How to Get Global Entry | Tips & Tricks for Applying & Maximizing the Program

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In
this video, we’re going to review the process for getting Global Entry and
give you some tips on maximizing the service. (light chiming music) Global Entry has been around for
several years and it basically gives you the ability to fast-track your entry
back into the US when traveling from abroad. It not only improves your
experience for international travel, but also for domestic trips too, since you
get TSA PreCheck with Global Entry. Once you’re approved,
your passport will be loaded into a database and you won’t have to fill out
those annoying blue forms on the plane when entering the US. Instead you’ll
answer all the questions via the Global Entry kiosk and use a separate line that
is typically less crowded than the normal line. In addition, you’ll get a
Global Entry card that you can use when entering the US via land or sea. This
doesn’t replace your passport, but can help expedite your entry back into the
US. The program is open to US citizens and some lawful permanent residents.
You’ll want to check the CBP website to see the full list of eligibility
requirements. There are many different visa classifications that will allow you
to get one if you’re not a US citizen. I’ve included a link below with more
details. To apply, you’ll need to create a Trusted Traveler Program account. Once you
complete the application, you’ll be asked to pay the $100 non-refundable fee. Once
your application and fee are submitted, CBP will review your application. Once
you’re conditionally approved, you’ll receive an email asking you to schedule
an interview at a Global Entry enrollment center, which are usually
located at major airports. You’ll then have to schedule your appointment online.
Once you pass the interview, you’ll get final approval. When you go to the
interview, you’ll need to bring your passport and one other form of official
identification, such as your driver’s license or state ID. Also, $100 seem like a
lot, but it lasts for five years. So essentially, you’re only paying $20 a year and you get TSA PreCheck, so I think it’s totally worth it. The
process is pretty straightforward, but I wanted to share some tips and tricks to
help you with the application process and with maximizing the Global Entry
benefit. Number 1: Check your credit card. Several premium travel credit cards
offer a reimbursement for Global Entry. This includes the Chase Sapphire Reserve,
American Express Platinum, and Citi Prestige. This can be a great way to offset the
cost of Global Entry. Number 2: Register your Known Traveler ID number. Once you
get approved for Global Entry, you want to make sure that you register your
Known Traveler ID number with all the airlines that you fly with. This will
make sure that you get TSA PreCheck when the airline issues you a boarding pass.
Otherwise, they probably won’t know that you’re enrolled in the program. Number
3: Keep checking available appointment times. When I applied for
Global Entry and was trying to schedule the interview, I noticed that the first
available appointment was four months away. However, I kept checking the site
and sure enough, slots kept opening up. I end up rebooking the interview a couple
of times until I finally got one the same week, which meant that I was able to
get approved and take advantage of the benefits sooner. So if you’re facing a
long wait time, keep checking the website for any
cancellations or additional openings. Number 4: Traveling with dependents. One
of the annoying things with Global Entry is that the benefit does not cover any
dependents traveling with you. Each person is supposed to get their own
Global Entry account, even if they are an infant. I’m really not sure how you’re
supposed to interview an infant, but if you have a family you may want to
reconsider getting Global Entry unless you often travel solo. Oddly enough
though, Fiona seems to get TSA PreCheck whenever she travels with me, even though
she doesn’t have Global Entry. It might be a coincidence, but I honestly think
that it’s because she’s on the same reservation with me. Number 5: Update
system with new passport and ID. One thing that is really easy to miss is to
update the system whenever you get a new passport. I only learned about this
recently, and since I got a new passport last year, I needed to log in to update
the information. This also applies to any updates to your issued IDs, like your
driver’s license. Number 6: Know your upcoming travel plans. A common question
that you’ll be asked during your interview is what is your next
international trip. The catch is that they actually
know if you have a trip booked in the future. While I haven’t heard of anyone
getting their application denied because they answered this question incorrectly,
it’s probably best to have a good idea of your upcoming travel plans to avoid
having any delays in your application approval. Number 7: Be prepared to
answer questions about your past. I have heard stories of officers asking about
unpaid parking tickets or citations during the interview. It’s definitely not
going to keep you from getting your Global Entry, but just remember to be
polite and try not to get too defensive. It’s easy to get annoyed or frustrated
with these sorts of questions. But just remember that the officer is just trying
to do his or her job. Number 8: Don’t forget to renew. Your Global Entry
benefit lasts for five years, so make sure you set a reminder to renew it. You
can actually submit a renewal within a year of your expiration date. It does
cost $100 again and you’ll have to submit updates to your profile like
where you live, where you work, and where you’ve traveled. Do you have Global Entry?
If so, let us know if you have any other tips on the program. Let us know too if you
have any questions. If you enjoyed this video or found it useful, please hit the
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Until next time, travel safe and travel smart.

