these images that are what am i sayin
you know it doesn’t have an outline it’s a full image if they stamped so much
better on the stamp aratus that’s why I was using it not because I was gonna cut
it out so let’s get this and get the cup dye back out again which I was going to
say who knows where I put it but I have it we’ll cut this one first okay there’s that one and now we’ll cut
this one I out I cannot believe the difference in how it looks when the ink
has been when it’s been reached oh well you’ll see my sample that was not it’s a
almost a completely different color okay so again this set will be available
tomorrow it is one of the new is one of the new choices okay
oh I smeared it so let your let your image dry before you cut it out okay so
what am I doing this right here I’m going to take my 1/8 circle punch and you can skip that step if you want to
and then I’m going to take my linen thread so I want two pieces approximately eight inches I think I
already know that I cut maybe too much well maybe not oh yeah that’s way too much but okay so
then we’re gonna add it to the center where we put that hole that’s what I’m
saying you don’t even have to do that it just didn’t seem right if I didn’t
though so I’m gonna take a glue dot do I have any left I don’t that’s okay I have
more right here so I’m just gonna wad it up a little bit and I’m gonna place it now I don’t want this to stick to my
desk so I’m going to pick it up real quick and then I’m gonna put a
dimensional on the back I hope that’s right okay so now this is going to get
added well let’s go ahead and add this because it will help with our placement
so I’m just going to add it up here at the top we’re gonna have to trim the
ends and they cute okay I don’t I didn’t pop that up I just used my liquid glue
so it’s important that we get this where we want it because you can’t do it over well I guess you could if you did it
really quickly and then this I’m also going to attach with liquid glue which
bums me out but I smeared it but okay now I’m gonna show you all the
things that are gonna fit in there okay that’s the one we just made here’s the
one I made earlier today oh my bow is missing come here I dropped
it in the floor earlier I’m glad that Bella didn’t eat it
okay the bows a little bit smaller so you re-inked my stamp pad and that’s how
dark it is this is how light it is if it needs a if it needs new ink okay so let
me show you all the different things that will fit in here
this is going to hold a tea bag and a piece of chocolate and you can even put
a little bag of honey crystals inside there so I’m going to open it up it
opens either from the bottom or the top so whichever way you want to add your
treat so the tea bag the honey crystals and the Ghirardelli chocolate and then
it closes just like that okay so that’s option number one this is my most most
favorite dark chocolate with roasted almonds okay so that’s option number one
option number two who doesn’t need these right now with everything that’s going
on in the world so hand sanitizer wipes will fit in there also you could also
add some Burt’s Bees I think maybe the Burt’s fees and the sanitizing wipes
will fit in there also so that’s option two if you are so ER look llama love
these are little mini charm packs and it will also fit in there look how cute Brooke calls me mama llama so I kinda
sorta collect llamas but not really only the ones that she buys me little mini
clover clips they will fit in here also perfectly
and let’s see what else oh and a tape measure like a little mini tape measure
will fit in there okay so I think I’ve given y’all like
lots and lots of choices right okay so that wraps up our project I’m going to
look for questions now I’ll leave all those things out that way you can see
what fits in here it measures two and a half by three and a quarter and it is
3/4 inch thick yeah and it’s well it will stand but
yeah it’ll stand but it does open on both ends so cute
okay y’all have a great night thank you so much

  1. I want this I make tea packs for craft fair. How cute 😊 I love your baskets. Yeah I am bad I want it all 😂. TFS

  2. I LOVE this cute project!! I’m not much into cards 😳(I know!!)
    Last night I was so frustrated because I waited up for midnight! Lol BUT they were not down more than an hour so yay! I could have purchased but wanted my stuff free right?! LOL
    PS I saw the sneaky peek for demonstrators and it’s pretty 70’s looking. Not sure I like it! 🤔🤫

  3. Just sent in my order today, but didn't see the cup of cheers dies were available. Sending in a second order to get that covered too. Thanks so much Angie for showing us these projects. So Cute!

  4. Yay i have this set too. Just ordered the newly release suite today. So I'll patiently awaiting your new ideas. Lol. Thanks again for another great project.

  5. Angie- Great & gorgeous box! Thank you for sharing this video. The time change springs ahead in spring so you lose an hour. However in the fall it will fall back & you will gain your lost hour I love this box embossed as it makes it even more elegant. Have a great rest of your week. 👏👏

  6. Terrific and adorable box! Glad the stamp set has been added to the list for spending $50.00 during Sale A Bration!

  7. Love this idea Angie! My sisters and I love tea. But they live 3 hours away, so I plan on making this to send to them as a little thinking of you.
    Thanks for sharing your idea. You're the best!💖

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