How to Magic Tricks  Easy, Simple Trick For Under 5’s Kids by Brisbane Magic Glen.

Now every magician she’d have a magic wand can do some great tricks with magic wands now watch closely Brother one on your sleeve create static electricity Come on placed on your hand the wand Now sticks to your hand Remember every magician must have a magic wand the magic wand trick Now the explanation how to make the magic wand stick your hand There was two methods used and I gonna explain both of them Now the first one when you actually rub the wand on the sleeve like this, it doesn’t actually do anything It’s misdirection people actually think you are creating static electricity Then you place it on your hand. Now. What happens is this my hand is gonna come over Like I’m pointing at you and I grip the wand like this and my fingers go round My wrist like this now it sure is nice of slowing again. Okay So from the front, it actually does look like the wand is sticked to my hand So you present it in a nice way like this Okay, and if you turn it back you can see my hand is actually holding it now This is really important when you do this, you’ve got to do it in a quick motion. So I’ll show you again Take the wand rub it on your sleeve Place it on your hand So this happens as you’re moving as well, so you turn to the side as well as the hand comes across Okay slow motion and you grip the wand like that now if you notice just in that bit of food? You actually saw me grab it like this now. It’s really really important you do it quickly. So this is how it should look in real time Here we go Love the sleev Wand on hand? We’ve come across Can you grab? The wand and then you can even separate your fingers if you like But make sure your finger doesn’t poke through the other end because what you don’t want to happen Is this so when you do separate the fingers? They actually see the finger through there. That is what you don’t want to do Hold it for a few seconds now What you can do is you can see it’s good like this. It’s very important to make sure when you’re doing this trick You don’t let go with your hand. Otherwise the one would fall on the floor but in this case it still sticks there now the great thing about this is It’s old you Do double-sided sticky tape You can see at this side. But from that side, they can’t see it. Now. There is another way of doing that as well I feel like you don’t wanna use any tape is when you need to get a magic wand you can either buy one from a store or You can make your own which is great fun go to a hardware store and get a piece of dowel very similar size to this You paint it black in the middle and put a white tape at the ends? Then if you like very carefully put a little tack in the middle, very small little pin nail in the middle Which you would then place between the two fingers which would hold? Instead of the tape, but as you can see the table is just as well even though I’m wearing gloves Even on your hands it would just as well and it’s pretty cool. You can shake it about with your fingers Nothing to see just be careful when you place it on the table. You don’t place it So it sticks down and when you pull it off It makes a noise that is called the magic wand trick and that’s how to make the wand stick to your hand

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