How to Get Wine into Upside Down Glass | Bar Tricks

Simon: Welcome to the bar, my friend. Man 2: Yeah. It’s a pleasure Simon: You look like a new fella here. You’re
enjoying a pint and I like to see that. Man: Absolutely. Simon: I don’t know if you know me or not.
I’m a little guy who likes to do a couple of betchas on our customers. Just for fun,
you know. Man: That sounds interesting. Simon: Well, maybe for a drink. Man: Why not? Simon: A little puzzle for you. Man: Okay Simon: I don’t know why, my cat likes wine.
So I pulled this out from my cat and that’s a little puzzle for you. All you’ve got to
do is get that wine into that glass, but you can’t lift up the saucer. You’ve got to pretend
you’re a cat. You see, you’ve got paws so you can’t lift up the saucer and that’s the
whole bet. I’m prepared to bet you that I can do it., and here’s our bet. Man: Let’s do it. Simon: If I can do it, you buy me a drink. Man: That sounds fair. Simon: If not, I’ll buy you two drinks. Man: Oh, that’s better than fair, okay. Simon: See now you’re a happy camper, aren’t
you? Man: How can it get better than this? Simon: You look a little frisky my friend. Man: All right. Simon: Do you want to think about how it might
be done? Man: Let me give it some thought. Simon: There’s no way he’ll work this out.
Nope? Man: No, I think you got me on this. I don’t
know. I don’t think you can do it. Simon: Well, I can and I’ll show you how. Man: That remains to be seen. Simon: It all involves a book of matches.
Doesn’t seem logical at the start, but you bend your book of matches, so it will stand
up. Man: Okay Simon: And you dip that in the wine. It’s
a frisky little book of matches. Man: It is. Simon: There we go. Then you light the matches
and you turn the glass over the top, and the friction, the vacuum pulls the wine into the
glass. Man: That is amazing. Simon: See, I didn’t say which way up the
glass had to be nor did I say the wine had to be drinkable. Man: No,that was brilliant. I owe you a drink. Simon: That’s always the way, my friend. Man: You’re the best. Simon: I’m never a loser.

  1. I did this with Everclear (I didn't have wine) & my crack pipe (I didn't have any matches)— I ended up burning my trailer down

  2. Tricks are only cool when they accomplish purposeful things… This is just a giant waste of time, not to mention he made a mess

  3. What an annoying barman. The only trick I'd be interested in him performing would be to make himself disappear.

  4. Nudge the plate to the edge of the table and hold the glass under it. Either pour it into the glass the easy way while it remains perched on the table, technically not being lifted. Or puncture the plate and let the wine syphon itself into the glass. Now you can drink the wine, and when you lift the cup, the wine's not still on the plate.

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