  1. Global entry is great 👍 is awesome!!! I used it this week at LAX…it was so much faster.
    A tip I have is if you are from the Southen California area consider going to Mesa for your interview. They have lot more openings but it’s is a little of a drive.
    2500 Paseo Internacional
    San Diego, CA 92143
    United States

  2. Hubs and I fell ass backwards into Global Entry. I didn't find out about it until I was literally standing in a block-long line at 7am for my Pre-Check interview. We ended up getting Global Entry shortly after because we had an international trip planned. So we have two Pre-Check numbers. We were told to use the first Pre-Check number until it expires, then use the Pre-Check number with Global Entry. Also, Hubs and I did our Global Entry interview together. We applied separately, then once we got our approvals, we looked for a date that worked for us and scheduled our interviews back to back. They ended up taking us both together, just asking us the same set of questions separately. Our interviewer was actually really nice, and very helpful. Even telling us to look into other countries that allow Americans to sign up for there version of Global Entry, making it easier for us to entry the country. Even though we ended up paying for both Pre-Check and Global Entry, it was worth it to us.

  3. Thanks for another great video. You read my mind now that I can get global entry I had no clue how use it or that I had to interview.

  4. Great tips, loving your channel! I know this is off topic, but I’m redoing an address book and was about to write “Fiona” when you said her name in the video! 😳 ✨

  5. Thanks, another very informative video. I use my Global Entry from Sydney to LA. It went very smoothly, but I still had to wait 30 min for my luggage at the carousel.

  6. Global Entry cards are in fact able to be used as an ID at airports and are considered REAL ID compliant by the TSA past 2020. Not everybody has REAL ID and some stupidly forget about it and get the regular non federally valid licenses, or are waiting for a renewal. Some states are still working on it. The interview process in Otay Mesa is pretty good despite having an appointment and partially taking public transit at the time to get there. I love the precheck and hope to take an international trip some day to fully take advantage of it.

  7. many airlines do not do TSA pre check on the reservation. I hope it was worth it when I arrive in the US and there is no Known Traveller number on my ticket.

  8. Thanks for this. I have friends that get TSA PRE often and have done nothing to get it. I'm hoping to get my Global Entry done on a trip in the near future.

  9. Trying to apply for Global Entry application, but it is not showing it as an option on my Trusted Traveler Program account. I have not criminal history. I even have the Sentri card. CBP has been giving me the ring around so no help from them. I have a enrollment center less than 2 miles away from where I live.

  10. If you're denied global entry can you apply for TSA pre-check? I just wasted $100 on the global entry and was denied b/c I have a felony on my record over 30 years ago. I wanted to know if it's worth applying for TSA pre-check and spending $85 b/c I'll be denied again for pre-check

  11. How am I able to check to see if my application went through…I have an international trip scheduled for Dec. 6 2018. I am a flight attendant for a major airline so I have my passport. I would love to see if I can be scheduled for an interview before my trip.

  12. It was super easy to get my global entry. My interview was at the Philadelphia Airport. The interview was fast. Took me longer to find my car afterwards.

  13. i just got global entry and watched your video everything u said is 100 percent correct t great video also was that lisbon ?on the back thanks

  14. I had changed my name when I was 19 due to an error in my SSN, so I had questions about why I changed my name. Make sure you take paperwork with you if you did. My interview took a bit longer than others around me because I had to explain the error that caused my name change.

  15. There are two of us with the same email address and trying to renew our expiring Global Entry cars, but it will only allow one of us to do so. How do we renew the second one online?

  16. In San Diego, GE office is in Terminal 2 West not Terminal 2 East (Pre Check application room). Global Entry used to be in that room, but Terminal 2 west has a nice facility though I got mine at Otay border office.

  17. I had tsa precheck and currently have global entry. The precheck does work for anyone on your ticket purchase. If they buy their own ticket, they don’t get it. When I fly domestically I just buy my friends tickets and they pay me back. Of course you wouldn’t want to do that if you have that sketchy friend who always tries to push the boundaries. “I’m gonna see if I can get this 4 ounce bottle on the plane” me:”you’re on your own bro!” 😂

  18. After the in person interview do they mail the card or give it to you onsite? Am I supposed to bring a passport size photo to the interview?

  19. Hey there!
    I watch your each and every video and they are really helpful!
    I am a permanent resident in NY,not a citizen.Can I get Global Entry card,Enhanced driver’s license and a passport card?
    Thank you!

  20. Could you elaborate a little more on dependents? If I get GlobalEntry and my son is with me on the itinerary, it is worth it?

  21. What do you say when they ask "Are you travelling alone?" if you don't have Global Entry yet your friend does?

  22. Pay attention to what time you picked for your appointment. I showed up to my appointment at 10 AM, only to find out it wasn't until 10 PM… yay to not paying attention to my appointment reservation…

  23. This is the second useful video I've watched in your channel. So I've just subscribed… Just writing to say: Thank you!

  24. Look into the "Mobil Passport" phone APP to supplement your Global Entry. A Free APP (with Upgrades) that pre-loads your document Information for even faster CBP processing.

  25. Tip: You need to have in your possession your GE Card when using GE line during US border pre-clearance check in Canadian airport. It's not used actually, but line sorting agents use it to verify you are indeed member before letting you in.

  26. My interview was scheduled for in 6 weeks. I used your tip and checked for openings. I found one for in 2 days, and I rescheduled!! Thanks!

  27. My Global Entry renewal application has been pending approval over 3.5 months. How can I check my renewal status beyond the simple website dashboard and FAQ inquiry?

  28. Great video! Is is worth it for green card holders? Because I know that there are two lines when you are getting back to the US. One line is for US Citizens and the other line is for Non- US Citizens

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