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Hey guys, Des with T-Mobile! Today we’re going to show you
how to insert your SIM card into your phone. For more great tips and tricks, just like this,
be sure to click subscribe. Alright? Let’s get into it. Now first off: Make sure you take the phone out of the box and be sure to leave it powered off. Next, you’re going to want to locate where the SIM card tray is on your phone. If you’re using an iPhone,
it’s over here on the side of the device and with an Android device, it’s usually
on the top or on the bottom; you can always check along the edges as well. Now once you found the SIM tray, you’re
going to need to pop it out. If your device came with the SIM removal tool, it’s best
to use that. Just insert the tool into the small hole on the door itself. Now if you don’t have the tool,
you can always use a small paperclip or pro tip: Back of an earring. Now if you’ve got an iPhone,
your nano size SIM card may be pre-installed. If that’s the case, just gently pop your SIM tray
back into your iPhone and you’re ready to go. If your phone does not have a SIM card installed,
go ahead and insert the one from inside the box. With most Android phones, you’ll find
a three-in-one SIM card holder under the device. Just punch out the necessary size SIM
and place it in the tray. Some Android devices also
have a removable backplate. There will be a printed guide on the phone itself to tell you which size SIM card to use and which way to insert the SIM. Now just gently insert the SIM tray back into your phone until it snaps into place. Once you’ve done this,
you’re ready to rock the T-Mobile network. And that’s how you insert a SIM
card into your phone. Now for other great tips and tricks be sure to click
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  1. Great information that so many people need because I think everyone is so used to having it done in store. Forwarding this to my grandparents now!πŸ˜‚

  2. Pretty cool. I remember when I worked for a phone company you would be surprised how many people I had to explain this to. Awesome video. Looking out for a new note πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  3. I work for Customer Care and it may be surprising to know that most customers calling in doesn't know that there's a sim card on a phone especially for IPhone users.

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