How to Find the Chosen Card in a Deck

How to Find the Chosen Card in a Deck. Here’s a nifty little trick that will have
you wowing the crowd not once but twice in the very same routine. You will need One deck of red-backed cards
One card from a deck of blue-backed cards Skill with the Hindu Shuffle technique and
skill with the double lift technique. Step 1. Set up the trick before your audience arrives. Fan out the red-backed deck of cards face
up in front of you.Then find the blue-backed card that matches the red-backed card at the
end of the deck… Put it face up on top of the matching red
card. Now flip the deck over and you’re ready
to go. Step 2. In front of your audience, spread out the
cards on the top, but keep the bottom few cards clumped together. Step 3. Ask someone to choose a card and memorize
it. Make sure they don’t pick either of the bottom
two cards! Step 4. Gather up the spread cards and begin the Hindu
shuffle. But only use cards from the top two-thirds
of the deck, so the blue-backed card stays on the bottom. Step 5. When the spectator orders you to stop, have
them place their card on the “top half” of the deck. Then put the un-shuffled “bottom half”
of the deck on top of that. You now have a deck of cards with the blue-backed
card somewhere in the middle, directly on top of their chosen card. Step 6. Tell the spectator that their card will “reveal”
itself as you spread the cards on the table. When you see the blue-backed card say, “Ah,
a sign…” Step 7. Pick up the cards and divide them into 2 stacks,
one with the blue-backed card on top. Place this stack on top of the other stack.The
matching red-backed card is now at the bottom of the deck. The card the spectator chose is still directly
below the blue-backed card. Don’t let your audience see the face of the
card on the bottom of the deck. Step 8. Do a double lift of the blue card; pick up
the top two cards, but pretend you are just picking up the top one. Tah-dah! It will appear to your audience as if the
blue card was the card the spectator picked. Step 9. Now it’s time to double their pleasure. Turn the top two cards back over on the deck
and say, “Let’s do it again.” Pick up the blue-backed card… Put it face down to one side… And start the Hindu shuffle again. Step 10. Invite the spectator to stop you at any time
and pick another card. When they do, show them the bottom card of
the pile in your right hand — this will be the matching red-backed card. Tell them to memorize it. Step 11. Put the two piles back together. To assure the spectator that you’re not up
to any funny stuff, let them shuffle the cards and spread them this time. Step 12. Scan the spread cards for a sign. Feign disappointment — there’s no blue-backed
card this time! Look at the spectator as if they’ve ruined
your trick. Step 13. Pretend you’re about to give up when you realize,
of course, there is one blue-backed card you could check. Flip over the card lying to the side — it
will match the card the spectator picked! Did you know Nineteenth-century magician Robert-Houdin,
known as _‘the father of modern magic,’_ once said, “A conjurer is mainly an actor
who is pretending to be a magician.”

  1. when they stop the shuffle u show them the bottom card… which should be the same as the blue card if u did it right:) (know its a late answer)

  2. This is called the chicago opener or the worlds greatest card trick( although I don't think so ) for some of you less exeperienced card magicians

  3. @Hyronious
    there isnt anything wrong, it just means you have to do a different trick
    if they pick the blue card don't let them see the blue. to do this dont let them pick it up just show it to them It's not that difficult because most times when people pick the bottom card they will announce it, most of my friends do at least. if they pick the 2nd to bottom card its ok if they see it just make sure they don't see any blue! then rip out the blue card and you're good just no double pleasure ):

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