How to Make a Quick & Easy Rose Bouquet Stencil Card!

Today I share a very easy card created
using the Rose Bouquet stencil hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and it’s a
release day at Altenew and we’ve got three new sets of inks, sugarplums
tranquility and fall harvest and they are really beautiful I stamped them out
so you can see them, aren’t they pretty? Anyway, I’m going to be using the two
sets sugarpalms and tranquility to make my card today and I thought it would be
fun just to highlight the new inks using the rose bouquet stencil so I’ve got a
piece of cardstock it’s cut bigger than I need and I’m sort of just place the
stencil where I kinda want it on my card front because I can actually cut it down
a little bit later on and I will have to to make it fit and I’ve got some post-it
note tape and I’m just doing some selective masking I thought it would be
easier just to actually tape the cardstock to the stencil so I did that
from behind so that I can actually ink right up to the edges and then I
basically just ripped the post-it note tape it you could use whatever if you
have post-it notes you could easily just use those as well I’ve got my blending
brushes here and ever since I started using those my blending (because it
wasn’t my friend) I could never blend I couldn’t make it look nicer to be
splotchy especially if I wasn’t using you know like some inks and some card
stocks really do blend nicely but I don’t always want to use Bristol smooth
I like the white white of the Neenah so these have been a game changer for me! so
I did come in with some some of the darker colors and I even used very
darkest color in the purple set which is called plum in the center and I found
that that didn’t even leave lines or anything I have got one of the smaller
blending brushes here so that I can focus in a certain area and that does
make it easier you could use a little dauber tool as well if you’ve got one of
those because you probably a cleverer than I
am and can get it nice and blended now I’m opposite ‘ing’ no I don’t think
that’s a word I’ve gone the opposite way I’ve removed all my post-it note tape
from the leaves and actually covered the flowers this time so that I can color
the leaves and I’m using the beautiful blue Grey’s from the tranquility and I
even come in with the very darkest one here as well dark night and because I’m
using a fairly soft touch I’m not getting any lines but it is adding some
depth to the image this came together really quickly this color it’s a really
quick and easy way to add color through a stencil so if you need a card in a
hurry highly recommend it very easy to do and these roses are beautiful now for
the big reveal if I could do a drum roll I would put a roll here so you’ll have to
imagine a drum roll now please look at that isn’t that beautiful I was so
excited to see it I did add some jet black ink spray splatters to the front
and this ink doesn’t take very long to dry it hasn’t got a metallic base to it
so they’re nice black jet black drops they do soak through the paper though so
if you are doing it on the front of your card you might not want that to show
through so that’s just something to be aware of I’m doing partial stamping of a
sentiment from the fancy greetings set I just want the word lovely and I did
sort of protect my card front just with my grid here because it could have had some ink on that stamp and I didn’t want to
accidentally ink over that I’ve die cut the word hello twice from
the flower arrangement die set and this actually has a coordinating stamp set as
well which is really beautiful and I just used some matte medium to pop that up
on some fun foam see what I mean about the black ink you can actually see it
through the cardstock that’s only an 80-pound though but I think you can
still see it through the hundred and ten too so just to be aware of that now the
flower arrangement I did do this twice the first time I did it with the stamped
version of the die-cut and it just got a little bit lost to me so I decided to go
with the plain black die-cut hello and I adhered that with some matte medium do
you think that looks better I don’t know I was kind of I wanted that really
pretty sort of look with the really fine font and I thought could have got away
with it but I just it was a really busy with all
the splatters and everything I just thought I could really see the Hello
better when it was just a solid black let me know what you think
I added some jewels as well to the front of the card and this is part of a
release hop for those inks so head to my blog if you’re here in December 2019 and
find out how to win. And if you did like this video please click on the thumbs up
button to let me know that you did and if you haven’t already I’d love it if
you’d subscribe to my youtube channel I’ll see you back here real soon
so the next time happy papercrafting bye

  1. Theresa your card is so pretty. It’s gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. I’ll will be trying this one. Happy crafting.☃️❄️🌲☃️❄️🌲

  2. What do I think? YOU always know best – and I love your choice this time, too! Such a gorgeous way to say hello! xx

  3. is there no end to your talent. Thank you for all the inspiration you give me. You're always my favorite, do you think it has to do with the name…NO. You are just great.

  4. So pretty, Therese…… love your soft coloring! I think the die-cut 'hello' does stand-out more, but either way is beautiful!

  5. I’m always so excited for new ink colors from altenew. I love these colors and that’s such great stencil. Both make this a beautiful card.

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