How to Get an Xbox Gift Card Code Online Right Now and Redeem Code on Xbox One Console

If you need an Xbox Gift Card right now, keep
watching! Whether you have a child that wants to purchase
something now or you need a gift card for a last minute present, I will show you how
to get an Xbox Gift Card within minutes! You’ll first need an account on When you’re signed in, hover over the More
menu and click on Gift Cards. On the next page, scroll down to click on
Shop Xbox Gift Cards. Now click on Xbox Digital Gift Card. From here, you can choose the amount you want
to put on the card. I just need a $10 card right now so I’ll add
that to my cart. Click on Checkout to continue. Here you’ll have to re-enter your password
before completing the purchase. This is the last step. I’m going to uncheck this box so I don’t get
emails from Microsoft. Now click on Place Order to complete the purchase. At this point, your receipt and gift card
code has been emailed to you but you can see the gift card code at the bottom of the thank
you page. However, if you clicked away, you can still
find your code by clicking on View Account, then click on See All Recent Purchases. When you find your purchase, click on Redeem
and your gift card code will pop up. From here, you can print or copy the code
and send it to someone or redeem it for your own account. It’s important to only share this code with
the person you want to use it. That’s because anyone that gets a hold of
this code before it’s redeemed can use it. Here’s what the email looks like from Microsoft. You can see your gift code here. Finally, I’ll show you how to redeem the gift
card. Now on your Xbox navigate to the Store and
then click down to about the middle of the screen where it says Use A Code. Click A to continue. Now you will have to sign in to the Xbox account
that will be using the gift card. Now click on Enter Code or use your Kinect
camera to scan in a QR code on the gift card. Now just simply type in your 25 digit Xbox
code here. When you’re done there will be confirmation
that the code was redeemed successfully. I’ve already redeemed my code so it says Code
Not Found. Now you can navigate to the store, find games,
movies or music and buy them right from your Xbox. I hope you found this video helpful and if
you did please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more
how-to videos and product reviews.


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